Learning a new language is an interesting adventure. However, the success of this process will depend on the discipline and willingness you have. learn english effectively It is a challenge, but not an impossible task.

If you have set out to learn English, take note of these tips. Without a doubt, they will help you make your learning process efficient and achieve results in less time.

1. Set aside time each day to study and practice

The constancy in your study time will be what allows you to achieve results. Learning English effectively is possible as long as there is a personal commitment to achieve the objectives.

Your perseverance, dedication and practice when studying English will be what allows you to achieve the results you set for yourself.

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Your progress will depend on your commitment to the language practice. Dedicate time to review what you have seen in class with your teacher, advance content or do exercises to develop your skills.

Ideally, allocate at least one hour a day to study. During this time, find a quiet space where you can focus on your study without interruption.

It is also important that, when studying English, you try to do it from a practical point of view, putting your learning into context. You can rely on videos adapted to your level, podcasts and even online exercises.

2. Learn at least four words every morning

Practice the Language to Learn English Effectively

Memorizing four words each day won't take long; however, in the long run, you will see that your vocabulary has expanded significantly. 

There is no need to make a great effort. Based on this number of words, you could learn a minimum of twenty new terms a week.

How to choose the words to memorize to practice English?

The words you choose to learn the language will have an impact on your communicative level. Therefore, it is important that you choose topics that are relevant and of interest to your professional life.

You can start by looking for topics related to your profession and make a list of verbs, adjectives and nouns. Then combine the categories to select the four words you will learn daily.

In a short time you will begin to see results, you will even have the ability to form and understand simple sentences. However, it is necessary that you always place them in a context that allows you to better understand their use.

It is equally important that, by studying English through a list of words, you can practice your writing and pronunciation. In this way, you will be developing written and conversational skills. 

The development of skills from written to conversational is essential for your English learning process.

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Remember that developing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills It is a fundamental part of the process to learn English effectively.

3. Watch your favorite series or movies in English

Learn English Effectively Using Videos

Watching series or movies in English is one of the best strategies to learn the language. Ideally, without the help of subtitles that translate their meaning. 

Watching movies and series in English without subtitles is a great way to learn vocabulary, everyday expressions, and even become familiar with different accents.

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If you are at a basic level and still having a hard time understanding, English subtitles might help with this. Thus, in addition to the listening component, you will be developing reading comprehension skills.

An important benefit that this resource provides is that, in addition to learning the language, it offers a close view of the culture in Anglo-Saxon countries

You can also use movies, series or podcasts in the background while you do different activities at home. Although not consciously, your brain is receiving the information in English.

4. Define what your motivation is to learn English effectively

The reason that led you to learn English will have a great impact on your learning process. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that you can define what is the purpose behind communicating in this language.

Defining the objective you want to achieve will allow you to establish learning strategies focused on that goal, which will facilitate the process. If you are still not clear about what motivates you, here are some reasons:

trip to Anglo-Saxon country

If you are planning a trip abroad, it is likely that you will need intensive classes that will allow you to communicate in english in the shortest possible time. Your learning will focus on solving everyday situations that may arise.

Within the content that you will study, greater emphasis will be given to common activities. The key to learning English effectively in this context is developing oral communication skills.

Some things to pay attention to are:

  • Make reservations.
  • Ask for directions.
  • Request the account and make payments.
  • Give directions when in a taxi or other transportation.
  • Ask for information at the airport.
  • Order in a restaurant.

Understand guides and manuals

Currently, a large number of scientific publications are available in English. Similarly, articles, user manuals, workshops and online conferences are presented in this language.

In this case, the focus of their learning process will be on developing listening and reading comprehension skills. You will need to work on your abilities to process and understand information effectively.

Reading articles on topics of your interest will help you improve. Also, in this context, keep in mind that the practice remains key to learning English effectively.

business relations

If your company or business is in the process of expansion, you need to learn the language to communicate with foreign clients, partners or suppliers. This means that to learn English effectively, you will need to specialize.

In this sense, it is important that the vocabulary you acquire allows you to carry out activities of your profession. In addition, daily actions of the work environment. You need to learn business English.

Personal/professional growth

Perhaps none of the above reasons apply to you, but rather you want to learn the language to grow personally and improve your professional profile. Today, proficiency in English is a much-needed skill.

So that you can learn English effectively you should look for personalized courses. In this way, their interests, tastes and preferences will be taken into account, thus achieving significant learning.

5. Start thinking in English

This is one of the biggest challenges you will face when it comes to learning English effectively. However, it is the key to start developing your skills and have a better communication performance.

think in english It will allow you to build sentences faster and improve your understanding, since you will avoid the process of mentally translating everything you hear and say.

How to learn to think in English?

Although challenging, it is not a difficult task. You just need some practice. Here are some tips on how to learn to think in English.

Look for experiences in the language, do not limit yourself to the activities proposed in class. In fact, the ideal is that you take advantage of every moment to put your knowledge into practice, speaking with native speakers or even watching interviews.

Another good way to stay in touch with language experiences is by setting your devices to English. Thus, you will learn vocabulary and terminology unconsciously.

Memorize some typical phrases. With the help of resources such as movies and series, you can learn colloquial expressions. This will help you see in context how English is used in real life.


Learning English effectively is a challenge that requires effort, willingness and discipline. However, achieving results makes the whole learning process worthwhile. 

In English2Go We offer personalized courses according to your need, level and objective. Contact us and discover the English course that best suits your goals.

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