The online english courses they are the preferred option of more and more professionals. This type of class facilitates the learning process, especially for executives and specialized personnel who have limited time availability.

Are you considering taking a training of this type that will boost your career and improve your income? In this article we will show you how at English2Go we help you reach your goal of becoming bilingual in a short time in the online mode.

English courses online

For those who think "I want to learn English quickly and effectively", online courses may be the most recommended alternative. However, it is important that you know as much as possible about this modality before deciding on it.

Online English courses are the best way to acquire fluency in the language and confidence when communicating.

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The truth is that Internet phone at your fingertips many options; the important thing is that you find the one that fits your time availabilityYou must take into consideration the dedication to study and practice, as well as the time in which you want to reach your goal.

Since 2004, at English2Go we have accompanied professionals and executives in the process of learning English, with expert teachers, so that they become fluent and stand out in the world of work. We have options 24/7 so you can do it at your own pace.

Why use an online English course?

An online English course allows you to access your training without leaving the place where you are, with just a couple of clicks on your computerFor that reason, it saves you a great deal of time.

On the other hand, you will be able to schedule your personalized classes at the time that is best for you, which guarantees you to keep up the pace while fulfilling your work and personal activities.

In addition, online English courses put at your disposal additional resources they can access 24/7These will allow you to practice becoming fluent and excel at work, helping you achieve higher incomes.

English courses for companies

Online English courses for companies emphasize the strategic objectives of these. When a business contracts training of this type, it pursues clear goals, such as internationalizing or improving its sales.

To achieve these goals, they are clear that it is essential to train their staff in language skills. This allows them to capitalize on opportunities at an international level, by having executives who are fluent in English.

By hiring an English course, companies seek to expand their business relationships. By getting it, you get your sales and project your brand. They are clear that the student is the face of the organization and they are trained to leave the best impression.

Individual English courses

Now, it may be that you require individual online English courses. The purpose of these is that you improve your performance in the language and set your own goalsYou can learn at your own pace.

In online English courses you receive personalized attention to learn at your own pace.

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This type of training focuses on identifying your current level of knowledge and skill. Then, a personalized action plan is established that fulfills each of its phases until it reaches the master's degree in English.

Tips to get the most out of your online English course

This modality can be a bit confusing at first, when you are not familiar with it. However, with these tips you will be able to get the most out of your online English courses:

  1. Choose a program that suits your needs

It is important that you are fully aware of the advantages, methodology and teaching approach of the program you choose. Make sure you consider your starting level , your needs and goals. This will allow you to move forward more quickly and effectively.

  1. Prepare an ideal environment for your classes

The online modality offers you comforts that a traditional method does not. But it is just as important to set aside dedicated time to take your classes. Make sure you are not interrupted and focus your attention fully on the lessons.

  1. Don't limit your study time to classes taken

Practice is key to being able to assimilate the contents, improve pronunciation and memorize what you have learned. For this reason, spend extra time outside of your classes, do exercises, watch movies or listen to podcasts in English to complement your lessons.

The effectiveness of online English courses

bilingual with online English courses

You are surely wondering if the  online english courses are truly effective, and if you can achieve your goals in the language following this modality. The answer largely depends on yourself.

An online English course offers great advantages over traditional methodologies, making the participants manage to acquire the necessary tools for effectively, without the need to attend an institute.

However, as we mentioned earlier, the time you spend learning the language will play a big role in the results you get. Therefore, your commitment will be what defines your progress.

Until a few years ago, online English courses represented not-so-efficient alternatives; Today, this has changed considerably. Technological advances and the design of new techniques have made them a very effective modality.

What can English2Go offer you?

The English2Go online courses They are designed for professionals who want to have a good level of English in a short time, acquiring the necessary tools to effectively use the language.

Each of our programs offers great flexibility that allows you to achieve your personal goals, following your own pace of study and learning. That is why we offer 3 different types of English classes, among which you can choose.

Executive (economic course)

With this program you will have 32 hours of live classes that will ensure constant progress. Classes are taught by a native English teacher, who will design a personalized plan for you; what's more, will have access to the English4You Platform.

Manager (regular course)

This regular course is designed for those who need rapid progress in the language. Includes 48 hours of live classes taught by a native English teacher, who will design a personalized plan for you; In addition, you will have access to the English4You Platform, a technical English eBook and the “Happy Hour” Conversation Club.

CEO (intensive course)

This intensive course includes 72 hours of live classes, as well as all the advantages of the Manager or regular course. Plus, you'll have access to all Business English2Go self-study courses (coming soon).

What are the benefits of English2Go online courses?

At English2Go we design courses that adapt to the needs of our students. Our main goal is to help you achieve your goals effectively in English.

English2Go offers you the best benefits in your online English courses

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This principle defines our work methodology, and that is why our courses provide you with an important series of benefits:

  • Advice from the first moment.

  • Easy to cancel and reschedule your English classes.

  • Native teachers who combine knowledge of the language with a cultural understanding of English-speaking countries.

  • Study plans adapted to your needs.

  • Specialized programs to provide you with the necessary tools to function in your field of work in front of foreign partners, clients or suppliers.

Best online English courses


Online English courses are a great way to learn the language, especially if you have limited time available. With these types of programs, you can take your classes wherever you are.

Also. you'll be able to do it from any device, while meeting the demands of your work and personal life. Learn English effectively to function in the workplace without wasting time commuting.

At Business English2Go, we have programs adapted to every need so that you can reach your goal of becoming bilingual in the shortest time possible. contact us today and start from now approaching the fluidity and security in your communication.

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