If you have set yourself the goal of improving your job or opting for new job offers, you know the importance of learning another language. Of course you may be wondering How long does it take to learn English?

There are several ways to get to speak english fluently, and each of them takes some time. This post will help you with the most convenient method to study the language in the shortest possible time.

How long do you need to learn fluent English?

Accurately determine the time to learn fluent english It will depend on many factors, such as the level of knowledge you have about the language, the number of hours to dedicate to the study of it, and the perseverance in completing the English classes or courses.

If a person with a beginner level dedicates at least 1 hour of classes daily for 6 months, they will be able to begin to relate to their environment, since they will have the ability to express their ideas. In 10 months you will overcome all the basic structures of the past, present and future.

Mastering a language will require 1-2 years to reach an intermediate level. After that, the person will be able to use the language fluently, whether it is spoken or written.

However, learning times may vary according to ability, dedication and interest shown to learn English.

It always varies in how long you learn English

The estimated time to learn English depends on the hours of study dedicated to it and changes with each level: 

To know how to express yourself with effortless fluency and spontaneity, between 500 and 1,200 hours of study will be required, which varies according to the level sought: if it is high midium, with between 500 and 600 hours you will be able to speak fluently and naturally and communicate effortlessly with some native speakers.

With a advanced level It would take between 700 to 800 hours of study, which would allow him to know how to express himself fluently and spontaneously without effort to find the right word.

For a high advanced level, it is recommended to study between 1000 to 1200 hours and thus be able to understand easily by practicing everything you hear. Know how to construct informative sentences and arguments from various sources, both in spoken and written language. In addition, they can be expressed in a coherent and summarized way.

In this case, the person can express himself spontaneously with great fluency and with a degree of precision that allows him to differentiate the different nuances of importance even in the most complex situations.

How long it takes to learn English is always relative

Factors that influence your language learning process

The main factors that influence the time to learn fluent english are:

1. Age

Although a person of any age can learn a language, the earlier you start, the more fluency you will have in its pronunciation.

2. Motivation

When you have the desire to master a new language, the time to learn fluent english It will be well used by that person.

3. Learning strategies and techniques

In the process of learning a second language, the chosen strategies and techniques will be of great help to improve English language skills.

Tips to learn fluent English in a short time

When it comes to learning another language, most people want to get it done fast. However, knowing how to speak and write a new language well is not something that can be achieved overnight.

Mastering a new language takes time and depends on the factors that we explained at the beginning of the article. So, instead of constantly wondering how long it takes to learn English, try to focus on the learning process.  

Although there is no magic formula to learn English fast, there are strategies that will shorten the study process; In addition, they will also allow you to achieve greater fluency in the language.

Here are three tips to learn English fluently and in less time:

Have discipline 

Discipline is essential when it comes to reaching a goal and practice is necessary to create a habit. For example, you can set a daily time to study your English notes. The ideal would be to get up early in the morning, when there is silence and tranquility in the house because time is better used. In addition, at this time it is usually more productive for study and concentration is at its best.

If you can't get up early, try to start studying when everyone is asleep.


A good idea is to write in a visible place the tasks that must be carried out daily, whenever possible and when some are fulfilled, those carried out should be crossed out to encourage study.

The most important thing is that you prioritize tasks. Decide what is most important and define what can be postponed. Create time to study during the day. Take study as a responsibility and set aside time daily.

expert advice 

All the tips that you can implement to learn English faster are valid. However, if you are looking to accelerate your learning, ideally you should have the guidance of experts.

How long does it take to learn English with the help of professionals? 

With the guidance of expert teachers, you can become fluent in English and make progress much faster. This is because the experts can easily identify your weaknesses and work on the specific flaws.

In addition, a teacher can guide you with the use of tools adapted to your time and lifestyle that will support you. For example, translators and applications to practice the language and expand your vocabulary.

Set goals and objectives 

Sometimes the people who are studying do not achieve their goals; This is mainly because they do not focus on their studies and they do not invest the estimated time to learn English. That's why we have to propose solutions, for example: advance in the levels, schedule the necessary time for that and do whatever happens.

Much of learning depends on the commitment we make to ourselves to constantly work on mastering a new language. Interest and motivation will play a determining role in defining the time to learn fluent English.

When you get through a level, celebrate it, but then move on to the next one and don't leave it for later. Remember that the person who will benefit the most from the advance obtained will be yourself.


In this post you were able to learn the importance of learning English for your personal and professional development, with the use of some tools for learning in the shortest possible time.

Focusing on knowing how long it takes to learn English will only put more pressure on you and lead to frustration. Remember that the most important thing is not to do it faster, but to learn the language in a comprehensive and effective way.

Practice discipline, organize your study schedule and set measurable and achievable goals. These are essential strategies to improve your language learning.

If due to labor issues you want to learn the language in a short time, turn to expert advice. Teachers know the best way for you to write and pronounce English like an expert and at your own pace 

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