Alexander Barboza

How to achieve advanced English with a busy schedule

Alejandro Barboza works for a major international company in the country where he lives. After having the idea of learning to speak English in his thoughts for a long time, he decided to take the step to polish his professionalism and expand at the curricular level.

With the company of English2Go, he managed to advance in a short time, with dynamic and interesting classes that, he considers, led to organic growth. In this way, he managed to advance from a fairly basic English to a high performance in it, through an experience that was very positive and gratifying for him.

The problem

Alejandro is Manager of a BMW branch in Costa Rica. Throughout his career, and even personally, he had experiences that showed him that speaking a second language was necessary, mainly English. 

What cost him the most was form sentences and conjugate verbs. For this reason he made the decision to improve that aspect of his life, so he began to attend a teaching group where they took traditional lessons. 

Alejandro moved to an institute where he shared a classroom with other students, under the tutelage of a professor who gave master classes and with the support of a model study guide, which they had to fill out as part of the activities.

However, this option ended up not convincing him too much. The traditional methodology was heavy and boring, to the point that, although he had paid for the lessons, he began to fantasize about the idea that the teachers would cancel the classes, so as not to have to attend. Not to mention the time it took to get to and from the site.

He concluded that he needed something personalized, and it was in this way that he began to investigate the internet for new options. 

He found several training platforms to learn English, and he dedicated himself to carefully evaluating them, weighing all the aspects and qualities of each one, taking into account learning times and cost. That's how he found English2Go.

solution and success

Something that pleased him very much was that, when he contacted English2Go, a personal meeting with the owner of the company, Mr. George, was scheduled. Which strengthened his confidence, because he came to his place of work, taking the time to explain the methodology, dynamics and operation. This led him to the conclusion that his money would be well spent.

After an initial evaluation, the results showed that Alejandro was at an A1 level of English, this is the most basic. Thus, a personalized study plan was designed, which included an hour and a half of class three times a week.

In them he had the obligation to speak in English, very rarely used Spanish to communicate, which he says helped his progress a lot. The classes were integrated into their daily life, since the exercises were related to their daily life.

The lessons were integrated into his life, into his work and they were also within reach of the place where he was, even from the cell phone. In addition, the participation of her teacher stands out, since she spoke native English but also applauds her pedagogy, since she considers that being prepared for teaching was a fundamental pillar in her progress.

So it was, like a period of 8 months I already spoke English fluently and performed neatly in conversations with native English speakers, located at a B2 level. And it is that, unlike traditional classes, he could see his progress quickly and never felt bored, but rather looked forward to the next lesson.

“Super recommended, good content, good teachers and it seems to me that at a price that is super competitive, and cannot be found anywhere else in the market.”
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