The joint effort is a key factor for organizations to achieve the objectives set. However, in times of volatility or difficulties, companies must reinforce the commitment to teamwork.

Strengthening the sense of belonging in work teams will be essential to overcome the challenges that may arise. Good leadership and a shared vision will be essential to have a group committed to the goals.

Do you want to improve the results of your company? So you should know that you need a team committed to your goals and in this article we tell you four effective ways to achieve it.

Importance of creating commitment in teamwork

Within a Organizational structure, the work team is a key link to achieve success. Therefore, it is necessary that all members are committed to achieving a common goal: to achieve the best results.

To achieve this commitment, it is essential that the team is aligned towards the same goal and has a true sense of belonging. This will not only make the company benefit from more and better ideas.

When the work team is committed to its work, the company benefits from more ideas and better results.

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It will also be possible for everyone to collaborate actively to achieve the objectives set and, consequently, better results will be obtained.


How to create commitment in teamwork?

Achieve commitment in teamwork

It is no secret to any CEO or director that achieving the focus of all workers towards the same vision It is quite a challenge and not always easy to achieve.

In these cases, leaders must focus their efforts towards the implementation of strategies that allow creating greater commitment in teamwork.

Now, what actions can you take to get members to develop a commitment to their responsibilities? Take note of the strategies listed below:

Create commitment

The best way to create commitment in the work team it is trying to make the organization function as a kind of community. At this point it is essential that as a leader you show yourself closer to your collaborators.

When the leader appears as one more person in the team and not as someone inaccessible, the workers are more likely to participate in the company's processes and objectives.

To create commitment, it is key that leaders communicate with their team and take into account their opinions on how to execute tasks. 

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So, the ideal is that you communicate daily with your human talent. Express how you expect the tasks to be executed, but it is also important that you take into account the opinion of your team on the matter. In this way, the team will feel more integrated and will develop a better bond with you and a greater commitment to the company.

Generate reward plans

When someone does a good job or achieves a goal, you have to recognize it. The reward creates a stimulus and this in turn generates an action that will seek to insist on continuing to do things well.

Rewards should not only be limited to money. Remember that for some people prizes mean more than money. For example, a grand gesture by the leader, a promotion, a day off or even a recognition made in front of the other colleagues for the work accomplished.

Build your team

At the beginning, employees are usually given training on the responsibilities they will assume within the company. However, this should not be the only training your employees received, as the market demands that you have more and more staff. competitive  Y updated in various areas.

The Employees Who receive training On the part of their companies they feel valued and this motivates them to create bonds of commitment with the organization. 

Workers who receive training opportunities from their companies create a greater commitment to the organization for which they work. 

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Training should preferably be launched when the organization is unified and is most productive. This is because by having more resources the company can invest in training better quality.

As far as possible, try to ensure that the training is constant and carried out in various areas. The result will be a team that is up-to-date with trends, more skilled, and more committed to the organization.  

Create a sense of responsibility

sense of responsibility in teams

It is necessary to develop a culture in which responsibility and discipline are installed as a value for each of the workers. How? Starting with the example. As a leader you must be the first to execute actions that reinforce the sense of responsibility.

What are those actions? Among the simplest and most obvious are: being punctual, not only during work hours, but also in the payment of wages. But there are other aspects that also create greater commitment at work as a team and they are:

  • Share values.
  • Integrate teams into the organizational culture.
  • Encourage flexibility.
  • Provide clear work guidelines.
  • Assess critical and independent thinking.
  • Make meetings Short but productive.
  • Recognize the sense of responsibility of employees.


For the company, the benefit of commitment in teamwork is the improvement in the final results. However, the advantages go beyond the success that the company can obtain financially.

A team motivated by its work, which understands and embraces the organizational culture, makes the work dynamic enjoyable. In this way, people are willing to go beyond their limits and come to see their jobs as a tool for personal and professional growth and not as a place where you do what you have to do to survive.

In English2Go we are aware of the importance of motivating your team to be more productive and the sense of belonging that you want.

Therefore, we invite you to learn about our training plans. By learning a new language, your collaborators will grow professionally and achieve greater commitment to the organization. 

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