When deciding for English lessons for your staff, you can choose between different modalities and class formats. This ranges from an intensive language course to online lessons tailored to the student.

There are several factors that define what is the best choice of program to learn English for you and your staff. However, the two main elements are the previous level of the student and the objective that is pursued with the language.

In this article we show you the advantages of private and online English lessons. This way you can choose the best option for your staff to handle a good level of the language. 

English lessons for your staff

Train your staff with English lessons

Giving your staff the opportunity to take English lessons is a benefit that motivates them. It also makes them feel more committed to the company. In addition, it gives important advantages to the organization, in general.

Nowadays, English has become a requirement for companies wishing to expand beyond their national boundaries. This language is considered the language of business, so your staff must be able to handle it.

Companies without trained bilingual staff may be left behind. To keep pace, it's in their best interest to ensure that their teams achieve an adequate level of communication in the language.

When choosing between modalities to obtain a master's degree in English, you should initially consider the current level of each collaborator. This level determines the frequency of the lessons, the type of content and topics to be covered.

English lessons for your staff fuel the growth of your business and put you in the international spotlight.

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Secondly, you also want to keep in mind the objective with the language. With this we refer to the use that the participant will give to English. According to the purpose that it hopes to achieve, the nature of the topics to be addressed is established.

Once you are clear about these elements, the next decision is the modality. This refers to how your staff will receive the classes. You can choose from many shapes; In this installment we will focus on two.

Private English lessons are classes tailored to each of your collaborators. On the other hand, online classes are a modality that is available on the Internet with a particular structure.

In English2Go we are your ally for learning the language and we can advise you on which is the most appropriate option for your company. Make the best decision: we show you the advantages of both types of training.

Private English Lessons

The private english lessons they are one of the best options when training staff in a second language. This class modality became very relevant before the COVID-19 pandemic, and it was common for academies to teach classes in companies.

 Private English lessons allow your staff to manage the language according to business objectives.

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Private English classes are geared directly towards the learner. They are characterized because the teacher recognizes their strengths, to rely on them; and in the same way, it identifies its weaknesses to concentrate on the student to overcome them.

They become an efficient way to acquire the skills to get by in English. These private lessons offer the main advantage that they can be taught inside or outside the office. Being a personalized option, the contents are planned based on the interests and needs of each participant.

Advantages of offering a program to learn personalized English

When you contract private English lessons for your collaborators, you have a series of advantages. Its executives have an individual instructor to take their classes, unlike the traditional group modality. Let's explore a little more.

  1. Classes are tailored to individual needs

Each student has a private teacher for the classes, so they can get the most out of the time they spend learning the language. Classes are planned based on your level and individual goals.

In addition, the contents are planned based on the particular needs. For example, if you need your executive to meet with an English-speaking client; if this is the case, then the teacher focuses the classes on this type of conversation.

  1. A leveling test will allow determining the contents to practice

The tests are designed to measure the level of proficiency that a learner has in the language. In addition, it provides information to know the abilities, skills and weaknesses of the participant. 

All classroom activities are planned to present a realistic challenge to the student. Consequently, they allow you to acquire new knowledge according to the previous knowledge you have.

  1. Classes advance according to the particular rhythm of each student

Enjoy the advantages of online English lessons

The English lessons advance in content and topics, adapting to the learning pace of each student. The teacher determines personal interests in order to adjust the classes and make them attractive and relevant.

Even the frequency of the classes can be customized according to the need and capacity of your collaborators. Additionally, they can be oriented towards the achievement of a particular objective. like preparing for a business trip, for example.

Private English classes allow them to handle more information in less time, respecting their pace and time availability. And we know that in the case of executives the agenda is usually limited.

  1. You can choose the best place and time to take your classes

Executives are busy people with tight schedules: meetings, events, business lunches, seminars... By taking private English lessons, they can choose where to study. At the beginning of your course you can agree with the instructor the place for the classes. 

This is excellent for executives, as they can make the most of their time by taking classes. They can even receive them in their own office without having to travel. This avoids productivity losses while improving your level in the language.

English lessons online

Online English lessons are a teaching modality that has become very important in recent years. This is due to the ease and comfort that these courses offer students. 

Your team can take online English lessons at the time they prefer, because classes are always available.

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So the difficulty of setting aside time for an English class is no longer a problem. This can be particularly beneficial for your executives; who, in general, have very robust agendas. 

In the midst of the COVID pandemic, the world does not stand still: companies have opted for online training for their employees. In this way, they increase their productivity while keeping their employees motivated and strengthening the institutional culture.

Let’s see the advantages of online English lessons:

  1. Receive personalized attention

Online classes are a way to take advantage of digital channels for a direct conversation focused on the student. Then your team enjoys all the advantages that personalized English classes can offer you. For example, topics related to the industry to which your company belongs are addressed, which favors the acquisition of the specific vocabulary of the field. 

  1. allows you to save

With this modality, operating expenses are reduced; therefore, the cost of this type of class is usually less than that of a traditional course. Additionally, your staff does not need to move, so you will also save in terms of transportation.

  1. It has unlimited access

One of the main advantages of this type of lesson is that the learner determines where to study English each time. You only need a computer or mobile device and a good Internet connection.

Online English courses have the incredible advantage that they allow you to access information whenever you want. So your team can practice and study whenever it's most convenient for you without any limitations.

  1. Maximize your time

Since they do not require travel, online classes save your collaborators the time they would lose in traffic. Then they have more opportunity to share with the family or engage in other activities.


In summary, English lessons, whether private or onlineThey offer many advantages to your business operations. Training your staff in this language allows you to expand the company's business.

If you are considering choosing a training from business english, do not hesitate to contact us. At English2Go we offer you the best options, adapted to the real requirements of your company. Our flexibility guarantees your business to obtain more results in less time.

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