The need to expand into new markets It is the most frequent reason for a company to hire an English course. They want to develop and become competitive internationally. Consequently, they must make training plans for their executives.

Knowledge of English is one of the essential points to achieve internationalization. Managing the language allows them to achieve a good level of communication for all their audiences and future clients.

A quick and safe way to achieve this is through English courses for companies. In English2Go We design training to meet the requirements of your business. In this blogpost we talk exactly about this topic.

Importance of English to expand into new markets

It has been shown that businesses that have implemented internationalization strategies better withstand the current economic crisis. For that reason, training your staff in English is a strategic decision to ensure the growth of your company.

However, many companies recognize the limitations that their executives have in communicating with potential clients. They are not always able to do so due to a lack of ability to understand and speak English with the required fluency.

The command of English is one of the basic factors of competitiveness to expand to new international markets.

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Its greatest asset to expand into new markets is having a bilingual team. So, train in the English language those who have the knowledge of the business it is a priority you should focus on to achieve your goals.

Advantages of English courses for companies

Train your staff in English to expand into new markets

There are many reasons for your work team Learn english. It is not enough just to know the language. In addition, it requires that they be able to understand, respond and think in this language quickly and accurately.

A business English course allows you to expand into new markets quickly and efficiently.

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English courses are the best option for your staff to achieve performance according to the projected goals for your business. At English2Go we design training designed to take your team to that level. Let's explore its advantages.

Training without moving

Our business English courses can be taken without leaving your office. They are online and with only an electronic device, internet access and a couple of clicks, You have a teacher at your disposal.

Native teachers

The teacher's skills are essential for students to reach a good level of the language. Our teachers are native speakers, with experience and training to accompany your team in the effective learning of English. 

Protected space to overcome stage fright

Students can practice with teachers and fellow students without fear. Being small groups, the space is ideal to overcome stage fright. In this way they gain security that they will put at the service of the business in meetings with clients.

improve pronunciation

It is known that the english pronunciation challenge it's hard to beat. In our courses for companies we emphasize that their executives articulate correctly. This is how they will shine in each of their meetings and presentations.

Availability 24/7

We know how complex the schedule of the executive staff of companies is. For that reason our platform is permanently available to students. 

Design adjusted to the needs of your company

We emphasize adjusting our designs to professionals. We customize the training according to your company. English for the attention of the public is not the same as that required to close negotiations. That's why we adapt. 

Motivate your staff

The English courses for companies have as one of their objectives keep your workforce up to date. By contracting a course, you show your workers that you believe in them and provide them with tools for their professional development.

Expanding into new markets: do you need bilingual employees?

Have bilingual staff to expand into new markets

When your goal is to expand into new markets, you require bilingual employees. Let's analyze together what are the advantages of achieving it.

Increase your competitiveness

International markets are very competitive. Many companies want to position themselves in them. So having a team that can communicate in English is an advantage when you want to position yourself in your industry.

An English course can be your secret weapon to expand into new markets. A team of executives capable of communicating with the rest of the world makes the business flourish and positively impact the market.

facilitate globalization 

There is also the inevitable globalization of tasks and resources that exist in all geographic areas. As your business expands into new markets, your people engage with the world and achieve goals.

Having bilingual staff allows you to expand into new markets, give stability to your business and globalize your operations.

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Globalization has generated the need to communicate with people who speak different languages. It is no secret that English has become the language of business. These are compelling reasons to learn it.

They allow you to take advantage of opportunities

Business opportunities are found around every corner. However, if your staff can't understand them, business is lost. Training in English allows them to identify and take advantage of new business opportunities. 

In addition, knowledge of English it is essential to establish the terms of the negotiations. It is known that commercial transactions are governed, for the most part, in this language and, therefore, not mastering it can put up unnecessary barriers.


A company that wants to expand into new markets spares no effort to ensure that its employees and executives are bilingual. Without command of English, collaborators will not be able to carry out a negotiation in the international arena.

For this reason, English2Go business English courses they are tuned to accompany them on that mission. Helping your business go global and your executives feel safe when communicating are some of our goals.

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