The fear of learning a language it's natural. When starting a new project you can be invaded by a multiplicity of feelings. We tend to be used to a comfort zone, what takes us out of there produces anxiety.

And although it is possible that joy will also accompany you along the path that begins. Anxiety about achieving the goal set and fear of the steps you must take can generate a certain paralysis and cause you to postpone the start.

In this blogpost we tell you how to overcome the fear of learning languages. Through simple actions you can take to reach your goal. This way you will be able to advance your understanding and very soon you will be speaking English. 

Factors that contribute to generating fear of learning a language

There are multiple factors that can contribute to your fear of learning a language. Most of them have to do with the Doubts about our ability; the important thing is to know them to overcome them.

Regardless of the cause of fear, we can all lean on our strengths to get ahead. Below we explore some of its most frequent causes 


The capacity for learning determines the speed for the acquisition of the language. It is based on intelligence and the ability to master new knowledge.

Average people have the ability to learn English. However, more than skill is required. When we have doubts that something is possible, we often run into barriers and stumble. 

Like most people, uyou have the ability to learn a second language; If you want to advance your knowledge of English, having a teacher who supports you may be the solution. 

If you are afraid of learning languages due to doubts about your ability, private classes are convenient for you.

In these personalized classes, the teacher stops to assess your strengths to lean on them. You will see how you can easily overcome weaknesses and how you will advance your learning. 

time shortage

The 85% of failures in language learning is related to schedules and their lack of flexibility. That is why having a study system that considers your time It will make it easier for you to acquire English.

The lack of flexibility in schedules causes the 85% of failures in learning English.

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Furthermore, learning the language on an online platform, where you can set your own hours, is ideal for you. That way you avoid wasting time when moving.

To the extent that you manage your own time, the chances of speaking English increase. In addition, this is how he overcomes the fear of learning languages and approaches that goal that will boost him in his career.


Motivation is the willingness to initiate and maintain a task. It happens that long-distance tasks require this element. Consider that when you set out to acquire a language it is a marathon; not a speed race.

However, it is natural to be afraid of learning a language if you are worried about your motivation. Any professional knows that this becomes a decisive factor. Enthusiasm is what will allow you to stay consistent with your goal. 

Now, in general, learning English is a means to an end. The enthusiasm to travel or achieve the promotion you want is what keeps you motivated. Identify the why and you will get it.

One of the things you can do to do this is to imagine that you have achieved that position you want. If you connect with that emotion, fear ceases to be an impediment. So relive that feeling every time you practice.

Self esteem

People who get things are those who have confidence in their own abilities. This is a factor that penhances your ability to study a new language.

Trusting your cognitive abilities and setting short-term goals will gradually help you gain self-esteem. Remember the times you have set goals and achieved them.

This kind of state of mind becomes a boost to your self-esteem. And when self-assessment is high, learning increases. Therefore, connecting with experiences of achievement helps you improve your performance. 

How to overcome the fear of learning a language?

Overcome the fear of learning a language

Now we are clear about the main causes for fear of learning languages. Let's turn our attention to what you can do to overcome this emotion and achieve your goal of speaking English.

By acknowledging your fear in learning English, you will be able to take action and overcome that emotion that prevents you from reaching your goals. 

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The purpose that is proposed is surely ambitious. Now the task is to keep the focus on advancing step by step until it is achieved. Let's explore each of the actions you can perform:

acknowledge your fear

The first step in overcoming a problem is acknowledging that it exists. So, in order to leave behind your fear of learning a language, it is important that you accept that it is there. Once you know what is happening you can take action.

It is like bathing in the sea. It can start with small steps like getting your toes wet. You can even remember what actions you have taken when you have been afraid in the past.

Repeating those actions, whether they are encouraging thoughts or routines that give you confidence, will help. Definitely, You can also advance by hiring an English course; so you will be accompanied by a teacher who will show you the way.

Oral comprehension

One of the biggest fears when learning a language is not understanding what you hear. This is a fundamental skill in communication, it is not enough to speak, it is necessary to understand what others say to converse.

One practice that allows you to overcome this restlessness is to listen to podcasts, audiobooks or watch programs in English. In this way you train your ear and you will be able to progressively recognize words.

You can even download apps to your cell phone that translate what you hear. Then the path to mastering the language will become easier. It can even be fun, since you can select the songs you listen to.

Don't try to be perfect

A new language has a large number of words and grammatical elements. Therefore, perfection is a quality that is achieved with practice. Start focused on the task of the day.

Also, every mistake is a learning opportunity. Take advantage whenever you can to practice. We also suggest that you pay attention to your successes and you will see that there are many more than your mistakes.

Identify your weaknesses

We can see weaknesses as failure. However, we invite you to look at them as areas for improvement. Knowing where you trip allows you to pay more attention to that obstacle each time you encounter it.

Without realizing it, he will acquire more and more skill in what he started seeing as a weakness. They are the great teachers. Yes, for them to be we must know where they are.

Don't be discouraged if your accent isn't native

One of the reasons why the fear of learning a language is acquired is the accent. Many make fun of people who pronounce differently. Our recommendation is that you practice.

To learn to speak his native language he spent a lot of time. We see it in young children whom we correct many times. Practice and if you can do it with a teacher or native speaker you will progress much faster.

Try to speak with a native

Another way to overcome the fear of learning languages is to talk to native speakers. If you have friends who were born in an English-speaking country they can help you with this. By listening to them you can model accent, pronunciation and expressions.

In addition, there are apps like Tandem and Speaky, among others. With them you can communicate with people whose English is their mother tongue. It is ideal if you can count on a teacher who was born in an English-speaking country.

don't give up

Another reason why we fear learning English is because we abandon the task. Acquiring the language requires sustained practice: without realizing it, you will be understanding what others say without effort.

Insist and practice; that way you can acquire vocabulary and understanding of what you hear. Which is a fundamental skill for language acquisition. Consistency and persistence are crucial to learning a language. 

Practice the simplest at first

Have you heard about the importance of walking before running? Sometimes, what arouses fear is that we set ourselves too ambitious a goal. The challenges must meet two conditions: be challenging and be achievable.

A challenging challenge is one that goes beyond your comfort zone. This allows you to enter what experts call the learning zone or the magic zone. They call it that because it's right where you get what you need.

Being achievable, your challenge drives you to reach the goal and this keeps you motivated. For this reason, it is convenient that you practice the simplest at the beginning. That way, the most complex becomes easy.

Like riding a bike on a slope. At first you pedal hard on the way up. But when you reach the top, everything becomes easier. What you have already learned allows you to maintain the momentum to acquire new things.

How to learn a new language from scratch?

Get rid of the fear of learning a language

There are numerous strategies that have proven to be effective when you want to learn English from scratch. The most recommended is to find a online course where, in the company of a teacher, you can move forward from where you are.

The advantage of the courses, especially the personalized ones, is that take into account your current knowledge. They take this level as a base and establish learning objectives that allow them to recognize their progress.

The best option to learn English from scratch is to enroll in an online course.

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Another aspect that you should consider is to have time to study, as you practice, you will learn more. It will usually require a few additional hours than you spend in classes which will be well spent.

And remember to pay attention to grammar rules, as they are repeating structures and you will use them many times. By knowing and memorizing them, you will be able to build sentences with ease.

Find ways in which you can associate the words, that way you will expand your vocabulary. Many times the difficulty in learning is due to ignorance of words, so the more you know, the better.

 And a good practice to achieve this is to listen to podcasts or audiobooks in English, so you become familiar with the language. In addition, he recognizes the accents that are other learning challenges.

And, ultimately, the traditional way also works. Find native people and chat with them. His modeling will help you in pronunciation and will make it easy to acquire the language. 

Finally. it's convenient have native teachers. These teachers are familiar with the language and with the techniques to transfer it. So you can learn what you need.


In summary, to overcome the fear of learning a language requires taking charge of what you feel. Connect with the motivation that drives you and with your own self-esteem that leads you to your goal.

Learning requires systematic practice until mastery is achieved. Listen to podcasts or movies in English and chat with native friends to help you gain confidence in your understanding.

However, the best option is to take an online English course. This way you can better organize your time. And a native teacher who understands your needs helps you overcome difficulties.

You can also visit the website of English2Go. We have numerous strategies to teach the language and 17 years of experience accompanying professionals to learn English. 

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