Knowing English is useful in many areas of life, but especially in the world of finance. Master the banking english It is key when it comes to closing business deals, business trips, improvement courses and even to stay connected and updated.

Ultimately, it is about that english for work that will allow you move up in your career. Therefore, know the most frequent terms and expressions of the banking english to succeed in this sector.

Banking English: Basic Vocabulary

For express yourself with solvency and security it is essential to handle the terminology of each area. Just as there is the english for architects, he english education vocabulary or the english for sellers, there is also the banking english. Learn the most important words and some examples of how to use them.

  • Account: account. Example: Your bank account number is 4493. (Her bank account number is 4493.)
  • bank: bank. Example: This is the main bank of the city. (This is the main bank in the city).
  • Balance: balance. Example: Your available balance is US$500. (Your available balance is $$500.)
  • Budget: budget. Example: Our budget for this year is US$1 million. (Our budget for this year is $1 million dollars).
  • change: change. Example: Keep change. (Keep the change.)
  • checking: check. Example: Our last check was rejected. (Our last check bounced.)
  • currency: currency or exchange. Example: All prices are expressed in local currency. (All prices are expressed in local currency).
  • Current account: current account. Example: The current account includes deposits and withdrawals. (The checking account includes deposits and withdrawals).
  • Debit: debit. Example: This store accepts debit cards. (This store accepts debit cards).
  • Debts: debts. Example: Your total debts should not exceed US$10,000. (Your total debts should not exceed $$10,000.)

Other banking English terms

Other key terms to master the banking english are the following:

  • Deposit: deposit. Example: We accept foreign currency deposits only in UD Dollar. (We only accept deposits from abroad in US dollars).
  • expenses: bills. Example: This business needs to low administrative expenses. (This business needs to reduce its administrative expenses).
  • funds: money. Example: We have to transfer your funds to another account. (We must transfer your funds to another account).
  • income: income. Example: Last year we had a total income of US$2 billions. (Last year we had total revenues of 1Q4Q2 billion dollars).
  • loan: loan. Example: Your client is asking for a new bank loan. (Your client is applying for a new bank loan.)
  • Mortgage: mortgage. Example: This bank is one of the best mortgage lenders. (This bank is one of the best mortgage lenders).
  • rate: fee or fee. Example: The credit rate is expressed as a percentage. (The credit fee is expressed in percentages).
  • Stock: action. Example: I want to invest in some stocks this semester. (I want to invest in some stocks this semester.)
  • Wallet: wallet or purse. Example: This is the leading digital wallet in Latin America. (This is the leading digital wallet in Latin America).

The banking english it can open the doors to further professional development. Keep it in mind for your own growth, as well as when training your company's employees.

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