Generally, improve english pronunciation is a concern when we start to study this language. Well, precisely, the most difficult part of a language is verbal expression.

Not having a good pronunciation can generate inconveniences and insecurities, due to the speed with which we must build coherent sentences when speaking; and also, due to the difficulty in articulating words that, in many cases, can be totally different from our native language. 

The most common fear of a person who begins to speak English is related to the difficulty of achieving a correct pronunciation. 

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Learning a language requires that we be able to think with the linguistic signs and rules of the new language with which we are coming into contact. Each sign that makes up a word has a shape and a sound. 

To be able to express yourself correctly it is necessary to accustom your ear and understand the phonetics of each sign. Fortunately, tools are readily available and tips that facilitate this task. 

How to learn to pronounce English words correctly? 

Pronunciation is often a controversial topic in the world of language learning. In the case of English, it is observed that it is a language in which the pronunciation of a large number of words is very similar. 

It is very common that the first times a person speaks that language, they show errors in the pronunciation of English. In this sense, there are several alternatives that can help you pronounce English words correctly. 

The best way to improve your English pronunciation is to be able to maintain constant practice. 

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English pronunciation is a skill that depends on individual conditions; however, it can be improved with practice. This is the key to better results in the short term. 

Different ways to improve English pronunciation

When it comes to learning a language, not just English, you will be faced with a whole new world in the art of verbal communication. The constant practice of pronunciation is the most effective way to enter that world and dominate it.

Basic rules of English pronunciation 

English pronunciation can be improved in many ways, and in this sense there are rules that must be known. Here we present some of the most important ones to improve pronunciation. 

  • Accentuation

    The pronunciation rhythm of English is different from that used in Spanish, and this must be taken into account. There are words that should not be accentuated and to improve pronunciation they should be known. 
  • unstressed vowels

    In English some vowels barely make a sound; these are the vowels that are not stressed. This happens because it is transformed into a sound that does not exist in Spanish. This sound is common in the English language, and we can see it in the pronunciation of native speakers. 
  • stressed vowels 

    The way of pronouncing stressed vowels is one of the specific rules of pronunciation in English. Stressed or stressed vowels have various ways of being pronounced depending on their position in the word. Managing the pronunciation of stressed syllables is one of the basic rules to improve pronunciation in English. 

  • silent letters

    When talking about the basic rules of pronunciation in English, it is important to highlight the presence of silent letters in this language. A very common mistake in the speakers of the Spanish language is to insist on pronouncing all the letters of the words. Although in Spanish almost all the letters are given a sound, when speaking in English not all the letters sound. 

  • The liquid S

    There is a widespread mistake among Spanish speakers: adding an "e" to the beginning of a word that starts with "s", such as "Spacial", "Student" or "Spain". There is a very simple way to avoid this error in pronunciation. The trick is to join the "s" of the word to the end of the word that comes before. For example, when pronouncing the phrase “This flower is very special”, it would be pronounced “This flower is verys-pecial”. 

Although there are other basic rules to improve English pronunciation, the ones mentioned above are the most important. Each individual must discover his weaknesses in pronunciation and study the rule that suits him best. 

How to improve English pronunciation 

To get used to the pronunciation of English, you have to listen carefully to the expressions in this language. A good way to start is with music, specifically with the comparison between the written lyrics and the sound of the performance. 

This is a very accessible practice, since on many Internet sites you can find the lyrics and audio of the artist of your choice. However, it is recommended to choose slow songs to better appreciate the pronunciation. 

Listening to music in English while reading the lyrics of the song is an exercise that helps generously when it comes to improving English pronunciation. 

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It is also advisable to stop the audio every time it is needed, to repeat the new words.

Another very useful resource is the cinema. It is enough to watch a film with subtitles in the original language to be able to compare what is written and what is heard. 

Now, it should be noted that the translations are not literal. Therefore, we must pay attention to the dialogues of the actors, andbecause this helps us learn the idioms and the different ways of expressing an idea.

On the other hand, this tool brings fun to learning, thanks to the cinematographic diversity available: short films, cartoons and even advertising. 

When your ear is more trained, listening to the radio and watching live television programs will be a good exercise. 

Video games are another alternative to favor English pronunciation. It is true that the most profitable are the graphic adventures that are full of scripts; however, there are many alternatives. 

It should be noted that more and more English courses come with interactive content and are full of listening tools to practice. For example, the object search games, in which a player has to find the image corresponding to the word. 

Some dictionaries also have the phonetic expression of words.

Dictionary to improve English pronunciation

Examples of phonetics can be found in these dictionaries. They are important instruments, since by reading the signs of phonetics the concept can be fixed. 

However, it is indisputable that communication with another person who has as native language english It is the best way to perfect pronunciation. Currently, chats with microphones are a good option for this type of meeting. Also exist personalized online courses like those of English2Go, with native English speaking teachers.


If it is a question of improving the pronunciation of English, putting all these tips into practice can be very significant. In fact, it can be said that today There are no more excuses to improve your English pronunciation.

With the Internet, learning languages is easier and faster. It is simply a matter of having the will, discipline and seeking resources that are stimulating and productive. 

You can review the English course sections of English2Go and check the one that best suits your needs. We accompany you on the adventure of improving your pronunciation quickly and effectively. 

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