In 2017, English2Go was in charge of training the staff of Company X, to detect the level of English and improve it. Everything was carried out based on the professional growth of the employees and of the company itself, which needed to have bilingual professionals.

An evaluation was carried out on all the personnel in Costa Rica, with the conclusion that 150 people urgently needed a training plan: their poor command of English interfered with the goals of expansion and international relations. 

The levels of command of the language were varied, from low intermediate A2 to intermediate B1. According to this diagnosis, the respective training sessions were carried out to reach a high intermediate B2 level. This goal met with significant success in a short time, thanks to the intensive program.

"English2Go was always available as a provider providing personalized attention and when required, weekends or holidays were not an obstacle to provide the necessary support."

The problem

Company X is a major company in the technology sector. This organization is responsible for providing support to users of the largest software vendors worldwide. For this reason, it was necessary to have a staff with a sufficient command of English: bilingual professionals capable of efficiently meeting public demand.

Certainly, there was a work team capable of carrying out its functions in relation to care and service; however, this did not meet expectations in terms of fluency in the second language.

That is why the company decided to take the next step, to detect the level of English that its staff handled and carry out the necessary training.

When applying the punctual evaluations to the group of 150 employees, the diagnosis showed that all of them had a certain level of basic English; even, in some somewhat higher than in others.

The challenge was to take them all to a high intermediate level, with a fluid development in pronunciation and vocabulary, developed based on the professional functions of the company.

To provide the respective advice, meetings were organized with representatives of Company X. Those who were directly related to the international departments participated in particular; for example, Development and Training, Human Resources, and the CEO. 

When analyzing the needs of the company, they were presented with an ideal profile of English proficiency by their collaborators, required to achieve the company's goals.

This is how the program was carried out in order to have bilingual professionals.

solution and success

The first step was to identify the level of English possessed by each person on the team. It was essential to keep in mind the ultimate goal: have bilingual professionals capable of meeting the needs of the company.

We then proceeded to apply a methodology of personalized classes and an intensive program. Short-term results were needed. 

The training was successful for the 95%, achieving solid progress in language management at B2 level; It must be considered that at the beginning of the study plan the levels were between A2 and B1.

In addition to this, the company was facilitated and trained in the use of the platform to apply its evaluations in the rest of its offices around the world where it is represented; for example: Nigeria, Vietnam, China and Bulgaria. In this way, it was developedn process of recruiting bilingual professionals as a business tool.

English2Go was the provider to Company X of approximately 10,000 English test licenses between 2017 and 2020.

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