One of the main challenges that professionals face today is discovering how learn english easily. Certainly, time is the key to achieving it, but neither work nor personal responsibilities can be neglected. 

Fortunately, there are several options today for someone with these needs. There are several learning modalities that adapt to your pace of life and professional goals to allow you to learn English easily.

As a professional, you may be concerned that you do not know how to study English and be able to reach a good level of communication. Especially if you do not have a knowledge base in the language, it could be thought that it is complicated; however, with good planning and discipline you can do it.

How to learn English easily from 0?

If you have ever wondered if it is possible to learn english easily, The answer is yes. 

Regardless of your age, with a good method, a lot of dedication and clear objectives, learning a language from scratch is a possible challenge. Of course, you must have a good learning method, dedication and well-defined objectives.

To help you succeed in the process of learning English quickly and easily, we recommend that you follow the following recommendations:

Define your priorities

Knowing your purpose for studying English will help you focus the learning process correctly.

Studying English will allow you to achieve a promotion in your job or find the job of your dreams. Set your goals and chart a path to your goals. 

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Being clear about your goals will allow you to have better performance. In this sense, we recommend that you take a personalized english course, oriented towards your personal or professional interests.

Set measurable and achievable goals

Once you have defined your purpose for taking English classes, it is important that you are able to set achievable and measurable goals for yourself. This will allow you to not only track your progress, but also plan for your goals.

Similarly, by setting realistic goals at specific times, you will avoid getting discouraged in your studies and you will see that learning English is easy.

Pay special attention to the sound of phrases and words in English

If you are wondering if it is possible to learn English easily by listening to the language, then the truth is that it is not impossible. In fact, in this way you acquired Spanish, listening and analyzing their environment to be able to communicate.

As a recommendation, listen to songs in English while reading the lyrics to follow the rhythm. Watch series or movies in the language with English subtitles; this way you will be more motivated to listen to each word in English in detail.

Learn with topics relevant to you

Simply devoting yourself to learning grammar will not do you much good when it comes to communicating. For this reason, your English classes should be organized by topics of interest.

In this way you will acquire useful vocabulary and expressions that you can use in your day to day life, both personally and at work.

What options do you have to learn English easily?

Currently, there are so many options and modalities to study English that you can choose to learn the language at work, even while traveling.

Online courses

One of the main advantages of taking classes online is that you can do it from wherever you are. This makes it an ideal modality for professionals and executives who have little time, have a busy life or who travel constantly.

Studying English online will allow you to keep up at your own pace or reschedule more easily compared to face-to-face classes.

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You can have private or group online lessons (ideally 3-5 people maximum). You can also have pre-recorded or live material, depending on the company and the course you choose.  

Learn English easily with online courses

private courses

These lessons are taught in the student's home or office. The personalization of this form of study Accelerates the fixation of knowledge. They are ideal for people who need a physical setting to promote learning and maintain motivation. 

With this option, you will be able to access an English course focused solely on developing your language skills, based on your interests, learning pace, and needs.

Like online courses, this modality offers you different benefits that you can take advantage of:

  • Flexible schedules. You will determine the most convenient time to take your private English classes.

  • Classes adapted to your language needs. Plus, you'll progress at your own learning pace so you can build your skills quickly.

  • Topics tailored to your personal interests. The classes will be more relevant to you and your learning process will be easier.

  • Constant communication practice. The teacher will make sure that you can practice enough each of the contents studied, so that learning is effective.

These types of English classes are perfect for those who want to learn faster and easier. All the efforts of the student and the teacher are focused on achieving a particular goal.

complement their classes with individual practices reviewing the contents studied, communicating with others in English and dedicating at least 1 hour of study per day in addition to classes.

Tips to learn English easily making the most of your classes

How to learn English easily

Here we share some tips to learn english easily. Take note and start your journey of learning a new language.

Clarify all your doubts

It is important that you do not overlook any doubts or questions that may arise during the classes. If there is anything in the class that you don't fully understand or want to check your understanding, don't be afraid to ask your teacher.

A key element for success in your English learning process is that you can clarify all your doubts and questions in class.

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Take notes from your classes

Taking note of the key aspects discussed in class will allow you to have a record of those points that you need to emphasize when studying.

One of the keys to learning English easily is to dedicate enough time to review what you have learned.

Eliminate all distractions

Being outside of a traditional learning environment is likely to run into distractions that can cause you to lose focus. For this reason, it is essential that you ensure that they are completely removed before starting your classes.

Ask people around you not to disturb you while you are taking your classes. Also, avoid checking your cell phone during this time. Focus all your attention on the learning process.

Define the most productive schedule for you

For some people the best time to learn English is in the morning; while for many others this time may be in the afternoon or before the end of the day.

Defining the time when you feel most productive will ensure that you get the most out of your class time. Remember, if you are tired or worried, your concentration level will not be the same.

Join learning communities

To learn English easily and effectively, you will need not only theoretical knowledge of the subject. You will also need to develop conversational skills.  

For this reason, joining online communities of people who are on the same path as you will be a key aspect of your learning process. The exchange of experiences is not only enriching, but necessary.

Listen to music

Another entertaining and practical way that will show you that learning English is easy is to listen to music in the language. This allows you to have greater exposure to typical expressions and words of the language that you might not otherwise hear.

Remember that music is a reflection of the culture of a country. This means that the songs in English will give you an approach to the Anglo-Saxon culture. In this way, your understanding of English is facilitated.

Secondly, the songs can help you learn english easy and fast, and to learn new vocabulary. We recommend looking up the English meaning of words you don't know to understand them in context.

Watch movies without subtitles 

Like the songs, the movies and series in English give you an approach to the culture. They allow you to see lifestyles and situations that may arise in an Anglo-Saxon country.

Watching movies in their original language without subtitles, or with English subtitles, will allow you to see phrases and expressions within a conversational context; this can make it easier for you to understand specific terms and colloquial expressions.

Another advantage is that allows you to hear different accents based on geography, age, social groups, and professions.

You can even search for movies or series that are related to your profession or industry. This way you will easily learn English on topics relevant to your professional development.

learn the verbs first

If you are looking to learn English easily, it is important that you are clear about the order in which you should study the contents. The effective learning of a language must focus on the communicative function of each element studied.

In this sense, beginning by studying verbs will greatly facilitate communication. And it is that even if you have doubts regarding prepositions and adverbs, the correct use of verbs will help you express your ideas more clearly.

We recommend make a list of commonly used verbs, with their conjugations in all verb tenses. Once you have the list, study an average of 4-5 verbs a day; This won't take much of your time, but after a month you'll have a large vocabulary.

Learn vocabulary according to your specialization or profession

Each industry or profession has terms and expressions closely linked to business activities. If you give priority to learning those specific to your specialization, you will have a competitive professional advantage.

On the one hand, you can study common expressions used in the corporate and business world. For example, how to open/close a meeting, how to respond in a job interview, or even how to make a phone call.

On the other hand, you can search for more specialized terms and practice reading articles or listening to podcasts relevant to your professional profile.


Learning English easily is possible, although it may represent a challenge. The key is to define what you want to achieve and develop a study plan that brings you closer to your goals.

In English2Go We know the challenge that learning a new language implies for a professional. For this reason, we offer you personalized courses that adapt to your needs, level and goal in the language. Wait no more and Contact Us today!

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