Gustavo Rosales

Improving in record time

At the end of 2019, the Wunderman Thompson company entrusted us with the mission of improving the English level of two groups of key collaborators. Among them was Gustavo, who needed to develop fluency and confidence when speaking with English-speaking customers and partners. 

As happened with his co-workers, in just 4 months, Gustavo managed to achieve his goal with the help of a private teacher, who we assigned according to his professional profile. 

He gained speaking fluency, confidence and new technical vocabulary to perform efficiently in his role as manager.

Here we tell all the details of their success story:

The challenge

Gustavo is the Finance Manager of the international advertising and marketing company Wunderman Thompson. He has more than 20 years of experience in multinational companies, with operations and responsibilities throughout the Latin American region. 

Throughout his career he had frequent contact with English, so his writing skills were already developed. Nevertheless, his Achilles heel was always conversational English, a fairly common problem among second language learners. He was wary of his pronunciation and of having conversations with native speakers. The anxiety It led him to have to find alternatives to meetings and video calls, such as communicating through email, something that was not comfortable or intuitive on many occasions. 

solution and success

When Gustavo arrived at English2Go we discovered in the diagnostic test that he had a good base of general English, so our main objective has been to help him reach an advanced level of English in work and corporate environments. In this way, he has learned to think in English and to hold conversations fluently and confidently on topics related to his professional area and daily life. 

At the same time, he has received a lexical and cultural immersion that has led him to expand his repertoire of technical finance vocabulary and refine his command of American idiomatic phrases.

The average time to master this knowledge (When you have a foundation) is 6 months, but with the right teacher and a personalized study plan, you saw tangible results in just 4 months. 

Gaining fluency and confidence

"The classes are highly interactive, which has allowed me to correct my speech in time and improve my listening comprehension." 

The curriculum plays a key role when it comes to advancing in learning a new language. In Gustavo's case, his classes are divided into 3 stages: 30 minutes of conversation about his daily life, news and news with feedback from the teacher, the second part consists of grammar practice and finally financial slang lessons. 

At the end of each class, student and teacher agree on what topics they need to review at the next meeting, this allows the study curriculum to be constantly updated and responding to the needs of the moment.

“Communication with my colleagues in other offices is now easier, I understand contexts better and I even feel much more confident in conversations.” 

Learning English with a busy schedule

Time is the main challenge for people who must combine study with work. However, this was not a problem for Gustavo due to our flexible hours with the possibility of rescheduling. This way, you can watch three classes a week without interfering with your work activities.

“There is a lot of flexibility so as not to miss classes. When I have had to make schedule changes, I agree with the teacher and redistribute the hours for another time”.
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