The recruitment and staff selection bilingual is a challenge for human resources teams in companies. To be able to sustain in international markets, talent capable of communicating fluently in English is required.

To carry out this process, there are some recommendations. In this article we will share the advantages of attracting bilingual professionals, as well as the actions that allow you to achieve it. 

Why do a recruitment and selection of bilingual personnel?

The recruitment and selection of personnel implies the acquisition of talents for the company; In addition, it involves resources and time to complete the process. Consequently, it must be ensured that it is carried out with the correct person.

Companies require high-level professionals to develop their operations. To the extent that they extend to different countries, these should handle the technical aspects and be able to communicate in English.

Training staff to be able to communicate in English can be a long-term investment. If bilingual staff is required now, it is better to bet on hiring talent that speaks English.

According to the University of California in the United States, more than 66 % of companies want their staff to be bilingual.

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This makes it possible to count on the workforce with talents that can facilitate the immediate construction of business relationships. This favors the positioning of the company in new markets and the use of commercial opportunities.

Even if your company has already established business relationships, the selection of personnel with communication skills is relevant. This is because their performance depends on understanding documents and conversations.

Also, it is possible to detect conflicts by addressing risks and resolving differences early. All this points to the growth of the organization, as well as the maintenance of established business relationships.

How to carry out a recruitment and selection of bilingual personnel

Design a Recruitment and Selection Process for Bilingual Personnel

The question is oriented to what allows the recruitment of bilingual talent. In this sense, the recommendations are linked to actions to evaluate the linguistic and conversational competence of the prospect.

By managing the bilingual recruitment and selection process in both languages, you increase your chances of finding the right professional.

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To achieve this, the activities you carry out must contemplate both languages. Since mastery of English is not a skill that is declared but rather it is applied. So it is convenient that the recruitment actions involve the use of language.

Write the job offer in both languages

You can make the job offer in both Spanish and English. Even combine both languages in your publication. Thus, people who want to opt for the offered position show that they understand the requirements.

Even, you can ask the applicant to write their proposal in both languages. In principle, this step increases the probability that the professional you are recruiting is truly bilingual.

Now, it is said that paper holds everything. Accordingly, a candidate may include sentences in both English and Spanish in their profile. This action is necessary, but it may not be enough to find the professional that is required.

Conduct the interview in Spanish and English

In the first step, you review the candidates' proposals. It then selects, among the applicants who have the technical skills, those who will go on to a second phase.

Thus, the interview in English becomes an opportunity to talk with the candidates and learn about their skills. Also, by switching between languages, you will be able to find those people who are comfortable with the switch.

It is those candidates from whom you can choose a bilingual one who is up to the job. In this way, you will have ruled out those who do not have the conversational level required by the position you are applying for.

Take written tests

This is an important phase because many professional communications are written. Consequently, Being able to read, understand and write documents is essential.

Ensure the success of your hiring, evaluate the command of the language both technically and in common expressions. Since many people know the professional language, but do not understand the context of a sentence.

At Englis2Go we know how important it is to be able to attract that bilingual professional you need. Therefore, among our services you can find English level tests that help you in the talent selection process.

Benefits of the recruitment and selection of bilingual personnel

Receive the Benefits of Recruitment and Selection of Bilingual Personnel

The recruitment and selection of bilingual personnel offers multiple benefits to the organization. Especially, allows a greater projection of the operations that take place in the company, in English-speaking countries.

In this way, your company will be more recognized. In addition to having bilingual professionals, you will expand your relationships with other companies and potential clients. All thanks to a team that communicates clearly in English.

The bilingual staff allows you to take advantage of business opportunities, improving relationships with customers and prospects. It also minimizes misunderstandings when communicating correctly in English.

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Of course, keep in mind that recruiting bilingual professionals increases the chances of capturing more business. Also to close them, since communication is a fundamental element for this.


The recruitment and selection of bilingual personnel offers great advantages to the organization. Since it allows to have professionals ready to face the demands of English-speaking clients.

There is a way to target the talents with the highest proficiency in English proficiency: cCreate the offer in both languages, interview alternating between the two languages and take written tests.

In English2Go We have tests that allow us to determine the level of English that a candidate has. In addition, we have native teachers specialized in various areas of the company. Visit our website and request an evaluation.

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