The domain of basic english vocabulary it is a powerful capacity that must be managed by professionals in technological areas. Can you imagine how practical it is to use this language appropriately in your career?

The limits of advancement in careers related to software and technology companies are determined by the correct use of English. Indeed, digital culture requires linguistic skills to understand and interact with customers.

On the other hand, the mobility of the labor market influences their plans to migrate towards the most tempting offers. In this article you will find the keys to advance in your profession from the effective learning of English.

Importance of English for technology companies

The development of companies linked to the technological area uses English as binding language and common setting. There is a basic vocabulary that you must know if you want to stand out in your profession.

Think for a moment about the importance of language in global business and the investments that are managed. Undoubtedly, the chains of production, distribution and technological marketing are interrelated in the world.

How to establish labor, commercial and professional relationships with colleagues from Asian countries, for example? A scenario like this is feasible for you, since many leading companies in the area are in that continent.

Effective management of basic English vocabulary allows software professionals to stand out in a market that is global.

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On the other hand, the speed of technological innovation in each area requires the consultation of manuals and bibliography in English. Staying up-to-date requires your ability to understand and express yourself in this language.

How to expand your basic technical English vocabulary?

Understand the Basic Vocabulary of English

To master a new language, you can apply techniques that allow you to become friends with words, structures and linguistic turns. When you think about the basic English vocabulary to learn, think creatively.

If you work in the area of software and require an effective command of English, then look for opportunities to learn in your daily life. You can incorporate small habits that make the language a close companion.

By incorporating basic English terms into your daily routine, you will be able to commit them to memory more easily.

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Establish a specific and realistic number of words in the area that you must learn daily. In this way, he progressively increases the universe of his vocabulary. On the other hand, help yourself by implementing tricks to memorize.

Post the technical words you learn. Identify them in the manuals with colors, copy them on cards that you have in sight and repeat them, mentally and orally. Also, try to associate them with others you already know.

Write and pronounce sentences using the new words. With this strategy you will discover its uses. Remember that it will be an advantage to function in a competitive world.

20 basic terms in English about software and technology

The following list gives you a selection of technology terms very useful:

  • Browser tabs: Web page tabs used in a window.

  • Browsers: are the browsers, software, application or program that allows access to the web.

  • Blogosfera: community of blogs or bloggers.

  • Cookie: small files that some websites save on your computer and that take up space.

  • Customize: action of modifying a device's tools according to personal needs and preferences.

  • Drivers: drivers that allow interaction between the computer and a peripheral, such as a scanner or a printer.

  • E-commerce: translated as electronic commerce that designates the purchase and sale of products or services through the Internet.

  • Free version: free versions of programs, applications, among others.

  • Hard drive: refers to the hard disk, the storage place for the functional elements of a device.

  • Homepage: home page that opens when the browser is activated.

  • Keyboard: keyboard that is tactile in the case of smartphones or external.

  • Lock screen: function to lock the screen.

  • MicroSD: memory card for portable devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, laptops, game consoles, etc.

  • Multitasking: multitasking; that is, the ability to perform different activities or functions at the same time.

  • Postear: word from the English to post and that designates the action of sending a message to a group of people through networks.

  • Screenshot: capture of the content displayed on the screen or screenshot.

  • Set-up/Settings: configuration.

  • Tags: labels that are accompanied by the symbol '#'.

  • Timeline: history of publications in a social network.

  • Trending topic: designates the trend or outstanding topic of the moment in social networks.

Basic technical English vocabulary in language courses

Apply Basic English Vocabulary

For the professional who works in software and technology companies, managing a basic English vocabulary. The discipline of each day is strengthened with the support of a structured course with this same purpose.

The professional can master the basic vocabulary of English in the technological area with the support of a specialized language course.

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Do not be intimidated by the wealth of basic English vocabulary in the technological area. On the contrary, it is stimulating to experience in language courses the process of assimilation of this expanding universe.


Professionals in the area of software and technology are experiencing a boom with excellent job opportunities. In this field, proper and up-to-date management of basic English vocabulary opens up important opportunities.

In this sense, specialized English courses or courses with an emphasis on areas of knowledge are very effective for their learning. Assessing the competitive advantages of a bilingual professional pays off in your career.

It's worth it dedicate effort and perseverance in mastering a language specialized in English. Above all, if you have the support of a course like the English2Go that in practice makes possible its application in the labor field.

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