When it comes to getting the best English course, many factors play a role in your final decision. If you really want to get results, the academy you choose should offer programs and content tailored to your needs.

If you still do not know what aspects you should consider when making this decision, we invite you to review our brief guide with some tips and the criteria you should take into account to select the best English course.  

Think carefully before choosing an English academy

Taking an English class will represent an investment of money and time, so you can't waste either. The only guarantee that this does not happen is by carrying out a good investigation in which you can compare the different options in the market.

We are sure that you want the best English course. In that sense, You must analyze in depth the programs of different academies in the country. It is not about going for the first option. There are a number of aspects that you need to take into account.

Choose an online English course

How to choose the best English course?

The best English course is not the cheapest or the most famous. Nor is it necessarily the one that worked for a family member or colleague. The best English course is the one that adapts to your needs and requirements.

Yes, money counts; as well as your time. However, this is not all. You should consider the methodology, if they have native teachers, the programs or levels they offer, if they have specialized courses available for professionals, and a series of topics that we will explain below.


Each school can have its own methodology, which can be understood as its formula or its particular way of teaching, as well as structuring the content. There are various pedagogical currents that have shaped current teaching methods, which have also been renewed thanks to technology.

It is because of that You can find different options that range from programs that present the content in a playful way, others that use multimedia resources, or those that have more traditional classes.. Do some more research on this topic with your academy, and see if the methodology fits how you want to learn.


One of the doubts when looking for the best English course is about the teachers. Should they only be native teachers or is it not mandatory? Some academies decide to have exclusively native teachers, others integrate certified local teachers. Neither option is correct or incorrect, but there are certain differences.

A local teacher has been trained to teach the language, so he can share all that knowledge with his students, ensuring that they progress in their studies.

Nevertheless, The greatest advantage of having native teachers is having a closer experience with the culture and daily life of that language.; aspects such as pronunciation or intonation can be more natural and spontaneous.

Hours of study

The schedules and number of classes per week is another key issue for students. The best English course is the one that offers multiple options, from which you can choose the one that suits you best.

A good academy must have a varied offer, in order to meet the demand of its students, since it is usual for them to divide their time between work and classes. In this way it is possible to decide if your course will be intensive, medium or low frequency, or if you will see classes in the morning or in the evening.

You may also consider watching classes remotely. In this sense, the best online English course is the one that allows you to follow your own pace, in addition to providing you with 24/7 access, so that you can study when your schedule allows it.

How to choose an online English course

Responds to your needs

For example, not everyone needs to start the course from scratch. It is important to know if they have classes for different levels, so that you can enter the one that is most suitable for you. Do not forget to request information about the requirements to take a placement test and be sure of your current level of English.

Consult about specialized courses, as well as classroom modalities: individual or group. You may want to attend conversational classes exclusively, or your goal is to improve your technical English. You need to make sure you find the perfect deal for what you want.

Study material and digital resources

Just as learning methods have changed thanks to technology, the resources and materials used in any educational environment have also evolved to include multimedia and interactive content.

A good course will have to bring you closer to these new formats, which make the learning process more interactive:

  • Videos
  • Applications
  • Games
  • audio
  • podcast

On the other hand, a modern academy must also offer technological tools that facilitate and complement the learning of its students:

  • Online platform, in which students have access to materials, hand in hand with better communication with their teacher.
  • Virtual classrooms, to complement the classes with activities that allow students to work and reinforce the skills that they require.
  • Completely online courses, giving students greater freedom to choose their schedules and the pace at which they will take the course.

Why is English2Go the best bet for your language learning?

The answer is simple: with English2Go can study when and where you want it. If you're thinking about the criteria we told you about earlier, we can review each one.

The best methodology

A personalized approach, you'll get benefits like increased retention and increased fluency.

Native teachers

They are native speakers of the language, so you will learn to use the language naturally.

Study hours that suit you

Classes can be in person at home or online, so you decide how and when to schedule them.

Really responsive to your needs

The offer is wide and adjusts to any need, since attention is focused on improving their skills. The most important thing is that you will learn to think in English! So you will stop translating everything in your head before speaking and increase your response time.

Know which English course is better

Best study materials and digital resources

As an added value, we have our learning platform English4You, in which you will work on those areas that you need to improve from day one, and NativeAccent, for pronunciation.

Choosing the best English course requires a lot of research and analysis, since you must consider issues such as methodology, teachers, schedules, material, class modalities, among others. With these tips, we hope you can make the best decision.

One of the most attractive offers is English2Go

Not only because it has face-to-face classes or at home with native teachers; You can also find the best online English course, as well as the support of technological tools to complement what you have learned in the classroom.

You can start your private classes now! Click on this link and know everything we have for you.

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