Do you know where most of the technological advances worldwide come from? From countries where English is the most widely spoken language. What does this mean for IT companies?

English is the universal language in this field. This implies that the fact of learning, developing and mastering this language will allow you full access to the specialty. Imagine, then, not having any notion about the language.

Words like software, hardware, hotspot, tracking, drivers, database, antispyware, among others, are terms used by IT organizations. How to be fluent and provide fast results if you don't understand them, for example?

Why is English decisive for IT companies?

Times have changed revealing new needs to face more competitive environments. Currently, IT companies require comprehensive professionals who meet minimum requirements.

Today, IT companies need a work team trained to speak English fluently and integrate into different areas.

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These requirements are based on the proficiency in technical English. It is no longer enough to manage computer tools or possess knowledge that solves problems in the company.

English is an essential part of communication in this world and is decisive for organizations. This language allows you to update yourself, improve your professional level and access content produced by the main IT players at a global level.

English makes IT companies more competitive

Competitive IT Companies

What elements generate greater competitiveness in an IT company? Many, but there is one in particular that influences on a large scale: the development of the human factor.

If a person has the necessary skills to equip the company with solutions, they will be hired. But these organizations require comprehensive staff who understands the processes and knows how to interpret technical aspects.

In addition, they need someone who can develop soft skills to join multicultural, interdisciplinary teams that require collaboration in various areas. All this and more can be achieved with the English language.

Bilingual teams favor the updating of IT companies

It is ideal and profitable for IT companies to implement new technologies in a more agile way. In this way they are one step ahead of the competition.

In IT companies, bilingual teams are key to maintaining constant updating. Discover this and more with us.

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This is because having bilingual staff facilitates the adoption of innovations. And we are not just talking about electronic devices, but about procedures and advanced strategies that raise the level of efficiency.

Increases the international projection of the organization

The ability to speak English It is a very useful tool to increase international projection, not only of the company but of the professional.

English proficiency is conditional and decisive in IT companies, especially in executive positions. These are high-paying strategic positions on which great responsibilities fall.

One of them would be associated with the communication with allies international trade agreements and important contracts for the company.

It is even ideal for assuming a strategic position in another country or leading a position in a multinational company. In this sense, it is key to speak English fluently and have full understanding.

Teams communicate more effectively in a vehicular language

Equipment in IT Companies

The English language serves as vehicle of effectiveness for the planning, execution and success of any project. In an IT company, constant interaction is needed in the search for the achievement of goals.

Each role is indispensable and must mesh in both a coherent and functional manner. But no plan is efficient if the synergy produced by good communication does not exist. The one that provides mastering English.

The best English course for IT business teams

Do you already know the most effective way to increase the potential of the work team? A comprehensive tool that facilitates communication and provides what is necessary to drive business performance?

Through an advanced English course, IT companies can prepare their work team, raising their skills and opening the door to agile communication.

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An IT company must have a trained human capital that can respond to operational requirements. How to achieve it? By managing a creative and strategic proposal to increase productivity.

The most effective English course is near you And it's a real investment if you think about the cost-benefit factor. Think of classes with great advantages and adaptable to the pace of the company. What can you get? Let's see:

  • Composed of native speaking teachers with flexible schedules.

  • Plans designed according to the needs of the team.

  • Formal service and fluent English.

  • Progress results.

  • Ideal for any profile within the IT company.

  • Competitive prices and adjusted to your budget.

  • Personalized and private mode.


In addition to effort, determination and commitment, how to boost your career is to have functional tools. Those that lead to excellence and the achievement of its objectives.

Now you can achieve it through learning and developing the English language using an effective strategy. Do you know what it is? In English2Go we offer you the opportunity to master the universal language, the language of IT companies.

We have seventeen years of experience improving the English skills of professional teams through solid and effective strategies. We transform your employees by providing them with the best tool.

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