Currently, mastering a second language has become important in the business world. However, responsibilities and routine leave no room for learning and practice. Then, ¿How long to study English per day?.

Mastering English is one of the essential requirements to obtain a job promotion. It is the most widely spoken language in the world; In addition, it supposes a great competence and ability that not everyone possesses.

Therefore, many companies are willing to pay more to have this skill. But, how much time to spend on this activity that will definitely pay off? It all depends on your specific goals.

Quantity vs quality: how long to study English per day

Of course, their goals are not only focused on a better salary or job. But to develop on a personal level, to train and become a better version of yourself, right?

Remember that English opens a field of possibilities that go beyond obtaining money. From a promotion in the organization to being able to emigrate to the United States and more easily get a job.

Do you want to learn a language just to communicate or develop professionally and personally? Find out how long to study English per day.

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Getting a C-Level position is key, but these positions are dominated by English speakers. He may have talent and a lot of potential, but it is clear that he requires the fundamental tool of this era.

Be able to converse fluently with clients who speak English, connect with them thanks to their language skills. Or improve the productivity of the company or be recognized for their achievements, Are they aspects that you would like?

For this and more, you need to learn as quickly as possible if you want a better quality of life. Think hard: quantity versus quality.

It is not about reading and memorizing every term in English. But to take the option that represents the best strategy, the one that provides high performance.

It is not functional to speak English under an impractical methodology that does not adapt to your lifestyle or work routine. Nor does it not give you real results in a short time and provide you with real learning.

Today it is possible to continue with your work, obtain a solid knowledge and in a private way. A course with flexible hours and accompaniment that offer a high level of English.

Your goals determine how long you study English each day

How Long to Study English a Day Currently

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Carefully analyze your personal situation and approach. Each goal you set for yourself will define how long you study English each day.

Therefore, here we bring you a series of questions that will help you as a guide. In this way, you will be able to make a wise decision that will benefit you in the short, medium and long term. Ahead!

What level do you want to reach?

Many people only know how to write in English, they even have good spelling. Others speak it fluently, but make many grammatical errors. And there are also cases in which they rely on another language, emerging varieties such as Spanglish.

How long to study English per day? First it is important to know your goals. You can spend an hour as well as a whole week. You just need to identify what you want to achieve.

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This happens because there is no total knowledge of the language. If you want to connect with clients and project an image of height, you must master it correctly.

Today, you have a good image, speak well and deal with different clients and industries. The difference is that you can do it in another language, in English.

Having tools that provide you with knowledge in an agile way will indicate how long to study English per day. You just need to have a good plan, an effective method and a professional and effective alternative.

How much time do you have?

If your schedule is too tight, you need to understand that this should not lead to frustration or keep you from your goals. Much less if it is about their personal and work development.

Today you can count on the best training in English, in the right measure and designed for your particular case. With flexible schedules and availability according to your routine to advance in learning the first language.

Consider the key element in this complex process. It is a modern training center that has the tools to instruct you intelligently, without delay and providing you with active participation.

What is your motivation?

If you have been wondering how long to study English per day, first find out your motivation. Do you want a higher position in the company and carry out projects that generate a greater financial impact?

Globalization requires professionals who are up to date with market demands, be up-to-date and stand out from the competition.

If you are wondering how long to study English per day, find out your motivation first. You can think about getting a higher level in the company and even just traveling.

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Do you want to travel to an Anglo-Saxon country and be able to communicate fluently without problems, in addition to working in a large company? Access new cultures, meet more people and expand your network of contacts.

Or do you just want to completely remove the translator from your life? Even if your motivation is to reach a personal level of development and speak English in a professional manner, it is also valid. For this and more, you must choose a course well.

How long to study English per day with an online course?

How Long to Study English a Day in One Course

The key to how long to study English per day will be discovered in several ways. From learning with a book, a private teacher or a online course. It is important to understand the value that technology provides today.

  • An online English course means being able to connect at any time after the working day.
  • It helps to overcome the fear of speaking as it provides the practice that is required on a daily basis if desired.
  • It has the support and accompaniment of a specialized tutor, who will provide the answer to any questions.
  • You will be able to share experiences with other people who are in the same process.
  • You will have at your disposal a platform to learn English with interesting resources such as videos or movies. In addition, you will be able to create study habits that will help you improve in your classes.


English is the foundation for intellectual growth. A window into the future that will allow you to evolve in your career and stand out from the rest. How long to study English per day is a question with many answers If you don't prioritize your goals.

The important thing is to have the commitment to learn and maintain a constant effort that, as you know, generates high profits. Yes it is possible, regardless of the time you dedicate to your work.

English2Go It has native teachers. We know the formula to direct you to concise, modern and advanced learning. You will be able to develop in a short time through an ideal plan according to your needs and objectives.

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