have you thought about motivate your employees to learn English? Mastering English today has become essential for our lives. It is said that those who do not handle this language lack one of the most requested requirements in the current world of work. 

Those who do not speak English are at a clear disadvantage compared to a person who does speak this language. All areas of knowledge require it. Entire industries, businesses, corporations and small businesses also use English as a business language.

However, many companies encounter some complications or a lack of motivation for their employees to study or perfect another language. 

This article proposes some tools to encourage the motivation of employees to improve their English.

Benefits of offering working English.

The one that can give its employees the opportunity to learn English will provide benefits to the company and to human capital.

We'll see now aSome of the benefits of offering business English in your company.

Greater job opportunities.

Encouraging the learning of English among your employees will allow them to improve their professional skills, equipping them with a language currently handled on the most global negotiations.

This will offer them the possibilities of job improvements and professional growth within the company, forging in them a sense of belonging to the organization.

Motivate your employees to learn English to win

Opportunity to close negotiations with foreigners

Motivating your employees to learn English will make your company a benchmark within the commercial sector where it operates.

In addition, the fact that your employees speak English will allow you to close negotiations with other international markets; Of course, this will significantly improve the economic income of the company.

Help your collaborators learn English

Motivate your employees Learning English is sometimes not an easy task. This is generally due to the fact that many of them do not have the necessary time or encouragement to encourage them to grow professionally.

That is why you as a leader You must provide the energy and enthusiasm necessary to spark an interest in English in your employees. 

Here are some tips that can help you achieve this goal:

Lean on organizational communication

Organize an internal communication campaign for your employees, explaining the extensive benefits of having a good knowledge of the English language. 

You can put up posters on billboards, send out mailing lists, or use the company's website. Remind your employees that English is the second most widely spoken language in the world.

Give rewards

If it is within your reach, offer financial rewards or free time in exchange for improving your knowledge in this language. It is a very effective way of motivating your employees.

Remember that we are social beings: this means that when we receive recognition for our work performance, we feel emotionally motivated and engaged.

When you publicly recognize the English language efforts and progress of your staff, you also invite others to follow suit. 

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There are many ways to praise the commitment that each person has shown, but keep this in mind: the incentives must be valued by the employee, that is, they must be of interest to the person to whom they are offered. 

Employers usually think that the payment is the only remuneration with which they have. However, there are many other types of benefits that could be really appreciated by the staff.

 Remember that money is not the only way to reward employee effort. Be creative and get to know your staff, so you know what is important to them.

Let your collaborators freely manage their time in the office

Allow employees to study English during working hours.

Many people may feel motivated to improve their English, but lack time after the office. Incorporating a teacher into the company also helps.

Make training a substantial benefit

Incorporate English-speaking projects into the company in which the people who participate obtain special benefits for joining.

You could motivate your employees to learn English to be at the forefront of projects where knowledge and fluency of the language is needed. 

Their desire to take on new challenges will allow them to take advantage of the English for Business course.

Educate your collaborators on the professional and personal benefits of English

English is the language of business, therefore, explain to your employees that they should know about it and improve it.

Manuals, such as the 85% for information found on the Internet and the 75% for information media, are in English.

How to motivate your employees to learn English

Make learning a meaningful and recreational activity

  • Create study groups within the company that facilitate learning, and at the same time generate stronger interpersonal ties.

  • Promote trips to other branches of the company or countries where the product is marketed or developed – if possible – to practice the language.

  • Incorporate foreign English-speaking employees into the plant. This will motivate your colleagues to speak the language, both at work and personally.

  • Strengthen communication in English between the CEO, executives and managers with the rest of the staff. By getting your leaders to demonstrate in practice the importance of English in a globalized world, you'll boost language learning: encourage them to write reports and emails in English and give their presentations in English, to support your employee classes. 

Offer job enhancements

Explain to your employees that a good command of English will give them access to promotions and a greater participation in the company's projects. 

The chances of growth will increase if you improve your English.

Perfect the English of top leaders

The first thing to do is lead by example. Who should speak English perfectly is you first of all in your company. 

Also, employees are often motivated if their leaders and managers also speak English. Encouraging the use of this language in the office can contribute to the psychological motivation of your collaborators.

 Seeing the relevance and use of English at work, your human talent will be motivated to follow in the footsteps of your leaders and take action on business English.

Choosing the most suitable type of English for your employees

A study carried out by Cambridge English and QS. English at work has determined that tourism, business, finance, the health sector, banking, telecommunications and the IT industry are the sectors that require a higher level of English.

Said report is mainly oriented to managers and business leaders; collects data from more than 5,000 workers from 38 countries. The results draw attention to the real importance of mastering English at work, the most used skills and, especially, the requirements that exist in each profession in terms of English.

Certainly, the motivation is greater when the collaborators can apply their knowledge in practice, and this translates into professional achievements.

On the contrary, when employees do not find it useful to learn English or when they study on their own, they often end up leaving classes very quickly.

To avoid desertion in English courses within your human capital, you as a leader within the company can do the following:

english test

The tests are very useful to know the level of English that each collaborator handles, and to be able to make a classification according to their knowledge.

English tests are of great help in motivating employees to learn English at the level that corresponds to them.

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In addition to taking advantage of the classes, they will be comfortable to continue advancing in learning the language with people of the same level.

Courses according to your profession

All professions handle technical terms and very specific expressions. 

In these cases, it is convenient for the human resources department to be able to choose the English course adapted to the profession of its employees.

These can be oriented or dictated either individually (for senior executives) or collectively (for an entire business department). 

Classes will be useful and interactive, because everyone knows the terms in their area of work, making it easy to move forward with the adoption of English.


With these tools you will be able to motivate your employees to learn English and make them feel the desire to continue advancing in their command of the language. In addition, it will allow you to understand the usefulness it has for your personal and professional growth.

The secret is knowing how to include strategies aimed at developing corporate English, through rewards, job improvements and setting an example as a leader.

In English2Go We offer you the possibility of improving the English of your employees through our English courses for companies. Each one of them adapts to your business needs related to the management of technical or business English.

We have native teachers specialized in technical English and we design the study plan adjusted to your requirements.

With English2Go you and your team will be able to study at the time that suits you best, without affecting your work obligations. In addition, with us you will be able to know your real level of English, as well as understand your vulnerabilities and strengths.

Contact us and discover all the benefits of learning the language of business with us.

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