Create a company in the States Joined It may seem like a long and complex process. But with good research and organization you can achieve your business goals in the short term. In this way, you can be part of the business globalization, contributing to its development and strengthening.

Next, we present the main requirements to create a company in the industrial sector in the country of opportunities. Where you can sell your products, do business and reach a Business development.

Requirements to create a company in the United States

Legal permission for commercial activities

Before starting to undertake, it is important to obtain the corresponding permits. If you do not have US citizenship, you should contact an immigration lawyer. He or she will be able to tell you what kind of VISA you will need to start.

Business plan to create a company in the United States

Having an adequate level of English (intermediate or advanced) is important to achieve business success in the United States. This tool will not only help you to communicate with your customers, but to carry out business alliances successful. Likewise, it will facilitate access to a financing.

commercial structure

The most common are sole proprietorship, partnerships, and limited liability companies. This requirement influences the payment of taxes and responsibilities of the company, so it is important to define the commercial structure carefully.

Choose name and register the company

When choosing the name of your company, you must make sure that it is not previously registered. This can be verified through the website of the state secretary where you want to undertake. Once defined, you will be able to register it with state and local government.

Tax ID, federal and state

Obtaining an identification number is of great importance to pay federal and local taxes, hire personnel, among other things. Applying is free and may vary by state. We recommend you visit the official website of the state where you want to undertake for more information.

Licenses and permits to create a company in the United States

As a first requirement we mention the importance of having a VISA to undertake. In addition to this, you will need various permits and licenses to create a company in the United States. These include: business license, special state licenses, sales tax permit, etc.

Open a business bank account

If you already have earnings and must pay taxes and wages, you need to open a business bank account. This must be a separate personal account to maintain order and security.

commercial insurance

In some cases, it is mandatory to have insurance, but even if it is not, it is best to purchase one. In this way, you will be protected against damages, accidents and legal risks. Now that you know how create a company in the United States, You just need to define your goals and apply all the requirements to start your business. Take advantage of the opportunities that the US market offers and reach your business goals!

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