Today's work pace makes both men and women change their life habits. This means that more and more people have to better optimize their time to meet their personal goals, such as: learning new languages; and, in the case of companies, train your team in one language.

Without a doubt, studying languages to develop personally and professionally is a key point in anyone's life. Therefore, companies should consider training their team to learn English and feel motivated within the organization.

A second language is not only going to meet those life expectations that your collaborators have. It will also help you expand your business portfolio, clientele, and growth potential.

In this article we will talk about the importance of learning languages in the world of work and how you can train your team correctly:

What is meant by languages?

We understand by languageshe languages or languages with which the citizens of a nation or region express themselves. This is why it becomes a particularity of a defined community. We can highlight that speech is the most common way in which a language is manifested.

Likewise, languages can be transmitted through writing or sign language. Because it serves as the perfect vehicle to express an idea, sensation or feeling.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight that languages can have different forms depending on their geographical location. For example, in Latin American countries Spanish is mostly spoken, however there are individuals with modified language, this makes nationalities stand out.

What are the most spoken languages in the world of work?

 Among the most spoken languages in the workplace and that are most valued by human resources are the following:

  • English: this is one of the business languages par excellence. Therefore, it is one of the most demanded in the world of work. This is the most studied language worldwide and is often used in international trade, diplomatic relations, business, the internet, among others.
  • Mandarin Chinese: this is a language that makes its own way among the most demanded languages in international markets. There are even those who say that this is the language of the future for business. Especially if a product or service is exported or imported from China.
  • French: This is also a valid option in the world of work. Especially if it is dedicated to the area of tourism or even in fashion. However, many companies are interested in hiring trilingual collaborators (Spanish, French and English).

Online English courses

currently exists the possibility of taking online English courses. Through them you can train your workforce to strengthen their Anglo-Saxon language skills. Through these trainings you will be able to achieve the following advantages:

You can choose the day and time you want to take the online classes. This modality is much more flexible than traditional formats, so you can establish a time that responds to the needs and responsibilities of your work team.

Online English courses for your employees also reduce travel, fuel or transportation costs.

You have access to personal tutorials where you can remove all doubts without being embarrassed that the rest of the class participants consider that the question is inappropriate. In this way the learning is much deeper and more intimate.

It is possible to select the type of course you want, depending on your previous knowledge, in this way you will choose between a basic, intermediate or advanced level. Or if what you want is specific knowledge, you can also request it.

how can you learn languages

Steps to train your team in languages

As we mentioned before, English is essential in all work environments.

Today you cannot pretend to improve or grow if you do not have notions of that language. Therefore, as head of his business You must ensure that your team is trained in the languages that are useful for your business.

Let's look at the steps you can take to train your team in languages:

Create a language training plan

The first thing you need to do is create a language training plan within your company. For this, you must evaluate your ability to provide this benefit to your employees.

For example, if you're thinking of expanding your business, it's a good idea to make sure that your salespeople or staff who come into contact with your customers have English skills. This will allow you to have better communication and provide your company with better service..

You can create a training plan according to the level of your employees, in this way you can monitor their progress during their English classes.

Rely on professionals

Learning languages can be a complex process if you don't have the right help. Rely on professionals with experience in teaching English or who are native speakers so you can have a better understanding of the language.

Having the support of a professional will also allow your team to answer all doubts you have about the language and raise doubts or scenarios that could happen within the work environment.

Know the weaknesses and strengths of your team

The next step to follow will be to know what the weaknesses and strengths of your team are regarding the language. In this way you will be able to establish or search for an English course that can be attached to those needs that your workers have.

Remember that what the training will seek is to reinforce the weak points that do not allow your work team to express themselves correctly in English or the areas of knowledge in which they need to deepen.

Set goals and objectives

Before starting the training it is important that you set clear goals, as well as objectives in terms of English. What do you want to achieve with that language within the company? What will it be for, how long will it take to see results? etc.

Having a previous planning of what you are looking for with the English courses will allow you to know if your team is advancing or not in the language.

Advantages for your company of distance language courses

benefits of languages in business

Before we mentioned some key points that reflect the benefits of learning languages. But, let us now see the different advantages that are related to the study of languages at a distance:

Schedule flexibility 

Being distance courses there is greater flexibility of schedules. So that is a perfect option for professionals who have limited timeMainly because different schedules are proposed that can be adapted to a tight schedule. Always ensuring access to education.

save resources

As they are distance language courses, resources linked to the transfer of personnel to an institution, materials to be used, among others, can be saved. Therefore, it not only represents an economic benefit for companies, but also for employees.

Personalized classes

The distance classes they can be personalized, so the staff is the perfect guide to carry out all your professional tasks in English. Taking into account their weaknesses and strengths, a plan is created that serves to reinforce the common doubts or failures they have and take a step forward in what is already known.

Economic opening of companies

As we said before, the benefits are not only for the collaborators, it will also be beneficial for your company. This is because your staff will be able to attend to your personal clients, just as your executives will be able to close important deals and business. that will give it a greater economic opening.

Greater stability and commitment

By providing your work team with training in English, you will provide greater stability in your work environment. This is because the company is investing in him, so he will feel satisfied and happy with the company. Feature that will increase your commitment to the organization.


If you think for a moment about the world around us, you will see that English is everywhere, at work, in college, in everyday life; That is why it is essential to have basic knowledge of the foreign language so as not to be left out of the system.

 And if the personal desire is to generate added value so that you can access a better job or to achieve a promotion, English is the perfect tool.

Consider that until a few years ago, studying was sometimes impossible due to schedules and distances, but as we mentioned earlier, that issue has now been resolved. Online courses allow everyone to have access to them, and in this way they can improve their potential by opening new paths in life.

In English2Go We have personalized courses for professionals. Now that you know the benefits of this language, are you ready to strengthen your company's business? Remember that success is in your hands, contact us right now to start training your team.

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