Looking to build a team of perfect work? This is a challenging task, but it is not impossible. You just need to work hard to get the best talent to work with you. In order to attract these top professionals, it is essential to have an efficient process. In this article we will talk about how to select an employee for your company.

To find the perfect employees for your work team, you must know that relying solely on your resume will not be enough. This is just the first filter you should use. Later we will explain in detail this point that you must evaluate before adding anyone to your company. 

To find the ideal employee you have to look at much more than their CV.

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Businesses and human capital

To understand the relevance of the selection of personnel, we must talk about a concept of human resources, this is human capital. It refers to the productive capacity of a company or organization. In order to determine it, it must be based on the training that the collaborators have, as well as their experience at work. 

This means that companies need to have collaborators who are committed, who have a high human and professional quality, as well as the preparation required for the job. For example, if you have the management of the  English language advanced enough such as C1 and C2, which allows fluid conversations to negotiate contracts with the company's clients. 

It is in human capital where a competitive advantage is found. The rest: technology, real estate or equipment can be purchased. The really important thing is people, that is why the staff selection process must be so rigorous. 

On the other hand, consider that it will not be enough just to know how to select an employee, it will also be vital that you have policies that encourage your collaborators. These must take into account both the needs of the company and those of the team members. An example of this would be offering a  cEnglish training for employees.

To select an employee for your work team, you must have policies that encourage collaboration within your company.

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The application of training for the work team it will make the results better, regardless of the size of the company. When you have this type of incentive programs, you are recognizing the role of each member of the team, so that the workers make an effort in their tasks so that everything works correctly and is successful. 

5 tips for selecting a good employee

Focus on the needs and characteristics of your company

In order to know how to select an employee, you must follow certain tips that will make the process easier. The first of these is based on your company's own needs, as well as the features it has. 

In this case, you should ask yourself if your team has the desired knowledge and attitudes. What are the technical failures that occur? Are there any skills that need improvement? Asking yourself these kinds of questions will help you narrow down the employee you need. 

Likewise, at this point the culture of the company is very importantprey. If it is not known, it is impossible to know how to select an appropriate employee for the company. All because the person who is about to join your team must share the same values, vision and objectives that the organization has. That is why the above questions are very important. 

how to select an employee for your work team

Prepare for the job interview

When you're about to start job interviews for applicants, you'll need to be proactive. Use the list of aptitudes and characteristics that have been established previously to know how to identify if a candidate meets it. Take her to the interview and ask the relevant questions. 

It is key that you not only pay attention to the body, but also ask the necessary questions to identify the skills they are looking for. It is in this way that you will be able to identify how to select an employee for your company. 

Take a psychological test

The psychotechnical tests for the selection of personnel are carried out with the aim of evaluating the potential of each candidate. This will be determined according to the characteristics your company is looking for, as well as those required by the job. 

In general, in these tests the cognitive abilities of the candidates are put into analysis. So they are given a series of problems that they must solve with a time limit. This allows to see the speed and the behavior that has under pressure. 

There are different tests that can be applied. In this case, it is always better to apply the one that will show in its results the affinity corresponding to the job position that is sought. 

Do you know how to test, make an employee you are about to hire? This depends on the skills and qualities you are looking for.

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Find references and contacts of the candidate

Once the applicant has sent their CV, it should be checked if the previous positions require the skills they are looking for, if they worked as a team or if a particular language was needed. Likewise, you can ask for a reference and talk to people who supervised the candidate. 

In general, this methodology is very common in small and medium-sized companies. However, in large corporations it also applies. To do so, a contact list is also used to complement the different personnel selection techniques. 

 How to select an employee for your work team

Evaluate the competencies and qualities of the candidates

Finally, It will be necessary for you to assess the skills and qualities of the candidates you interviewedIn this way you will know which one adapts to the requirements that your company has. 

Competencies and capabilities can be technical or personal skills. For example: have initiative, be curious, adapt to changes, speak English, handle work tools. 

Every job requires a specific quality or competence, evaluate the needs within your company to know how to select an efficient employee. 


Finding the staff that fits the needs and vision of the company can be a time-consuming task, but it is worth it. In English2Go We offer customized courses for organizations seeking to improve the profile of their employees. Are you looking for a methodology that adapts to the objectives of your company? Check the available schedules and grow your project. 

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