Do you know what is the best way to train employees in english? In this installment we address this issue due to the growing relevance of this language in the business and labor world. 

Here we explain the importance of bilingual training both for your collaborators and for your organization. Additionally, we explain what are the levels at which you must train your executives, according to your organizational requirements. 

Importance of training employees in English

In this globalized world, all companies need to have staff trained in English. This language has become a universal language, especially in the business world.

English is the international language for business: having a bilingual staff can enhance the reach of your company.

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A company that wants to enter the international market must invest in the bilingual training of your employees. Failure to do so would imply losing potential customers due to the fact that they do not have the trained staff to market in English.

 This is why to reach the target market and even expand, you have to determine how the intellectual capital of the employees will be expanded. And, fundamentally, you have to decide how the employees will be trained so that they all master the language.

Advantages of online classes to train employees

Today there are different methods for employees to learn English. One of the most accessible and effective is online education. This system guarantees the company the possibility of creating a class plan adjusted to the needs of its executives.

It is also possible to contract the course with a company specialized in the business field. Even, if preferred, each collaborator you can take the classes independently in free moments of the working day, or in their homes. 

The foregoing allows that, if the students have different previous levels of English, each one advances from the point in which they are. In this way, everyone learns at their own pace.

The great advantage of online English classes is that there is absolute flexibility to manage the days, times and spaces.

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Another advantage of choosing to train employees in English is that employees do not have to go to a physical location to take exams. This reduces travel costs and, consequently, minimizes course expenses. In this way, no one in the company will have excuses for not knowing English.

Currently, online courses are an excellent option to train employees in English due to the preparation of the tutors who teach them. For example in English2Go We have a team of teachers who are native speakers of the language and academically competent.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, online English classes allow companies to train employees in English from the comfort of their home or office.

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Additionally, At English2Go we have an educational platform that allows our students to access support material designed for the study of the language, whatever their level. 

At what level should you train employees in English?

 training employees in English is beneficial for the company

Depending on the position of your employees, they will need one or another level of English. However, it is not necessary for everyone to have the same level of knowledge of this language.  

Below you will find information about the level of English that your collaborators must master:

  • Basic level: is the level that those who do not have previous knowledge of English must reach. In this case, the objective is not to handle the language like a native, but to have the tools to start a basic conversation.

  • Intermediate level: it is the one that must be demonstrated by those who have the greatest contact with foreign clients, since they need dialogue and writing skills.

  • Advanced level: It is the one required by those who have previous knowledge of the language and whose work obligations require them to be able to speak like a true native.

You can also opt for technical English. This modality offers companies training according to the business niche they manage. Thus, the collaborators learn the necessary terminology, favoring the expansion of the organization's market.

Thinking about how to support companies in the process of training their employees in English, in English2Go The following options are currently offered:

  • Executive English courses: they are private and semi-private courses. This means that up to two people can study together, as long as the levels and needs are similar, at no additional cost. They are dictated in the Executive, Manager and SEO modalities.
  • Group coursess: These courses are given to groups of three to five people. Depending on the number of hours, these can be regular or intensive.


In a system with so much competition, what differentiates one company from another is its human resources. Those who have more qualified employees will win the commercial bid. That is why it is advisable to invest in bilingual staff training.

Training employees in English, far from being an expense, is an investment that will enhance the company. With bilingual staff you can enter the international market and increase company profitability by expanding the market niche.

When a company decides to train employees in English, you will find that there are many programs. Before deciding on a training modality, contact us; in English2Go We will provide you with the support to design the best English course.

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