Nowadays, thanks to the Internet and social networks, it is easy to know specific words and phrases for different work environments. For example, one can know english education vocabulary. And sales is one of the most useful and profitable areas. That's how it is! He english for sellers you can strengthen your skills to achieve better results in your business.

In this article, we'll explain the most important terms and phrases you need to know and use.

The importance of strengthening English for sellers

First, it is essential that you understand why the english for sellers it can be a very useful resource. Think of it this way: Thanks to the Internet, globalization enables many opportunities. This also applies to the business world, since it has generated the elimination of digital barriers.

For example, a business in your country can not only sell locally, but also broaden its focus to sell in different territories. So, strengthening English can serve to reach Anglo-Saxon markets, as is the case with marketing vocabulary in english.

Let's take as a case a company that sells clothing in Colombia. If you do well, you may want to sell in other markets. And suppose that the United States can be a market to expand. If your salespeople are not able to communicate in this language, you may not be able to generate sales.

What is the English vocabulary for salespeople that you should know?

Here are some terms and phrases with which you can start building your vocabulary.

Basic terms in English

These are the most common English words in the world of sales:

  • shop: store.
  • business: business.
  • chain store: network of stores.
  • franchise: franchise.
  • market: market.
  • customer: customer.
  • owner: owner.
  • Retailer: businessman.
  • Manager: in charge.
  • employees: employee.
  • Cashier: ATM.
  • sell: sell.
  • Purchase: buy.
  • advertise: advertise.
  • Delivery deliveries.
  • Brand: brand.
  • Pay: pay.
  • discounts: discount.

And as you master this basic vocabulary of english for sellers, you can add other terms:

  • sales tax: sales tax.
  • till: cash register.
  • return policy: return policy.
  • books: reserve.
  • sales assistant: dependent.
  • discounts: discount.
  • return: return the product
  • refund: return the money
  • high end: high end.
  • barcode: Barcode.
  • deli: gourmet food store.
  • Warehouse store: store.
  • Wholesale: wholesale.
  • outlet store: discount store.
  • clothing store: clothing store.
  • manufacturer: maker.
  • Counter: counter.
  • isolate: aisle.
  • Shelves: shelves.
  • climber: Mechanic stairs.

What phrases can be used to sell?

These phrases can be very useful for selling to international customers. For example, to introduce ourselves we can say:

  • Buenos dias. How can I help you?, which can be translated as: “Good morning. How can I help you?"

If they ask about the sale price, we can say:

  • Yes, this is the sale price: “Yes, this is the sale price”.

In an important or complicated operation, the client might want to speak with a superior. In this case we can say:

  • Would you like to talk to the manager?: “Do you want to speak to the manager?”

When it comes to payments, some phrases that we can use are the following:

  • You can pay with credit card: "You can pay by credit card."
  • Sorry, we don't accept refunds or exchanges: "Sorry, we do not accept exchanges or returns."

And with this we can start! In this small space, we have tried to learn the essentials about the english for sellers. We hope you have found this information very useful!

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