Do you have doubts about the next big step for your company? Or how can you create an international expansion plan? In business you can reach a key point that defines the future of any organization, it focuses on its international expansion plan. Find out what you'll need to successfully break into new markets in this article.  

Without a doubt, one of the most effective solutions that companies have to boost their growth is an international expansion plan. This will be the case if the company's business model fits this strategy. Taking operations to other markets allows companies to enter large and dynamic markets.

Every time a businessman considers international expansion as a strategy, it signals to the market that he is in the process of maturing. Are you in this stage? Take into consideration the following keys that will help you grow your company.

Reasons to expand my company to the US

To create An international expansion plan requires companies to think about which market they want to compete in. One of the favorite possibilities for the growth of companies is the United States. The reasons for this weigh on all the advantages that are achieved by being present in the market of this country:

  • In the US, there is no minimum capital requirement to set up a company, unlike other countries that do have this requirement. Therefore, any entrepreneur can set up the company in this country under the Limited Liability Company (LLC) modality.
  • When a company expands to the United States, it has direct access to one of the most consuming markets.
  • Incorporating a company is much simpler because fewer paperwork is required.
  • Those who are not residents of the country are not required to pay taxes, as long as they do not do business in the country. For example, if you do not have a physical establishment.
  • Companies are not required to file their annual accounts if they do not do business in the country.
  • Having a company that is domiciled in the United States generates more confidence in the market than others that may be located in tax havens.
  • You have access to the banking system of the United States, which means savings in operating costs, since many transactions are carried out through banks domiciled in the United States.

Keys to create an international expansion plan.

Set your goals

In order to create the international expansion plan, the first step that must be taken is to determine the company's own objectives. Likewise, it must be ensured that these adhere to the internationalization strategy that is in place.

When the objectives are defined, they must be analyzed and the resources needed for the project to be carried out must be determined. Consider everything that is required to start operations in the other countries.

It is from this point that everything related to the tasks of each stage can be considered. In this way you will have a fully structured process and the chances of success are greater.

Do a study of your market

As a manager of a company you should know that you cannot start your international expansion plan if you do not know the full impact that this will have on the business. That is why it is necessary to prepare a market study, by means of which it will be determined if the product of your company will be sold in that country that interests you.

It is essential that the demand for the product is evaluated, as well as the purchasing power of potential customers. On the other hand, the digital landscape that has a lot of weight today should also be considered.

A market study is essential for the elaboration of an international expansion plan. Find out what to watch out for.

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If this point is fulfilled, it will be possible to make estimates of the sales that will be had. Infrastructure needs that will facilitate expansion will also be determined.


Evaluate the pros and cons of your company

A good international expansion plan considers the pros and cons of the company. To do this, you have to ask yourself if the company is ready to start with the change that this means. This is the main step that has to be evaluated. Knowing what production capacity is needed to meet demand ensures a good result.

Within this step it is also required to evaluate the money. You have to determine how much investment capital you have to start this process. Based on this, the financial capacity that you have at the time of assuming expenses can be established.

Determining the pros and cons of a company allows for success in the international expansion plan.

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The next thing to determine will be the product or service. Is it suitable for the market where you want to apply the international expansion plan? Do you have the potential to make yourself stand out?

It will also be necessary to take into account all the political, social and economic characteristics of the countries where you want to do business. In this way it will be known if the company adjusts to the market.

Find trained staff for your business

Another point to consider when making the international expansion plan is the staff. Evaluate if you have a work team that is trained to face the challenge of managing other countries. Is there sufficient infrastructure to serve the new market?

In addition, it is at this point that the language barrier must be taken into account. If you want to expand to the United States, does your staff have an advanced conversational level in English? Will native speakers be needed for effective communication with your customers? Is it possible to provide training for your employees to learn English ?

In summary, taking these aspects into account is very important to prevent any impact that the expansion of your business may have.


Develop effective planning and strategy

There are many companies that wonder how to create an international expansion plan? And the answer is that both planning and strategy are of vital importance within the international expansion plan.

This is because each market has its own conditions. That is why different tactics are needed to drive business success.

In order to measure your progress, you will need to set goals. that may be reasonable. These should be considered in the short, medium and long term.

Arm the effective strategies taking care of cultural differences have with the new country. In this way there will be greater security and all the planes will be executed.

Develop all the procedures, as well as the manuals, in this way everyone can stay in tune with the company.

Study your competition

Finally, when creating your international expansion plan, consider your competition. It is vital that the market niche can be identified, what is the present value proposition and results are its characteristics. In this way you will be able to identify what differentiates it and what will help the company stand out in the new market.

Any company that wants to expand must study its competition. Find out why it's important.

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Evaluating these factors in already established companies will be able to have a better orientation so that the window of opportunity that is awaited is found.


Creating an international expansion plan requires a lot of planning and strategy. Now that you know what to look out for, it's time to find out what will help you achieve this goal. In English2Go We can help enhance the skills of your work team by improving your level of English. Contact us for more information on our custom aircraft. 

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