The english for architects It is an essential skill in this area. There are many everyday scenarios that require it. For example, when contacting suppliers that export construction materials or foreign clients. Even to consult regulations and specialized magazines to keep us up-to-date on a professional level.

Just like him english for tourism or the english for work in companies they enjoy a great diffusion, architecture also demands a good performance in this language. In fact, it is a fundamental part of their professional skills.

What are the most common words and technical terms of english for architects? Let's see a list of the most important, their meaning and examples of use.

English terms for architects

These are some words of english for architects very common in the planning and execution of construction works or structures:

  • Basement: 'basement'. For example: The basement is 10 square meters. 'The basement is 10 square meters'.
  • Ceiling: 'the ceiling'. For example: Today, standard ceiling height is nine feet. 'Currently, the standard ceiling height is 9 feet.'
  • Column: 'pillar'. For example: We need a support column in the kitchen. 'We need a support pillar in the kitchen.'
  • facade: 'facade'. For example: I'd like to remodel the old facade. 'I would like to remodel the old façade'.
  • Foundation: 'foundation'. For example: Tomorrow we will work on the foundation of the house. 'Tomorrow we will work on the foundation of the house.'
  • Frame: 'portico'. For example: That old frame is from 1854. 'That old frame is from 1854.'
  • Hall / Entry: 'hall / entrance'. For example: I love this hall of vintage style. 'I love this vintage-style hall.'
  • Hallway: 'hallway'. For example: This hallway will connect the kitchen with the laundry room. 'This hallway will connect the kitchen to the laundry room.'
  • Master bedroom: 'main or matrimonial room'. For example: The master bedroom is about 150 square feet. 'The main room is about 150 square feet.'
  • Place / Location / Site: 'place / location'. For example: Our new project is in a far location. 'Our new project is in a remote location.'
  • ScaleModel: 'model'. For example: We made a new scale model for this building. 'We made a new model for this building.'
  • Sketch: 'sketch'. For example: This is only a sketch of the new housing project. 'This is just a sketch of the new housing project.'
  • Soil / Ground: 'land'. For example: Your partner bought another soil for the new building. 'Your partner bought another piece of land for the new building.'

Time and dedication to learn English

Beyond this list, the vocabulary in english for architects it is extremely broad and, therefore, you need to dedicate time to it. Mastering this skill will allow you to improve the quality of your work and achieve international projection.

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