Every company expects that the human resource in charge of selling products or services works like a well-oiled machine. For this, it is necessary motivate the sales team with strategies to make the gear work properly and yield the desired results.

However, all strategies do not work the same on all teams. This is because, when it comes to motivation, the first thing to consider are the reasons that cause demotivation in workers.

Do you want to know how to increase the productivity of your team of collaborators? In this article we tell you five trends that do not fail when it comes to motivating a company's sales force.

Importance of keeping my sales team motivated.

One of the main drivers for motivate the team is to know that it would help increase customer consumption. This will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the company's cash flow.

However, financials at the end of each month or year should not be the only thing that should move you to incentivize your sales team. 

Motivation is a determining factor for the sales team to feel comfortable and better face work challenges. 

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And it is that there is a factor that sometimes goes unnoticed within companies, but that influences the daily work dynamics and it is nothing other than motivation.

A motivated human resource feels comfortable in their work environment, He really works as a team and adapts better to changes.

In addition, a motivated group effectively assimilates their responsibilities and develops a true sense of belonging within the organization.

All these reasons form a set of values that will not only increase sales, but will also contribute to the retention of human resources and, therefore, to reduce staff turnover. The latter is something that will save the company both time and money.

Think of your team as the engine of your company

The figure of the director or CEO is key to the good performance of any company, since he is the one in charge of guaranteeing that everything works properly.

Seeing the work team as the engine of the company is essential for it to be productive and prosperous. 

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However, as a leader you need to see your workforce as the engine that keeps your business running. After all, it is the members of the team who, from each of their functions, make the company productive and prosperous.

5 trends that will help you with the motivation of your sales team.


Are you currently in the process of looking for new ways to motivate the work team? Here are five trends that will boost your company's sales.

Feedback-Based Motivation

A team is the reflection of its leader. Therefore, if you expect to have the best workforce, you must, in addition to supervising that the roles are fulfilled, provide dynamic feedback and encourage salespeople to improve and take advantage of their potential.

Weekly or fortnightly meetings represent the ideal setting to open spaces for feedback from the entire team. Take advantage of these meetings to organize activities that invite interaction and the exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge.

Motivation based on the process approach

Not all work teams align well with big long-term goals. In these cases, it is recommended that, instead of setting goals that are too ambitious to achieve in a year, divide the goal into small goals.

For example, you can propose achieve short goals every three months. Introducing these temporary challenges or missions will make the team focus on the process and enjoy it without pressure that could interfere with their performance.

Motivation based on personal growth

Did you know that there is a direct relationship between employee happiness and company results? The personal growth offered by a company is one of the attributes that workers most value when it comes to qualifying the level of satisfaction generated by their employment.

Therefore, it is essential to give sellers the tools they need to know themselves better; to control their emotions, improve links with their environment, recognize their weaknesses and enhance their strengths.

Motivation based on job growth

This strategy is based on keeping employees with a high stimulus to develop skills that allow them to improve their job performance. For example, through the professional training.

Offer training alternatives that motivate the sales team and give them new skills. For example, courses to learn or perfect a language that allows them to improve and optimize the negotiation with clients abroad. 

Reward effort, not just the best

Remuneration is one of the most traditional incentives in the workplace, but it is not the only one or the most important. At least not so for all workers.

many collaborations appreciate the recognition to the work they do. At this point it is necessary to limit that not only the most outstanding workers in sales or the one who manages to get more new clients should be rewarded.

In addition to good remuneration, the work team remains motivated through personal and professional development.

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It is also essential to reward those sellers who, not being in the first places, constantly strive to achieve objectives and improve their results. The effort, without a doubt, also has merit and deserves to be recognized.


Certainly remuneration is one of the elements that most motivate workers. However, it is not the only or the most important one, at least not for all employees.

Factors that personal growth, the opportunity to professional training and recognition, are part of the qualities that most value and encourage workers.

In English2Go We are aware of the importance of motivating the sales team. For this reason, we have plans in which your team, through online courses, can enhance the English language, grow professionally and achieve the established work goals.

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