memorize words in english It may seem like a difficult challenge to overcome for those who are learning this language. However, it doesn't necessarily have to be that way.

On the contrary, when you have the right techniques and strategies, learning vocabulary can be not only an enriching experience but also a lot of fun.

In this installment we present some very effective techniques for you to memorize words in English, so that your communication in that language is more and more fluid.

Techniques for memorizing words in English

He only knows another language who remembers his words. This is a premise that has no discussion, so to communicate effectively in English quickly you have to know and memorize a more or less extensive vocabulary in this language.

It has been shown that the lexicon acquired in a second language is very similar to that in the mother tongue. 

Let's look at it this way: a publicist who needs to communicate in English for work reasons will master English vocabulary in a short time. This means that there are exchanges between both languages, and that they are influencing each other..

Thus, the days in which the student repeated a list of words until they were memorized have been left behind.

Currently, when a second language is taught, special emphasis is placed on developing the student's communication skills in different everyday situations.

The teaching of English today puts the emphasis on the communicative aspect of the language.

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However, the way in which each person manages to memorize words in English is definitely very personal, and is associated with different factors.

Although motivation or language skills are very personal, there are techniques that make it easier to learn the words in the language being learned. 

However, everyone must put into practice which technique is most effective for him; this effectiveness is determined by different aspects such as cultural level, interests and tastes, affections, personal history, among others.

When the technique that gives the best result is determined, the student will be able to memorize words in English more easily and use them in specific communicative situations.

Choose from the following creative techniques the one you like the most to learn new English words quickly.

Best technique to memorize English words

Match the word with a color image

For example, if it is about learning colors, draw next to the word an object of that color: a sun next to yellow, or a red apple next to red.

Associating words with images will help the brain to recognize those words in English more efficiently.


Our brain does well with repetition. Make cards with the names of objects in your home and stick them on them. Every time you see them, say them out loud; This will also favor auditory memory. 

learn word groups

Another technique that can help you memorize English words quickly is to learn them in groups. This also helps create associations, and is always more effectivelearn related words What isolated terms?

For example, if you learn that have breakfast is breakfast, you can also learn words like coffee maker, orange juice, glass, bread, or eggs. 


Search the Internet for English song lyrics you like and learn them. It doesn't matter if you don't understand all the words at first, this is a good trick to memorize English words; plus, you can also learn the song!

Make up funny stories

Since English is a language with many onomatopoeia (oral representations of unarticulated sounds), you can put ideas together with sounds and create stories with them that help you fix the vocabulary you are learning.

For example, the word top has to do with something hitting the ceiling and making that sound. Can you think of a story where you can include words in English?

Read and watch movies in English 

In your leisure time there are many activities that can help you learn and memorize English words. How can you do it? Very easy.

Read about topics that are of interest to you and watch videos, series or movies. You will discover that in a short time you have not only been able to fix new terms, but also improve your listening and learn uses that you did not know. 

board games in english

Whether with your family or friends, you can play Scrabble, Pictionary, Hangman or other games that are very helpful in memorizing English words while having fun.

Mobile apps to learn English vocabulary 

The world of mobile technology has focused on developing solutions to our daily needs; today we have countless applications that are within reach of the hand or the mobile!

There are applications for all tastes: some allow you to practice yoga, others to eat healthy. And learning English could not be left out.

The apps that we have are a significant support to memorize words in English.

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You can download an app on your mobile phone and spend a few minutes a day to improve your English vocabulary in a very dynamic and fun way. These that we present here will surely be among your favorites.

sat vocabulary

sat vocabulary It has about 6000 meanings. You will learn not only the word, but the group to which it belongs; It also includes 500 important expressions, as well as challenges and tests.

It's a good app if you want to memorize an English vocabulary quickly, and you can download it on the Google Play Store.

Vocab Genius

This application, available for phones with the iOS operating system, is based on flashcards, and it adds more difficult levels as you progress.

 Vocab Genius allows you to keep track of the terms that have cost you the most, and periodically returns to them. 


memory is a fun app that helps you memorize English words according to your level. It is also a very creative way to enrich your vocabulary. 

In this application you can find a good number of short and easy lessons. In addition, there are thousands of videos and audios made by native speakers of the English language; one of its interesting features is that it has voice recognition.

How to memorize English words effectively

PONS Vocabulary Trainer

PONS is essentially a dictionary, but allows you to progressively collect all the words that he consults while he learns the language. In this way, it helps you remember them and keep them always present.

It also offers you a Vocabulary Trainer that brings together all the words you have looked up in the online dictionaries. In this way, it includes the practices of that vocabulary that you need in your day to day.

English for businessmen

English, being the universal language of business, has become essential for businessmen and senior executives. This language allows them to expand their horizons to reach new business partners or clients that benefit the company.

For this reason there are institutes such as English2Go, where they are offered English courses technical for businesses in a personalized way; In these courses, the study plan is adjusted to the objectives that the student wishes to achieve in the short and medium term with English.

word practice

In order to memorize English words quickly, it is always important to regularly practice the vocabulary that is useful to you by placing it in context.

By doing this exercise on a regular basis you will be able to memorize a good amount of English words. 


Currently the approach to teaching a second language gives priority to the student to communicate in various everyday situations.

Learning English words quickly will allow you to communicate in this language effectively. 

With the proper technique for you, you no longer have to monotonously memorize long lists. In addition, you can use apps from your mobile phone that are very useful, as well as fun.

PTo memorize words quickly you can also count on us: in English2Go We have personalized courses available for you to learn English effectively. We design a study plan adjusted to your strengths, weaknesses and objectives.

We have more than 17 years of experience teaching fluent English to professionals, executives and companies from all sectors. Contact us and find out the best way to learn English.

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