Having a business English program puts any company at the forefront of its industry. In this article you can discover why it is important to have this type of training, the benefits and what is the best way to implement it within an organization.

Importance of creating an English program for your company.

With globalization and the opening of international trade, the use of English in business is a key piece. This piece can mean success for many professionals. In fact, 1 in 4 people communicate in English at work, regardless of their mother tongue.  

Having an English program for companies allows you to establish labor and business relationships with more than 1.5 billion people around the world  , according to a report made by the University of Dusseldorf.  

For its part, The Economist published the results of a survey conducted by other companies. 70% of the executives who were consulted stated that it was necessary for their employees to master the language to achieve corporate expansion. The remaining 25% highlighted that more than half of their employees must speak English in order to be part of the company, which is why it is a fundamental criterion.  

Benefits of training staff for English.  

The competitive advantages of having an English program for your company make this a must for the professional and social success of both companies and individuals. Among the following benefits achieved with this is:  

Access knowledge that is only available in English.  

Among the benefits of creating an English program for your company is that this will allow employees to master the language and access publications, courses, studies, as well as updated information on the field. Consequently, through this resource greater professional growth is provided. 

Position yourself above other professionals. 

Having an English program for companies allows staff to position themselves in front of others. Which is very important for any company because its progress is not possible without its collaborators.  

The English courses in companies allow the confidence of the collaborators to be improved in the performance of their assignments, especially in an environment where they need to speak in a language that is not the native one.  

Likewise, an English program for companies offers a great possibility of attending international congresses that strengthen the commercial relationship of the company or even the hiring of foreign professionals for special training aimed at meeting the goals.  

Opportunity to work abroad.  

An English for Business program also boosts the careers of employees by giving them the opportunity to work abroad. All because they consolidate what they learned at university through their work and at the same time develop new communication skills.  

Get better jobs and better wages. 

English-dominant professionals experienced their chances of improving their jobs and salaries. The reason is because they show proactivity and agility in their learning, they also have effective communication in decision-making, managing projects and presenting an idea in this language.  

Close higher and international ticket deals. 

Another benefit obtained through an English program for companies is that much higher ticket and international businesses can be closed.  

Mastering this language facilitates global trade and business. That is why companies can enter international business by providing their services or selling their products in different countries for an even much higher price.  

Enter into foreign markets. 

when you know another language personal projects can be executed where ideas with more possibilities of success are developed. Having an English program for companies opens up all the possibilities for expansion and communication with potential investors, partners and clients who seek to cover their needs with the services or products that the company has.  

Greater security when establishing communication with foreigners.  

The English for Business program will not only help those who need to learn the language from scratch, but it is also very useful for employees who already have prior knowledge. Through this resource they are given a Greater security when filing communication with clients , investors or colleagues abroad.  

An English program for companies gives workers greater security when engaging in conversations with a foreign client.

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Acquire a vision of progress and continuous improvement. 

Similarly, if a company has bilingual professionals, it is because it has a vision of progress and continuous improvement within its vision, an important factor for the proper functioning of companies.   

On the one hand, the company grows in its business area and on the other, this type of training within the company ensures the corporate scale capacity of its employees. With this preparation, the promotion of your employees to a position of higher hierarchy is possible.  


How to create an English program for companies? 

In order to create an English program for companies, you need to consider the following: 

  • Define what is the level of English of your employees. Having this clear will allow you to set realistic goals that respond to the needs of your employees.  
  • Find out how much time your employees will need to study English. It is essential that you define whether employees will study the language during the working day or are expected to spend their time away from the office to do so.  
  • Establish who will follow up on what has been learned. As a manager of the company you want the learning program to be successful, so it is important that the program is followed up, whether it is keeping pace and whether the learning objectives are being met.
  • You can also create a business English program as an incentive. This will motivate employees in learning. You may link this to performance reviews or opportunities for advancement within the company.   
  • Evaluate the results. This will be the only way in which the results of the teaching program that is implemented in the company can be known. 

Personalized courses vs. group courses.  

In order to determine if a business english program personalized or group course it is important to consider the objectives and the requirements that you want to meet. Starting from this point will help you decide which option is the right one. 

When evaluating each of these options, consider the following characteristics that define each of these modalities: 

Personalized Courses

Personalized courses: having this modality of Individual or personalized course allows you to go at the pace of the students or the objectives that the company has. Another characteristic that can be highlighted about personalized courses is that they are very flexible because they take all the previous knowledge that students have and the content can be adapted to the particular needs of the functions that they have in their job. 

For example, through this type of course you can develop very specific communicative situations or learn the necessary vocabulary to carry out a certain activity. This is ideal for companies seeking to train their professionals because it is focused on goals and is flexible in terms of study schedules. 

Likewise, through the personalized course there is also greater availability and emergency cases can be attended to, this is largely beneficial to advance at a faster rate than in other cases. 

Group Courses.

Group courses: this modality is more oriented towards giving English classes to a specific number of students who have a similar level of the language. In this case, the course is not personalized, but when there are few students there may be greater adaptability.

For example in English2Go  We have this modality oriented to small groups and the content is personalized according to the level and needs of the members.  

In  In general, in this model, it is the instructor who is going to set the pace of learning because he will be the one who delivers the content according to the level of the group. It's great for promoting collaborative learning, sharing with other people, and staying motivated. 


What should I take into account when choosing an English program for companies? 

To choose the best English program for companies you should consider the following:

  • Have a program that has time availability. This point is one of the most important to keep in mind because it is important to achieve a schedule that fits the routine of each worker.
  • Time also influences the continuity and discipline of study, especially when seeking to learn a new language. If the worker has enough time, he will be able to attend his classes and complete all the activities. 

It is for this same factor that it is good to consider an English program for companies that is flexible in this regard.  

  • On the other hand, companies must look for institutions that are of quality. At this point it is important to investigate who will be in charge of teaching the classes, what their previous and current students think. In this way you can learn more about the method they use, their strengths and weaknesses. 
  •  It will also be key to have a good study environment. Regardless if the class is from virtual form or not, it is important to study in a quiet and pleasant place, where learning is encouraged. 
  • Also study the content offered in the course. There are modalities of personalized courses where you can develop a study plan from scratch that is completely personalized according to the level of English you have.   
  • Motivation is also another determining factor when choosing an English program for companies. This is usually one of the biggest obstacles you have. In order to keep a motivated team, you must find a course that is flexible and fits the lifestyle of the employees. 
  •  Look for an option that has professionals available to clarify all doubts. This is a great advantage when you want employees to learn the language quickly or if you need advice to improve weak points in English. 
  • It is also important that the business English program you choose is aware of the level of English that the students have when starting, this way you can customize the program starting from that point. This will maximize all your time and effort. 
  • For company professionals who have a more advanced level, it will be important to offer them conversational levels. Through this modality you will be able to acquire greater confidence when speaking English with colleagues or investors. It is key that they not only know how to write and read concepts related to work, but also that they can develop ideas in a calm and confident way.
  • Likewise, it is important to have an English course that is specifically adapted to the needs of the company and that does not only respond to a certain parameter. Make sure that your supplier may be able to develop a plan from scratch for the company, according to the level that you have and the objectives of the company. 


In conclusion, Having an English program for companies is not only a great advantage for professionals, but also for the company. It is through this preparation that the company could expand in a short time and reach a much larger and more demanding market. 

If you are thinking of adding a personalized English course for your employees to your business strategy, at English2Go We are prepared to meet any of your needs. Do you need your professionals to learn quickly? We make it possible for your team to have advanced English through our specialized English programs for companies. 

To find the English for Business program that fits your goals, all you need to do is contact us. We provide tailored plans to ensure your employees the education they require. 

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