Corporate globalization has resulted in the prevailing need to manage a key tool for achieving objectives. It is the English language, adopted in the business policy as a bridge to success.

Now companies that want to enhance their operations and evolve, executing negotiations at an international level, require their employees to master this language.

Developing this skill, not only for the benefit of the team but on a personal level, represents intellectual advancement. It is a firm step that will translate into new business opportunities and a better quality of life.

What is business policy and what is its importance?

business policy obeys the internal rules constituted in the organization. It fulfills the function of maintaining order, respect, the logical execution of work and healthy coexistence.

The corporate policy also provides the organization with an effective environment in which all staff participate, creating an indispensable synergy.

It is important to integrate the English language into business policy, as it provides an ideal environment to enhance staff skills.

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The idea is that there is a functional method that each person understands and assumes as institutional regulations. In addition to the use of various resources that direct the best actions towards the achievement of goals.

However, by embedding English as business policy, a range of positive factors emerge that will generate momentous momentum. Do you want to know what are the reasons to include this language in your company?

Reasons to include English in company policy

Communication and Business Policy

The commercial universe is governed by the English language. It is the connection to growth, innovation, the productivity, labor relations and well-being. Find out below why include it in company policy.

There are better interactions between multicultural teams

When there are communication problems, in the case of not speaking English, a door of opportunities closes. And this situation occurs both personally and professionally.

The English language as a pillar in business policy provides excellent opportunities; for example, generating good working relationships in multicultural teams.

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However, in a multicultural fusion, there is a great element that integrates and strengthens the work team. We talk about language, about the ability to communicate in another language, about English as the main resource.

English as a business policy aligns employees

Rakuten is an ideal example. This Japanese online company had a vision to integrate English into its business policy. The solid company with more than seven thousand employees decided to adopt English as the official corporate language.

The objective was to communicate with its collaborators worldwide. For the company, the english skills they would elevate the vision of its employees and the operability.

Do you want to generate an important business relationship, not only profitable but focused on development and evolution? In addition to integrating global collaborators, it's time to learn English.

English is spoken in business

The most spoken language on the entire planet is English, from the personal to the commercial sphere. According to a study in the journal The Ethnologue As of 2017, there are more than four hundred million native English speakers.

This data reveals a trend of multinational companies. English is adopted in its business policy, providing solutions while promoting and developing communication.

Professional growth and development is encouraged

Speaking English is closely related to better job compensation and opportunities for advancement. It also means serving as the company's ambassador to do business internationally.

These benefits are incentives or incentives for its workforce, eager for a better quality of life and great expectations of growth.

For example, the millennial generation was born in a globalized and technological environment, with English being an essential resource to motivate them.

How to incorporate English into your business policy?

A successful business policy must have certain parameters to integrate English. Here are some very useful tips to achieve it efficiently.


It is essential that the leader of the company understands the value of English and its advantages in leading and aligning the team. Of course, using smart and effective strategies that increase the level of the company and the employees.


When deciding to implement the English language as a company policy, you should talk with your work team.

You will have to convince your work team to adopt the English language as a business policy. It is important that your employees master the language.

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Talk about the benefits and benefits of learning to speak English fluently. Not only for the company, but for each employee on a personal level.

For example, investing a English course for them as compensation for being so valuable to the organization.


Be sure to manage the natural variables of learning a language. Many people are afraid of speaking in public, much more so in another language.

It is not about competing or generating pressure to achieve the objectives. But it is important to support the staff and deliver the necessary tools for this purpose.


By standardizing the English language within company policy, supporting material can be provided. For example, with a glossary of frequent terms, great results are obtained.

This will generate a continuous learning environment that will impact the entire workforce.

to impart

Carefully choose a proven partner that represents a true solution. A bilingual professional who teaches your company the best learning plan for the number one language in the world: English.

Make sure you have the support of a solid and capable company to carry out this transformative task for your staff.


The company policy must include, in addition to principles such as collaboration, honesty and respect, elements of intellectual and personal development. A motivated employee is more engaged and focused on improving their life.

This factor is beneficial for your organization, since you will have more efficient staff who speak English fluently. You will have tools to close international deals, among other benefits.

In English2Go We take care of preparing your team with effective strategies to speak English effectively. We have extensive experience in the international market, providing companies with a higher level of proficiency in the language.

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