Have you ever wondered "why can't i learn english”? To find out what is preventing you from achieving your goal, you can take into consideration some of the most common reasons that get in the way of learning the Anglo-Saxon language. Find out in this article results are the mistakes you are making. 

 5 reasons why they fail to learn English

To learn a new language It can be complicated, but there are mistakes to avoid if you want to learn English quickly and efficiently. Here are the 5 reasons why you wonder why I can't learn English:

Because they have not been taught correctly

The first reason that we can frequently detect is that the language has not been taught correctly. That's why students get frustrated and ask “why don't I learn English”. This usually happens when coming from a traditional education, where a large group of students is served and there is no customization based on the needs of each person. 

So you should know that it's not that you can't learn the language, maybe the learning system that was chosen is not the right oneTraditional classrooms can become boring due to the methodology that is used full of theory, without practices and low level.  

If you think this is the case for you, it is better to look for other alternatives that suit your needs and level of English , so that you can work based on your objectives and goals. 

You are embarrassed to speak English

Indeed, the second reason represents a critical point in learning a new language. If you have asked yourself several times why I can't learn English, you should analyze if you are embarrassed to speak it. Do you enjoy practicing it? 

Generally, those who avoid speaking English require much more time to master it. If you do not feel comfortable, it is necessary to study whether a change of teacher, method, environment or attitude is appropriate. This will be essential so as not to get frustrated in the process. 

Find the course that works  better  for you, who has an environment where you feel comfortable, without being judged. Being able to practice and make mistakes will help you advance in the language.

If you avoid speaking English out of embarrassment, it will take you longer to learn the language.

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not practice enough

Another common reason why you don't make progress in the language is because you don't practice it enough. This may be because you are too embarrassed to talk about it, as mentioned in the previous point, or because you are too busy to do so. 

So before you ask yourself why I can't learn English, you need to assess how much time you spend practicing. The key at this point is in the organization and not in an enormous number of hours. 

A good recommendation is to identify what is the best time of day to learnIt's not about when you have fewer interruptions or free space. The ideal is to detect when there is a greater concentration and therefore the English lessons become easier for them to assimilate. This is the moment you should make the most of. 

Once you have identified the best period to learn, organize your entire calendar and be consistent. Even if you are going to spend 30 minutes, it is important that you study and practice every day. And reinforce what you have learned with complementary material that you enjoy. For example: podcasts, songs in English, videos on Youtube, etc. 

For example, you can find supplementary material to help strengthen your knowledge:

because he has no patience

To avoid the fourth most common reason why you don't learn English, you need to understand that you can't learn everything right away. In order to do it in the best way, you will need a lot of patience because you will make mistakes along the way and these will be for your own good. 

The only way to be able to advance in a new language is to go little by little, in such a way that the base of English is very well reinforced. It is precisely this that will give structure to the entire vocabulary. Therefore, be constant, patient and strive to practice everything you have learned. 

Be patient, learn little by little and make sure you learn the basics of the language well in order to progress correctly.

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Does not have good instructors

Finally, educational experiences are very important so that students do not wonder why I am not learning English. And at this point, the teacher and their skills play an essential role in how fast or slow the progress of the students is. That is why if you do not have good instructors, your learning process could stall.

The English teacher must identify the aptitudes of their students in order to personalize their program. All in order to reach the goal: learn the language. To avoid this type of situation, it is recommended to look for an alternative where the needs and objectives are considered at the time of teaching the classes. 

Equally, Consider your level of English and if you are enjoying a training that is consistent with reality. If not, consult all your doubts with the teacher, be honest and open so that you can find a better guide in your learning process. If you don't feel comfortable, consider changing programs or teachers. 

Find a good instructor who will provide you with a learning program tailored to your needs and goals.

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Why can't I learn English?


Identifying where the “why I can't learn English” comes from will help you advance in the language. If you want to take a step forward in your goal, it will be necessary to evaluate what is stopping you and implement changes that are efficient for you. 

Make sure you spend time learning, speak it without shame, and find a methodology teacher to help you reinforce what you already know of the language. This will be key to being able to achieve full command of English. 

In English2Go we can help you advance in English with our personalized courses. Looking for a methodology that suits your goals? Check the available times and advance in the language the way you want. 

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