Undoubtedly, learning English from an early age is one of the better decisions that can be taken in life. After all, it helps to reinforce knowledge at an early age. And this facilitates the use of this language in professional life, as is the case with teachers and the english education vocabulary.

But what is the reason why it is key to know about this language? Simple: because he is most talked about in the world. Therefore, it may be necessary to know vocabulary of marketing in English either english education vocabulary. Do you want to discover which are the most useful terms regarding this last field? So we tell you how teachers can use them in class.

English Education Vocabulary: what should I learn?

As we explained to you, there english education vocabulary which can be very useful for the professional life of teachers. This will not only serve to better explain some terms, but also to improve the profile of the teacher. Discover the vocabulary you will need for your classes:


In Mathematics, words like these may be used:

  • addition: addition.
  • Algebra: algebra.
  • Arithmetic: arithmetic.
  • Average: average.
  • equation: equation.
  • even number: even number.
  • Fraction: fraction.
  • Geometry: geometry.
  • Multiplication: multiplication.
  • number: number.
  • Odd number: odd number.
  • Products: product.
  • Subtraction: subtraction.

So, a simple English phrase can be: “Okay guys. Let's move on to algebra!”. Also translated as “Okay guys. Let's move on to algebra!"


Some of the most used terms can be:

  • Acid: acid.
  • metal: alloy.
  • Centrifugal pumps: centrifugal pumps.
  • Cleaning: cleaning.
  • Pipes: pipelines.
  • substance: substance.
  • Valves: valves.

Now, a phrase in English can be: “Don't forget to clean the pipes!”. Also understood as "Don't forget to clean the pipes!".


About him english education vocabulary for sports, the following may be used:

  • Ball: ball.
  • Baseball: baseball.
  • Basketball: basketball.
  • soccer: soccer.
  • Jump: hop.
  • Sports: sports.
  • Run: run.

A use of this terminology in education can be the following: “Let's go, let's go! Run run run!”. This can be understood as “Go, go, go! Run, run, run!" Something that is very common in Physical Education teachers who want to motivate students in English, for example.


Geography also has a lot of interesting terminology in English:

  • beach: beach.
  • Cape: corporal.
  • cliff: cliff.
  • weather: climate.
  • Coast: coast.
  • Desert: desert.
  • Dune: dune.
  • falls: waterfall.
  • Height above sea level: Height above sea level.
  • islands: island.
  • jungle: jungle.
  • scenery: landscape.
  • Map: map.
  • Ocean: ocean.
  • plain: plain.
  • River: river.
  • Be: sea.
  • Sky: darling.
  • Tropic of Cancer: Tropic of Cancer.
  • Tropic of Capricorn: Tropic of Capricorn.
  • volcano: volcano.
  • waterfall: waterfall.
  • World: world.

In this sense, a Geography teacher could say: “The Earth has stunning natural landscapes. For example, beaches, volcanoes or islands”. This would be: “Earth has stunning natural landscapes. For example, beaches, volcanoes or islands.

history: more english education vocabulary

Finally, in History you can include these terms in English:

  • Ballot: vote.
  • by law: by law.
  • Candidate: candidate.
  • census: census.
  • citizen: citizen.
  • civil war: civil war.
  • constitutional monarchy: constitutional monarchy.
  • custom duties: customs duties.
  • democracy: democracy.
  • electorate: electorate.
  • exploration: scan.
  • feudal system: feudal system.
  • Guild:guild.
  • martial law: martial law.
  • policy: policy.
  • standard of life: standard of living.
  • taxes: tax.

Likewise, a phrase of explanation from a teacher can be: “Greece invented democracy. From there, people started to vote for politicians”. Also understood as “Greece invented democracy. From then on, people voted for politicians.” And that have been all! We have told you what the english education vocabulary most important thing to know. We hope we have helped you!

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