there are many English learning programs. However, many entrepreneurs wonder which is the best to train their executives in the shortest possible time. With so many offers, it will seem like a challenge, but it can be done.

A program focused on the needs of your organization is what you need. And, at the same time, recognize the individual objectives of its collaborators. When you find that perfect balance, you will be closer to your goal.

If you want to take your business to the next level and internationalize your operations, you need bilingual staff. So, in this article we tell you what elements to consider when choosing a program to learn English in the shortest time.

The different English language learning programs

If you are considering your personal achieve a good level of English, it is important that you thoroughly understand the different modalities. So you can choose the most convenient, based on the needs and time availability of your team.

For the purposes of this article, we will focus on comparing three types of programs: face-to-face courses, online courses, and self-paced courses. Each of them offers advantages and disadvantages that we will explain in detail.

Consider the different programs to learn English before choosing which one is best for your employees.

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You can then compare between the various programs and assess which one gets you closer to your goal faster. Knowing their characteristics allows you to outline which of these modalities best suits your team and the conditions of your company.

Face-to-face courses

Evaluate face-to-face English learning programs

Face-to-face courses are the most traditional modality for learning a language. They consist of attending an academy where you take classes taught by a teacher. Generally, they are group lessons, but there are also individual ones.

To follow this modality, you must choose an institution that offers the service and register those collaborators you want to train in the language. Your staff must attend classes and take exams to assess their progress.

Face-to-face programs to learn English are the most traditional way of learning a language.

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Despite the boom that online classes have had in recent years, many students prefer these courses to learn English. The traditional has its charm and as it has worked in the past, it continues to be implemented.

Before selecting or discarding it it is convenient to analyze its advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is to assess to what extent you allow your staff to acquire the language in the shortest possible time. 

Advantages of face-to-face English courses

  • Face-to-face courses have a fixed schedule. So they help their staff maintain disciplined study habits. In addition, it allows them to plan blocks of their agenda to attend classes.
  • It's known that the environment creates an atmosphere that invites learning. The institute or academy you choose will have an impact on the final experience of the classes.
  • They are offered in two basic modalities: group or individual classes. When deciding on one or the other, consider the preferences of your collaborators and the objectives you have for learning.
  • Group classes allow you to interact and meet other students. This can be an advantage because it makes it possible for your collaborators to find colleagues with similar objectives to yours.

Disadvantages of face-to-face courses

  • Professionals or executives have busy work schedules. Consequently, it can be difficult to attend regularly scheduled classes.
  • Teaching is less personalized in group classes. Then, the handling of the language can be delayed since it will depend on the pace of study of the class in general.
  • Executives often travel frequently for work purposes. For that reason, you will surely miss some classes that cannot be easily rescheduled.

Online courses

Explore programs to learn English online

This modality has gained popularity in recent years. Previously it was considered an ineffective method for learning a new language; however, today it is projected as an efficient way to teach. 

programs to learn English based on online classes they consist of virtual class sessions with a teacher. These lessons take place in real time and can be done in groups or individually.

Its fundamental characteristic is that they are carried out by means of electronic devices and an internet connection. This way, your executives can take them from wherever they are.

Programs to learn English online have proven to be one of the most effective ways to acquire a language.

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There is a wide range of programs to learn English online. We suggest that you choose a company that focuses its training on professional staff. For example, at English2Go we direct the classes to companies and, especially, to businesses.

Advantages of an online English course

  • It is one of the most effective programs to learn English. The student can advance more easily than if he attended a regular course. So can become bilingual in less time.
  • Your executives can take their classes from anywhere, without wasting time traveling to an academy. You only need to access from your computer to connect with your teacher.
  • It is ideal for professionals with a busy work schedule. So they can take the classes from their office or home. Even if they are traveling, they can attend the meeting with their teacher.
  • Another advantage is that your collaborators have access to a lot of information. In addition, these platforms often have practice exercises and even online communities to interact with others.
  • Online courses are very flexible. So they frequently offer facilities to reschedule classes. This feature can be very advantageous for professionals when unforeseen events arise.
  • They are a good alternative for people with stage fright. In remote, it is done much easier to lose the fear of speaking in English. Especially when you are only with the teacher through a computer.
  • The online English courses English2Go They offer you personalized study plans based on your business objectives. In addition, they are taught by native language teachers.

Disadvantages of online courses

  • You are completely dependent on technology for your classes. This can be inconvenient for those who prefer traditional methods without the use of electronic devices.
  • You need a good internet connection to get the most out of the classes. When the signal is unstable, understanding is difficult and can be very frustrating for the student.
  • by offering individual and personalized classes the social element may be missing. As there is no interaction with other students at the time of classes, the exchange can be missed.

Self-taught courses

Many people try to learn a language in a self-taught way. They even consider it the best way to learn English in the shortest possible time. However, this modality can be a real challenge.

Venturing on your own to learn a language is complex. Demand for discipline and some structure. In addition, professionals require a level of performance and correct pronunciation that is difficult to develop alone.

Advantages of self-taught courses

  • Your executives can define their study plan and schedule, as well as the time they want to invest in learning the language. In this way they can advance in their learning process, without depending on third parties.
  • The autodidact can choose what content to learn first according to your need. You can also rely on different apps or systems to advance your mission.

Disadvantages of self-paced courses

  • It can be difficult to create the study habit since there is no set schedule. They demand extra discipline and it is easy to procrastinate because there will always be other urgent tasks.
  • They do not have a tutor who can correct their pronunciation and intonation. Then language errors or vices can be acquired that are later difficult to eradicate.
  • These courses allow the student to acquire structural and grammatical knowledge. However, they do not guarantee fluency when speaking. Especially if the conversational aspect could not be practiced.

What type of apprenticeship program is right for you?

To the choose the program to learn english You must consider several factors. Your choice will vary based on your starting level, language goals, and your collaborators' learning style.

Each of these factors plays an important role when deciding. However, modalities such as online English courses are presented as one of the best alternatives for anyone.        

The main reason is the adaptability of these courses. This makes them versatile and allows you to design a personalized lesson plan. In addition, they are available 24/7 just by having an internet connection and an electronic device.


In summary, considering the different programs to learn English in the shortest time possible is a strategic decision. So, analyze the various modalities and choose the one that best suits your business requirements.

In English2Go We put at your disposal various modalities. Schedule a free consultation and you will be able to count on additional information about training options. This way you will find the one that best supports your company's objectives.

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Personalized English Courses

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