learn english at home or attending an academy replicates Hamlet's dilemma: to be or not to be. However, each of these modalities of approach to language acquisition has advantageous characteristics that will benefit the person depending on their work pace or time availability.

If you are looking for your team of professionals to learn English, you will surely want to weigh both options. For this reason, in this article we will go through each alternative to develop language skills so that you can make the best decision.

Why learn English now?

There will never be a better time to learn English than now. This is the language of business, so your team needs to master it. The ability to communicate allows them to be ready to serve new customers and expand their market.

The best time for your staff to learn English is now. Whether they learn at home or at an academy, by becoming bilingual teams will drive business.  

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The business prospers to the extent that its executives acquire proficiency in English. Bet for language training it will ensure that they are better prepared for the challenges facing the company.

Then, they will be able to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. A well-trained ear detects the right moment to move forward. In addition, by communicating fluently, they improve customer relations. This is how they manage to boost sales.

Consequently, the question is not why learn English now, but how to get it. It is essential that your executives can communicate fluently with English speakers. Let's compare two options: at home or in an academy.

learn english at home

Advantages of learning English at home

Learning English at home means that your executives take classes in the comfort of their own homes. Some people assume this option in a self-taught way; however, this is usually not such a good idea because many times when they encounter obstacles, they get stuck.

The most recommended is have teachers who accompany them in this transition. Even, the ideal is that the teachers are native speakers, since they know the turns of the language and will help them learn faster.

Learning English at home allows your executives to acquire the language without wasting time traveling. 

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Through this methodology it is possible to accelerate learning, since the specialist is available to the student individually. It is the modality that best adapts to the specific needs and demands of the student. 

And, as it takes advantage of the hours in which the person is at home, The loss of time in transfers to another place is avoided.

Although there are home teachers, learning English at home can be made easier with the online classes. Indeed, in this modality you or your collaborators take lessons at home but the teacher does not have to travel to your home.

In times of pandemic, online classes are an option that also allows the necessary distance, without affecting the learning of the English language.

Advantages of learning English at home

Let's analyze what are the benefits that your executives can obtain by opting for this modality. The first thing to consider is that your high-performing teams are surely very busy people.

Less time spent on transfers

Learning English at home means your executives don't have to transfer to an academy. They can come home and turn on their computer, from there connect with an English teacher.

Traveling less lessens some of the stress associated with learning. They will spend less time traveling they will be more comfortable to start their lessons. When finished they will be available for the family.

Fit classes to your schedule

An executive requires that the classes adjust to their time availability. They usually have complicated schedules. So by learning English at home you can fit your lessons into blocks that are comfortable for you.

Since classes can be taken when time is available, non-traditional schedules can be used for face-to-face courses. 

If you get used to having lessons periodically, a rhythm will be imposed that can facilitate learning, especially if as a student you prefer to receive the constant guidance of the specialist. 

Online classes are the best option for professionals: teacher and apprentice agree on the schedule. In this way, its executives manage to advance in learning the language without affecting the operation of the company.

Personalized Study Plans

When learning English at home, even in the online modality, the personalization of the contents can be done adjusting to the student's progress. 

An executive needs English classes to be adjusted to their level of prior knowledge. The teacher can adjust the curriculum taking into consideration the learner's knowledge.

Your personal goals, interests and language skills are also taken into account, both earlier and developed from classes.

Thus, the lessons at home will be a dynamic challenge adapted specifically to the needs and abilities of the student. 

When you allow your professionals to learn English at home, classes are adjusted to their availability and personalized based on their knowledge of the language.

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Among other benefits, one of the most profitable is the possibility, class by class, of improving the student's performance to carry out a conversation in English. These conversations can be done in an increasingly intensive way, due to the exclusive dedication of the teacher.

It is convenient that in the classes the student clears his doubts, taking the opportunity to ask what he does not understand.

Also, It's also time to improve your English diction by actively listening to the teacher's pronunciation. The tutor will help in the repetition of the forms that are difficult for the student and will prevent any vice of diction from becoming fixed.

Learn about the topics that interest you

Personalizing content also makes your staff more motivated to learn. English2Go teachers are also specialists in various subjects so they adjust to the interests of the learner.

The professional who decides to learn English at home is able to progress faster by working with this content adjusted to their level. In addition, plans set clear goals and help you know how well you are achieving them.

The interesting thing is that the one-on-one work allows the teacher to know the topics that interest the learner. So, you can join the learning of the language with those contents that grab your student's attention.

The vices of diction are avoided

One of the most frequent problems in learning English is the vices of diction. When a learner has an individual teacher, they can give personalized attention to their pronunciation.

By listening to your learner speak, the teacher can detect errors in pronunciation and accent. Consequently, it helps you to correct them before they install bad habits.

Learn English at an academy

Learn English at home or go to an academy

If you choose to have your executives attend an academy You should keep in mind that, once in class, they will meet a group of people. The teacher's attention, and his time, will be divided among the number of students according to their degree of participation. 

You should also keep in mind that your team must travel, which means leaving the company with enough time to get to the course.

In addition, your staff may be embarrassed to voice their doubts or answer the teacher's questions in front of the whole class. So, you might not use the time in the best way with this method. 

If that's not the case, it can be beneficial for your team members to interact with their peers. This will help improve your conversational ability in English.

These exchanges will provide them with extra help to carry out written and spoken practices. In addition, they will grow at the rhythm of the group and that will encourage the desire to excel.

Another aspect to consider is that the academies have a standard program with predetermined themes. It is possible that the contents are not of interest to your team and they get a little discouraged when studying them. 

However, the academy is an option that facilitates monitoring. Your professionals will attend structured group classes and at specific times. Next we analyze the advantages of this modality.


Learning English in an academy has certain advantages; This is especially the case for those personnel who can adjust their schedules to the instructional offer. It is also a good option for those who find it difficult to maintain a routine on their own.

standardized program

the academies provide standardized programs. So, the apprentice already has a sequence of pre-established topics to reach a level. For the company, this modality guarantees the path of knowledge.

Your staff can prepare the classes and know what you will be studying in each class. In this way, especially the most competitive, prepare to shine. Achieving excellence in performance.

They help create a routine

Professionals who take classes at the academy stick to a schedule. So they are programmed to have in their agendas the times that allow them to attend the sessions.

Routines generate contextual stimuli that drive learning. Class schedules help accommodate the agenda. Especially when some time has passed since the start.

group practices

When your professionals take classes at an academy, they find themselves as part of groups. One advantage is that peers provide them with aExtra help for carrying out written and spoken practices.

The group imposes a rhythm and that will encourage the desire to excel in each student. Interacting with your peers also helps to improve your confidence when conversing in English.


In summary, The options of learning English at home or in an academy offer different advantages. To make the best decision, you must weigh them and choose the one that best suits the requirements of your company.

For an executive, learning English at home allows you to take classes in the comfort of your own home. It also allows you to avoid transfers. In addition, you can count on a teacher that fits your schedule and level of knowledge.

Whereas if you choose to learn at an academy, your staff will be provided with structured schedules and schedule. In addition, this system provides you with standardized goals and you will work in a group, thus favoring practice.

In English2Go We offer the benefits of individual or group online classes. You can count on native teachers to help your staff with language acquisition. And also structured online group courses. You can choose the one that suits you best.

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