classes of english online they are the best option when looking for flexibility, personalization and cultural immersion. 

The dynamics of our itineraries lead us to look for new ways to stay active, exploring new opportunities in our individual growth.

Therefore, the use of new information and communication technologies have been positioned as a form of study and alternative academic training. 

One of the most booming areas of study in recent years is learning a new language, mainly English.

For a long time there have been different ways to learn and master English long before online alternatives.

From group to personalized classes, you can hire the services of a tutor, or register at an institute. 

What, then, motivates people to choose to learn English online?

Perhaps you want to learn this language for the first time, perhaps you are thinking of taking classes again, or hope to improve the skill you already have.

 In any case, when considering your options, you're probably wondering if taking on the online challenge is just another trend, or if it really works.

That is why in this article we will talk about how to choose the best online English course that can cover your requirements, personal or professional.

Online English course, is it really what I need?

The 2020 pandemic has shown us that new technologies are playing a very important role in our lives.

We currently know that due to quarantine online courses and classesas well as telecommuting, are the best options to protect ourselves.

But we also know that the effort being made will be rewarded when everything returns to normal and physical contact no longer implies a risk. 

So outside of this eventual scenario, could learning English online suit your needs both professionally and personally?

Could learning English online suit your professional and personal needs?

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According to the OBS Business School web portal, in a Article of the year 2017, "the trend of the e-learning market is in full growth..."

In this sense, the use of online teaching platforms presents an estimated annual growth of 7.6% until 2020.

Likewise, this study mentions that this figure could rise by 9.5%, positioning online learning as a key element for user training.

It is important to take into account the priorities of learning English online for the various cases that may arise.

Depending on the occupations they have, the way of organizing varies; however, personal training will always be an area of the utmost importance.

Young people tend to focus on their studies, making sure that their online learning activities fit in with the time they spend in face-to-face classes.

 Some also work, so surely the time they can spare for learn a language don't fit easily into a convenient schedule.

Something similar happens in the daily life of the professional. In general, the fixed hours of the companies cover the active hours of the day.

This makes it difficult for professionals to develop other activities outside of their working hours, which would allow them to enhance individual growth. 

In addition, to the extent that a person reaches new work challenges, it is very possible that their time will be reduced due to the increase in responsibilities. 

It is possible that you have various occupations that take up a large part of your time, leaving you with few spaces to new goals that are important and necessary.

Many times you will have thought of leaving them archived in the “later” section, “when you have time”, with a high probability that they will stay there forever.

The initial question is answered by taking a look at your agenda: by doing so you may discover that the schedule is not a limitation for online courses.

Quite the contrary: the study schedule adapts to your possibilities and not the other way around. As you can see, future expectations of personal and professional improvement do not have to be thrown in the trash.

If within your plans has aimed to master this new language, schedule space limitations shouldn't be a problem: for busy people like you, online classes are the ideal option to boost your skills.

Benefits of taking an online English course

Online English courses give you the ability to learn more comfortably, with flexible hours to fit your busy schedule.

In addition, geography is no longer a limitation, since they can be accessed from anywhere in the world with personalized study plans. 

On the other hand, studying English using online platforms allows you to develop self-discipline and encourage participation through new technologies.

Types of online English courses

types of online english courses

There are different varieties of online English courses that adapt their study methods to the requirements and objectives of the users who hire them. This is a sample of the dynamism that feeds this teaching channel. 

That is why online classes represent a new scenario on which learning tools are deployed within the reach of the entire public.

Next, we present 4 types of online English courses to familiarize yourself with them:


This type of course tends to divide the topics very specifically; the videos are brief with the intention of not boring the student.

In this modality there is no interaction beyond the observation of videos with precise and well-exemplified content, bringing the student closer to the practice.

 Once the topic is finished, it is usually accompanied by a short test to check that the knowledge has been fixed. 

For those who have very little time per day, this method is very practical; however, progress will be slower.

It is also ideal for people who are already fluent in the language but want to expand their vocabulary or improve their grammar.


This method is divided in longer sessions, taking into account the hour of studyIn general, those who teach the classes are native teachers. 

In this way, people can become familiar with phonetics and common expressions, increasing the professionalism of the results.

In addition, the live courses allow you to interact with the professors, making it possible to clarify doubts at the moment and the class is much more reciprocal. 

In some cases, classes may be available at times you don't expect, so the day's busyness won't be an inconvenience.

In general, online English courses of this type can be found in two modalities; group and individual.


Group English courses online receive a small number of people per session, which guarantees better results.

If the groups are too large, the teachers will not have time to clarify everyone's doubts, reducing the quality of learning. 

These group courses allow interaction not only with the person leading the teaching, but also with other students. This strengthens the dynamics between the participants.

Class sessions tend to be slightly longer, but cover fewer per week.


If you are an introvert, or feel that you need deeper learning, individual classes are presented to give you unique attention. 

Content is personalized around your progress and based on your paceThe time of these sessions is usually one academic hour.

At the same time, the number of individual online classes is increasing relative to group courses.

Now that you know the different online English courses, you can define which one best suits your itinerary, tastes and needs.

And remember that you are not forced to stick to one method, but it can vary according to changes in your schedule.

Can I become fluent in English with online courses?

learn english online

This question can be very frequent among users; Certainly, The starting point of this question is quite interesting.

Traditional teaching methods have accustomed the public to think that if a class is not rigid and demanding, it will not offer better results.

So it is very common to associate fun or certain facilities with counterproductive aspects of learning.

If you have also fallen into this trap, here are some reasons that will make you change your mind.

Truly learning has never been more flexible!

Gridded and static teaching has fostered the idea that learning is difficult, in which case the topic should not be important.

In this way we underestimate ourselves, believing that we are not capable of dealing with a new subject skillfully. 

And not only that, but we extend the learning time, time that could be used in a more practical way.

In fact, this is one reason many people give up on developing new skills and knowledge through online courses. 

It is important to know that study, the more fun, dynamic, flexible and simplified it is, the more successful and profitable it will be, contrary to what is believed.

Making teaching more complex, on the other hand, entails generating stress in people, which slows down the process.

Online English course platforms They offer various methodologies to ensure effective learning upon completion of all levels.

The offer of native teachers and programs adapted to the specific needs of the participants are some of the advantages of learning English online.

Likewise, the extra content to expand knowledge are highly valuable complements that online English courses usually provide.

Let's dive deeper into this:

  • There are basic English courses, even business and professional, nothing escapes the possibilities if what you want is speak fluently language. 

  • They are also made assessments to measure strengths and weaknesses of your performance, and thus develop the best study plan for you.

  • You can choose the most convenient time within your agenda, and you can even reschedule in the event of an unforeseen event. 

  • For pronunciation, You will have the opportunity to practice with English-speaking tutors, from whom you will be able to learn more clearly, correcting you during live classes. 

It does not matter if you want to develop skills on a personal or professional level, online English courses cover the needs of learning in this language.

Online English classes vs face-to-face English classes

We have already talked about some Advantages of online English courses, but does that mean that this method has surpassed face-to-face classes?

To better clarify this point, we present the advantages of both modalities, based on the significant aspects at the time of making a decision.

online classes

When we talk about online classes, we refer to one where teachers and students participate in a digital environment. 

This is done through the Use of new technologies and the computer networks provided by the Internet.

In this sense, online classes offer important advantages to your training in the English language, which are described below.


Your complicated schedule will no longer be an inconvenience. You can adapt the online courses to your time and not the other way around. You will be able to organize your online classes in the way that suits you best without interrupting your daily activities.


You no longer have to worry about being late or interrupting your duties to get across town and on time; you can also forget about the traffic.

Rather, you can access online classes from anywhere, as long as you carry a mobile device and have an Internet connection

Comfort within reach of the place where you are. A great relief, right?

No pressure

We have all experienced that tension of not wanting to be the last in the class, that at the time of the evaluation we do not reach the goals.

On many occasions we come to memorize content with the sole objective of advancing to the next level. 

With online classes, you will be able to forget about that fear, since this modality allows you to advance in level at your own pace, so you can feel safe.

Online English classes guarantee a complete learning, both written and oral.

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There are no missed classes

You already know that you can easily adapt your schedule, but unforeseen events, emergencies or situations of force majeure can always arise. 

If your conference has been extended or there has been a last minute change in your schedule, missing the English class will not be a concern.

 In cases like these you can cancel it or reschedule it for another occasion. You haven't lost anything!

Diversity of content.

Online English courses also offer you spaces where you can form a community and complement your knowledge with interesting and informative material. 

You can participate in forums, webinars, or download ebooks and PDF guides. Everything within reach of a click.

Face-to-face classes

Face-to-face classes are a communicative process where a teacher gives classes to his students in the same place and time. 

This educational model is the one that has been maintained longest in the history of manThis is because the classes offer some advantages that you will learn about below:


The last pandemic times have taught us the great value of human relationships.

Regardless of the fact that some are more extroverted than others, sharing side by side with other people lifts our spirits and sparks creativity. 

Interacting with peers physically gives you the opportunity to live human relationships, while inviting you to feel accompanied in your learning. 

Points of view

The Internet can be a very useful tool, but it can also overwhelm you with information, distorting the learning process.

You may want to be able to share ideas and opinions about new things you have learned.

For this, being surrounded by a community that speaks the same language was a huge advantage. Different opinions cooperate to define and expand our knowledge.

Greater customization

When you are a face-to-face tutor, the interaction will be even greater, which will help you to delve into the content you learn or want to learn.

Also, you can convey to the tutor in a better way how you feel during the process. 

Does not depend on technology

It is true that many people have adapted to mobile devices and technological advances, but some simply feel more comfortable in the traditional way.

Perhaps innovative devices are not your forte or you do not find them pleasant to start a learning process.

Support for

Technology offers innumerable advantages, but it can never replace human contact. Some people find it difficult to continue with the courses they start online. In fact, it is normal that sometimes you lose enthusiasm.

Contact with a teacher or classmates is always a good support to recover our spirits, remembering that we are not alone.

How to choose a good online English course?

Surely you already have a clearer idea of which English course best suits your time and needs. However, you may want to know the best tips for make the right choice

We understand you! That's why we have for you Some tips to keep in mind when choosing the best online English course.

  • must be certified: A good English course must have certificates that meet international criteria.
  • Personalization: the content must be adapted to their needs and difficulties. Choose to study with a company that evaluates your initial capacity, in order to place you at the correct level. 
  • Live classes: For more enhanced learning, we recommend taking live classes, either individual or in groups. And in the case of the latter, the ideal would be to participate in small groups.
  • native speaking teachers: When it comes to improving phonetic or grammatical skills, an English-speaking instructor will always be the best option.
  • Specialization: Don't get stuck with a basic level. Bring your English skills on par with your professional performance. We know you aspire to more. Build your vocabulary in English to the max

Learn about the benefits of English2Go.

In English2Go We offer the possibility of learning and mastering English with a personalized approach adapted to your needs. 

With our online English courses you can access wherever and whenever. We adapt to your schedules and design the most comfortable study material according to your needs.

In addition, the classes of our courses are taught by native English language teachers with extensive experience in technical and business vocabularies.

In this way, from the beginning, you will begin to listen, argue and express opinions in English until you reach perfection.

With English2Go's online English classes you can improve your language skills, and reinforce your knowledge with an accelerated learning system.


you know The advantages of taking an online English course that will allow you to meet your professional and personal needs in the development of English.

Online English classes are adaptable to your schedule so it doesn't interfere with any of your activities.

The content is designed according to your strengths and weaknesses in the language, in this way an accelerated learning is achieved.

This is in accordance with the professional and personal objectives that you have in the short, medium and long term.

Also, you can study without pressure and progress at your own pace, making learning English online a much more meaningful experience.

We have more than 17 years of experience helping both companies and professionals to expand their limits, and improve their communication skills in English.

If you are already determined to start a online english course Contact us so you can learn about all the personalized solutions that we have at your disposal.

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