In our times, the importance of english in the world of work,  It ceased to be something desirable to become a requirement. English has been gaining strength as the predominant language in business and has become a fundamental condition that determines job success. 

Knowledge and command of the language increases the chances of finding a good job in less time. Today's world offers a range of possibilities to learn this language, so there is no longer an excuse for not knowing English.

Why is it necessary to know English in the world of work?

Any professional who wants to grow in the labor sphere comes face to face with an important requirement. Have a good level of conversational English.

However, beyond the growth, There are other important reasons that make English a necessary skill for every professional.

How to learn English?

The world of work is globalized

One of the reasons why English has taken on great relevance in the world of work is because companies are less and less local and more global. Companies are no longer limited to interacting and doing business within a country, but are crossing borders. 

In this sense, English has become the language of business. This facilitates interaction between companies

For example, a company from Brazil can do business with a company in Japan, without the Brazilian company needing to know Japanese or vice versa. Negotiations are usually conducted in English, which simplifies business transactions.

This ease granted by commercial transactions in English also implies that companies have staff who speak the language. This way they can hold virtual or face-to-face conversations with companies from other countries and have good written communication, to advance in business.

Academic texts are in English

Much of the academic texts available today are in English. Therefore, if you need to be trained in a specific area of knowledge, you will need to know the language to have access to the best specialized content.

In addition, as part of your professional growth you wish to publish a study or academic article, you can do so in English if you have sufficient knowledge of the language.

Make traveling abroad easy

Traveling to a new country can always be exciting, even if it is a business trip. Nevertheless, One element that can negatively affect your experience is the language barrier.

However, you can find a large number of English speakers, and by mastering it you can communicate without any problem.

importance of english in business

You will be able to attend workshops and conferences in English 

At an international level, you will find a large number of workshops, conferences and courses that will serve to complement your knowledge, update yourself in new areas and enrich your curriculum. 

Although you can find many in Spanish, the truth is that most will be in English, and if you have a good level of the language, you will be able to attend as many events as possible.

Opens up new job opportunities

Due to the great importance who took English in the business world today, a professional who, in addition to being trained in his area, can perform with total fluency standing out greatly above other applicants.

Whether you want to apply a load in a new company, or you want to get improvements in your current job position, have a good knowledge of English. It will open many doors for you.

5 real cases in which you need English to boost your career

As we have mentioned before, learning English brings you a series of benefits that allow you to grow both personally and professionally; there that it has become a necessary language.

Let's see some real cases, where this language is necessary to boost your career:

1. Job offer abroad

Thanks to the ease of access to the internet, and the globalization of business, today it is much easier find excellent job offers internationally, through web portals and social networks.

If a foreign company is interested in your professional profile, English is one of the most important requirements that are taken into account.

2. You need to attend a training event

It is increasingly common for large companies to send their professionals to be trained in different areas of specialization. In many cases, these are even specific workshops to learn how to handle certain equipment or procedures.

Due to their international character, these workshops are in English, and if a certain professional does not have the sufficient level to attend; the company is obliged to find someone else who meets this requirement.

3. You want to start your business on a large scale

If you have made the decision to start your own business, and you want it to have a great international reach, English becomes a mandatory requirement.

Not only because I need it to communicate with suppliers and potential foreign partners. But also, it will be the ideal channel to communicate with customers from all over the world.

4. You want to complement your training

Currently, a large number of workshops, courses and online talks are available, specially designed for professionals who wish to update themselves in different areas of their profession.

Most of this training is in English, so it is necessary that you have a good command of the language to take full advantage of these options; it does not depend on subtitles to understand the information so you can focus all your attention on the information imparted.

5. You will be in charge of leading an international team

It is becoming more common in large companies find multicultural work teams, with different nationalities, lifestyles and languages.  

Thanks to digital transformation, today a group leader can have people in the United States, Spain, Germany and Portugal on his team.

This means that if you want a high-profile management position, where you can manage a large team, you will need a good command of English as a common point among your team.

Is it possible to learn English with a busy schedule?

Yes, learning English is possible despite having a busy schedule, the main key is motivation, dedication and of course planning the time you will dedicate to mastering the language.

Fortunately, today there is a wide variety of class modalities, ideas especially for professionals who do not have a great availability of time; this way you can choose the most convenient one for you.

To maximize your learning process, it is essential that in addition to class time, you can dedicate at least 30 minutes to practice what you have studied, in this way you will be reinforcing your knowledge; with a small investment of time.

How to choose the best English course for you

Choosing the best English course is a very personal decision, since it depends on a series of individual factors that will define which is the best alternative for your case.

When choosing the ideal English course for you, it is important that you consider the following factors:

  • Your initial level of English

  • The goals that motivated you

  • Your time availability

  • Level you want to reach in a given time

  • Ideally, the best course of these English is one that can be adapted to elements and thus meet your needs. For this reason, you should choose a modality that gives you flexibility and customization.

Among the best English course alternatives for professionals with a busy schedule, the following are worth mentioning:

English classes online

With this modality you will be able to enjoy the advantage of receiving your classes from anywhere in the world where you are. It is an ideal alternative for professionals who make constant business trips.

The programming of online English classes is done based on your needs in the language and initial level, thus allowing you to achieve objectives step by step, and facilitating performance in the language.

English classes at home

It is an interesting alternative that allows you to learn more comfortably and at your own pace. Classes can be individual or group, and are taught by native teachers.

Thinking especially of professionals, these classes can be taken from the company, without the need to travel outside your workplace; thus saving valuable time.

These classes are mainly focused on the development of communication skills that allow you to perform efficiently in the English language; within your work environment.

Get to know the personalized courses of English 2 Go

If you are thinking of expanding your company, you will surely need bilingual staff. so in English2Go We offer you the possibility of accessing personalized courses to promote this language within your organization. 

Through our help, both you and your collaborators will be able to speak with confidence, in any corporate context in which you find yourself. Because we have professionals specialized in technical and business vocabularies. 

One of the most outstanding characteristics of our personalized courses for companies is that the entire study plan is designed from scratch. Based on the type of company you have and the sector you are targeting.

But, you can also achieve the following: 

  • Better comprehension, as well as greater listening ability to understand the different accents of English that can be found in your business environment. 

  • Fluid communication, improvement in pronunciation, incorporating technical and business vocabulary. 

  • Greater projection within their field of knowledge. Because you will be able to prepare for important conferences, sales meetings or presentations in English. 

  • Receive classes from the space of your choice. It can be from your office or online. 

  • Reinforce your basic knowledge of the language. 

  • Study at the time that suits you best so that it does not affect the obligations related to your work. 

  • Training with native English language teachers. Simulate real work scenarios, such as negotiations, handling conflicts with international clients, and more. This so that you are always prepared. 

  • Identify the actual level of English you have. So you will understand your weaknesses in the language, as well as your strengths. 

On the other hand, incorporating our personalized English courses into your company will allow you to: 

  • Save costs and time related to the recruitment of new bilingual staff. Because you will be able to improve the English of your company's leaders and senior executives.

  • You will have access to structured classes especially to be compatible with your work schedules, dynamic workweeks and personal responsibilities. 

  • Learn without extra pressure, but intensively. This is how your collaborators will achieve optimal command of English. Same that can overcome the challenges of international expansion that arises.


As you may have seen, cHaving a full knowledge of English in the world of work is extremely important for your successEspecially if you want to deal with international clients or expand your market. 

In English2Go We understand how important the power to master the English language is for you as a professional. For this reason, we offer you personalized courses that adapt to your busy schedule and achieve your communication goals in the language.

Personalized English Courses

Learn with native teachers specialized in technical vocabularies. Courses oriented to your objectives and at your own pace.

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