achieve a correct pronunciation in English It is the dream of every student. Especially when learning a new language. That is why to master and have a correct intonation and phonetics, you must pay attention to different tips. 

If you're learning English and want to improve your pronunciation, you probably know that practice adds up to good points. Remember that when learning a new language there are no shortcuts. It takes a lot of effort and practice to be able to master this language. 

Despite the above, there are ways to make practices much more effective and improve skills quickly. That is why in this article we will show you what you need to do to get a correct pronunciation in English.  

What should you take into account for a correct pronunciation in English?

Before you begin to correct your mistakes in English pronunciation, it is recommended that you identify which ones are the most common for you. In this way you will be able to familiarize yourself with the phonemes that do not exist in Spanish. 

Consider also that practice will go a long way toward becoming proficient and speaking as fluently as a native. In this sense, we recommend the following:

What to do to pronounce in English correctly

Separate the sentences into syllables

A good recommendation that will help you improve your English pronunciation is based on a teaching from American schools. There, students are encouraged to read letter by letter or by sounds for those words that are very complicated. For example:

Literally: Li - tr - uh - read.

Chameleon: kuh - mee - lee - uhn. Ironic: ai - raa - nuhk.

A good strategy to pronounce correctly in English is to separate the words by their sound.

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This strategy to improve pronunciation works very well on words that are more complicated. The trick, as we saw, is to separate the syllables and pronounce each group or arrow. This is done little by little, until it can be said correctly. 

If you want to know other English words that are difficult to pronounce, we invite you to watch this video:

Listen to yourself for a correct pronunciation in English

The following recommendation is related to the previous point, but focuses mainly on listening to yourself. That's why it's important that you read each word out loud and listen to yourself while you're practicing. 

It is not possible for you to make an evaluation of your pronunciation if you do not listen. So don't be afraid to read a book, article, review, or any material you like out loud. This will not only help you improve your skills, but also expand your vocabulary. 

Reading aloud allows you to express the words you read. But there is no way to evaluate yourself if you don't hear. Reading a page of a book, an article, a short review in English allows you to pronounce better and expand your vocabulary.

A good way for you to achieve this goal is by recording yourself. It can be through audio or video notes. This way you will be able to evaluate your modulation and pronunciation in each word. 

English Pronunciation Tips

Listen and repeat for correct English pronunciation

Now, speaking will not be the only key for you to improve your English pronunciation. You should also take care to listen to the natives of the language and try to repeat or imitate the way they speak.

Hear how natives say the words to improve your English pronunciation.

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This method will give you immediate access to how words are pronounced correctly. For this, it is a very valuable tool that can be applied. 

In this sense, we recommend that you listen to podcasts, radio programs, series, movies or any other audiovisual material that may be useful to you.

Be careful with the phonetics

To achieve a correct pronunciation you will have to take great care of the phonetics of the words. Note that their good development in the language will not only be based on mastering individual sounds. On the contrary, you must understand the intonation. 

The falls and rises of the voice, as well as the accents of the words, will be essential for you to have a perfect English pronunciation. That's why it's good to practice with poems, speeches, and songs where you can focus on intonation and accent. 

Consult an expert

It is a good recommendation to complement all the tips on this list with the support of an expert. In this way you will not only be able to detect the weak points that you have, you will also know tools that can help you. 

Have the help of an expert or native of the language without a doubt will speed up your learning. Remember that the only way to learn English fast is by practicing and spending the necessary time in this new language so that you become familiar with it. 

Lose the fear of being wrong

As the last tip is lose the fear of being wrong. This is one of the most common mistakes students make. They are so afraid of failing that they don't practice their conversations, which is why they fall behind in learning.

If you want to improve your pronunciation in English, you must lose the fear of making mistakes. Get in the habit of reading out loud fearlessly to spot your weak spots.

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Keep in mind that the only way you will improve your English pronunciation is by actually speaking. You should get used to speaking out loud, without fear. You have to put fear aside and start making mistakes to correct them.


As we have seen, there are different recommendations that you can begin to incorporate into your learning routine to have a correct pronunciation in English. Each of these tips are very valuable, so don't be afraid to start implementing them

Start applying these recommendations and advance in the language. Do you need professional help with native teachers? In English2Go We offer personalized classes, totally adapted to your goals and needs. Contact us for advice. 

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