At the time of trying talk fluid English in public you may feel embarrassed or afraid to express yourself poorly. Those are some barriers that prevent you from advancing in this language. 

It is very common to find someone who has little confidence when communicating in another language with other people.

And this can happen even with several classes and hours of English study either individually or through a course.

Really speaking fluent English like a native just takes practice and confidence. So in this post we will offer you some tips in this regard.

Tips for speaking English fluently

Speaking English fluently does not have to be a difficult task, so here are some tips to develop this skill effectively. 

Boost your self-confidence

Personal security is a skill that can be exercised; In addition, it is not only very fruitful for languages, but also for other areas of life. 

The best way to feel confident is to practice, look for different tools that keep you constantly in touch with English. 

Speaking in front of the mirror is a good option to test the knowledge acquired and improve the way of pronouncing and vocalizing words or phrases.

identify your fears

How to speak fluent english

The first thing to ask yourself is what makes you shy or shy about speaking fluent English in front of others?

 Fear of ridicule? A mistake? To get stuck in the middle of a sentence? These are some of the thoughts that might go through your head trying to speak fluent English. 

When learning something new we must venture into the unknown and take false steps.

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To speak English like a native, you have to let go and forget the fears . And if you make any mistakes, these too will speak well of you: you are taking the risk of doing something new!

Choose a suitable study method

The English language learning process you choose to start is of vital importance for your further development.

 This is why the selection of a good English course and a good teacher is essential to acquire tools that help you and function naturally. 

Make sure that the method focuses on language learning, and not only in the practice of grammatical structures; these can be acquired in practice. In the communicative approach, oral and written activities are fundamental.

Increase your vocabulary

It is important to gradually incorporate new terms, this will enrich your knowledge of the language; in this way ease and confidence when speaking fluent English.

If you have personalized classes, you can ask the teacher to focus on the lexicon related to topics related to your professional field or interests.

Learn to speak English fluently with confidence

Improve your pronunciation

Phonetics is one of the main causes of lack of confidence when speaking another language. It happens that the points of articulation of the letters in Spanish and in English are different, which can cause the words you pronounce to "sound" differently. 

Have you been embarrassed by saying the words inappropriately, and perhaps afraid of losing face or having a bitter time in front of others? 

This can be overcome by practice.Keep in mind that speaking English like a native does not happen overnight.

In contrast, becoming fluent in English requires time and dedication on your part, and the support of a professional instructor.

A good choice for have a good pronunciation consists of watching movies and listening to songs in English.

practice grammar

The management of verb tenses and grammar are essential for mastering another language, in this case English. 

The more knowledge you have about it, the more confidence and ease you will gain when speakingThis can be done by writing letters, journaling, or reading articles in English on a topic that you are passionate about.

All the instruments that can be incorporated into your study method will help you establish the knowledge that you are acquiring along the way. It will improve your vocabulary as well as your pronunciation and grammatical knowledge, which will ultimately help you become fluent in English.

Mistakes are a part of learning and no one will be bothered by a mistake if you show a smile and show effort to communicate effectively. 

The most important advice for speaking fluent English like a native is very simple: practice, practice and more practice.

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Why choose an online course?

An online English course is the ideal option if you want to learn to speak English, but your schedule does not allow you to attend face-to-face classes.

This is because you have the freedom to choose the schedule that suits you best to take the English course online. In addition, you can receive your class anywhere in the world with just a mobile electronic device, tablet or PC and an internet connection.

The online courses like the ones we offer at English2Go help you become fluent in English for good. We have native English language teachers with experience in technical and business language.

Likewise, you will be able to learn in an accelerated way, since we design a personalized study plan according to your language needs and your professional objectives.

Different levels of English.

There are different levels when it comes to learning to speak English fluently, and this will depend on a standardized scale that is used at a general level.

The Common European Framework of Reference Classify your levels as follows:

  • First there are levels A1 and A2once you finish them, you can understand your interlocutor as long as they speak to you slowly and clearly. 

    In addition, you can manage to relate some extra aspect during the conversation, such as places, purchases, or perhaps offer details about your past or your environment.
  • The 2 levels B1 and B2 are the intermediate onesPeople who are located in these levels can understand texts extracting the main ideas.  

    In the conversational part, they can interact with native people managing a good degree of fluency and naturalness when speaking.
  • Finally, there are levels C1 and C2the people who are located in them have an advanced command of English, managing to understand a wide variety of oral or written texts. At these levels the language is handled effortlessly.


In short, speaking fluent English does not have to be something difficult to achieve; The important is dare to speak without fear of being wrongOnly practice will improve your pronunciation and in this way you will be able to speak English fluently and confidently.

Take advantage of any audio or video material in English to listen to it and train your ears in English pronunciation and grammar.

And most importantly: it is easier to reach your goal if you have an online English course like the one we offer at English2Go , which adapts to your needs. We design an individual study plan focused on achieving your goals in the language in the short and medium term. 

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