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Our students say:

The fact of being online allows me to define the moment to do my homework, and this increases my motivation, since the classes, being interactive, call for the motivation of continuity to improve.

Gustavo Rosales Chacon
CFO & Controller, Wunderman Thompson Costa Rica.

The experience was always positive. It seems to me an excellent option for a matter of schedules and commitment. For people who don't have a lot of time, it's really a solution. My classes were at an atypical schedule of 5 am, I am very happy that I made the investment.

Carol White
Regional Product and Operations Manager.

The classes are very dynamic and help me reinforce concepts and elements of the language that I had forgotten due to not constantly practicing. I really like the part of the conversation about current affairs. The online tool that BusinessEnglish2Go offers to develop the lessons is very dynamic and punctual.

Fabricio Boatman Wolf
Compensation Manager, Abbott CR.

In general, the approach that we have given to the lessons has made the class dynamic and fun. The first is that it forces you to avoid that process of thinking in Spanish and translating into English, this also stimulates that naturalness when conversing. It is a highly recommended option to explore learning from another perspective.

Guido Garita
Commercial Excellence Manager Upjohn

100% Guaranteed


Risk-free purchase guarantee.

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