Teach English Online to Latin American Executives

Become an English2Go online ESL teacher and help Latin Americans obtain better job and business opportunities.

Join our team of professional native speaking English language instructors.

If you are tired of looking for additional teaching hours and students, working for shady schools, or just would like to help others improve their English, we want to talk to you. Our teachers all enjoy the following benefits:

Set Your Own Schedule

Choose the courses that you want to teach according to your availability. Cancel and reschedule as needed.

Easy lesson planning and class reporting

Plan your lessons using our easy to use English4You online platform and our CMS to report your classes.

Teach from anywhere

Because of Covid-19 protocols, all of our classes are being held online, so you can basically join our team from anywhere.

Teach motivated adults

Our students are predominantly adult business professionals who need to improve their English to advance in their careers.

Receive pay in US Dollars

Always be paid in US dollars either by direct bank transfer (in Costa Rica) or via PayPal.

Be Creative

Use your creativity to meet the needs of your students and enjoy learning about Latin American culture.

Hello from beautiful Costa Rica!  

If you are a native English speaker who is certified to teach English as a second language, have some ESL teaching experience, and are interested in teaching English to learners in Costa Rica and throughout Latin America, then we may have a job for you!

English2Go’s goal is to bring high quality, competitively priced English language training to professionals in a completely online setting. You will be teaching English to employees and executives using the English4You online learning platform, and the secure video conferencing software of your choosing.

We are looking for proactive, engaging, and dedicated teachers who are comfortable teaching in an online setting. Experience with video conferencing software, such as Zoom, Microsoft teams, Skype or others, is essential. Training for the English4You learning platform will be provided. An internet connection speed of at least 10mbps download and 2mbps upload is required, as is the use of Google Chrome while using the online learning platform.

Candidates should be well-rounded people, and should be prepared to adapt to different cultural and student needs. Any specialized vocabulary and knowledge that a subcontractor can bring to a class will be a plus, especially business, banking and finance, accounting, medical or legal vocabulary.

Teacher Candidate Requirements:

  • Native English Speaker (North American English preferred) Please do not apply if English is not your native language.
  • University Graduate (B.A. or higher preferred)
  • Experience teaching English as a second language or other teaching experience is preferred. 
  • Certification: ESL teaching certificate such as CELTA, TESOL, TEFL, etc...
  • Minimum six month commitment with a preference of one year. 
  • Teachers must have a computer, laptop or tablet (required) with an Internet connection that meets or exceeds the above mentioned speed requirements.
  • Teacher candidates should also have the following characteristics: independent, responsible, dependable, personable, dynamic, energetic, outgoing, customer and service quality oriented, and reliable.

is English2go a good company to teach for?

What our teachers say


Arizona, USA

Being a teacher with English2Go is different from teaching with other schools.

You are given the opportunity to teach based on students’ needs. You are provided with the resources you will need to succeed as a teacher.

The environment you work in is supportive and you are surrounded by bright, creative people willing to share their successes with you.

The students are amazing professionals who make the effort towards learning which makes each class enjoyable for everyone. It is such a rewarding experience!

English2Go Profesor

Brian Dugan

Washington, USA

Teaching made easy could be the nickname of English2Go ...it is simply that easy to succeed in your teaching goals with English2Go.


English2Go invites instructors to contribute their own special touch and content to the classes they teach.

I very much enjoy and take great advantage of the ability to individualize and customize the content and learning path for each individual student. After all, an upper echelon finance manager and an automotive materials production team leader are not going to have the same learning requirements or goals – nor can their learning pathways be the same.

English2Go makes it possible.

Lisa Hart

Combining cultures and experience has confirmed my love of teaching for English2Go.

I have been with the company for 14 years, it is indeed an inestimable privilege to be part of this ever-growing company.
English2Go is dedicated to empowering both its teachers and all of their students. Consistency and continuity have always been an important feature of the devoted administration.

English2Go has excellent leadership which promotes a family feeling within the organization. I have had the opportunity to work with many of the top companies in this country (Costa Rica). Many of my students have become life long friends.

English2Go has a learning platform that is effective and fun. In addition, the interface is very interactive and easy to use. I love working with students. To see how amazing their progress has been in proficiency and the ability to use English confidently in business situations as well as everyday life.

The pay is competitive and the hours are great!.


What is my Employment Status and how much will I be paid?

You will be a sub-contracted teacher for English2Go. English2Go subcontractors are paid per hour of class time in US dollars via PayPal* on the second and fourth Friday of each month. Current starting hourly rate is $11-$12.00 USD.  *For teachers residing in Costa Rica , payments will be direct deposited into your Costa Rican bank account.

English2Go will provide you with the necessary materials for your classes, but you are responsible for class preparation, lesson planning, daily class and student reporting, as well as monthly course reporting. 

how many paid teaching hours can i expect to have?

If you had a full schedule of mornings, afternoons and evenings, total hours per week would be somewhere around 16 to 24 hours. This would be considered a full schedule for a subcontractor and is not usually available right away.

Most starting subcontractors can expect to receive 4 to 12 hours a week so they can get their feet wet. As more teaching hours become available, they will be offered to our current subcontractors first. It normally takes 30 to 45 days to have a complete teaching schedule.

How many students are in each English2go class?

Class size will range from 1 on 1 teaching to group classes with up to 6 students per class.

what type of english will i be teaching?

All of our courses emphasize the “communicative approach”, focusing on conversation and are highly personalized based on the students English level, goals and specific needs.

We use the English4You online learning platform which develops custom courses for our students based on an in-depth evaluation of their current English language knowledge, in conjunction with audio clips, videos and other online materials.

Courses may need to include specialized business or technical English (vocabulary) to be added by the teacher to enhance learning in the students area of interest or job requirements.

What if I want to live and teach in Costa Rica?

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following information is very general and was written pre-Covid-19. Please do your own research to make an informed decision before attempting to arrive to teach in Costa Rica.

If you are planning on teaching in Costa Rica, there is some additional information to pass along.


We suggest that you arrive in Costa Rica with a minimum of $2,500 USD. This should help keep you financially comfortable for your first two to three months while you start your Costa Rican teaching experience, and secure the hours needed to maintain a moderately comfortable lifestyle while you are here. The cost of living is lower in Costa Rica than in the US, but it does have the highest cost of living in Central America.  

We are ready and willing to assist sub-contractors when it comes to securing housing arrangements. There are several different options, with the typical price ranges shown below:

Live with a Costa Rican family (from $300 – $400 per month with 2 to 3 meals and possible laundry and cleaning services provided).

Rent a furnished room in a shared house with locals or other foreigners (from $180 - $350 per month). Utilities, including cable and high speed internet, are generally included in these amounts.

Rent a furnished apartment for around $400 and up per month, which normally includes electricity, water, cable, and high-speed internet.

Rent a furnished house for $500 and up. Housing rentals rarely include electricity, cable, or internet. They will occasionally include water.

HEALTH INSURANCE  (Please check and abide by the Costa Rican health minister's insurance requirements concerning Covid-19)
Candidates also need to think about health insurance. We suggest that individuals purchase some type of international major medical policy for maximum protection. Due to immigration policies, foreigners living here without temporary or permanent residency cannot sign up for the state run health insurance program known as CAJA. Medical care is much cheaper here than in the US. However, it is not free. There are multiple, affordable, insurance options available in Costa Rica, as well as policies sold abroad that offer coverage here.

Application Instructions:
Before you send us your resume we would like to have you answer a few questions based on the Teacher Candidate Requirements.