English for adults? Have you been told that it is too late to learn another language? There is no reason to put your arms down just because you are no longer a child or have already passed half of your life. Age is not a real obstacle when it comes to acquiring a new language. 

There is a false belief that only children and adolescents can absorb knowledge. This originated from a misinterpretation by the press of a study by MIT scientists.

Without a doubt, learning English for adults is possible and in this article we will tell you how. In English2Go We know this because we see it every day in our students, who are professionals determined to improve their language and do so at a good pace and in a short time. 

What exactly is English for adults?

English for adults is a training aimed at learning the language. It considers the age and experience of the apprentice, as well as their expectations and goals; Generally, this training is a means to an end.

Our experience tells us that English classes for adults should be personalized, flexible, contextualized and, necessarily, they must be directed towards a purpose or objective. 

Unlike classes for minors, English for adults requires a much more specific and practical plan, with activities that train the ability to "think in english", refine the argument and that are related to the student's day to day.

Adults learn English much more quickly and successfully in individual classes or with others close to their age or profession.

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On the other hand, you learn much more when you have a native tutor. And this only improves when, in addition, they have experience in technicalities and formal modes that enrich the communication range of professionals.

Adults need a much higher level of knowledge of the language than children, since this determines competitiveness in all areas of life. Adults have had to adjust to different environments, and that experience works in their favor.

English can be learned for adults

How to achieve advanced English as an adult?

The advantage of learning English as an adult is that you don't have just one source of knowledge. It has life experience, self-reflection and plenty of real opportunities to put into practice what you have learned in class.

More than a traditional teacher, what is being sought is a learning facilitator who speaks English as a first language; in addition, that it guides you in the search for your objectives and that it places the study agenda in the appropriate context. 

This will give you the motivation you need and speed up your learning. For an adult, English is useful in different areas of life, such as work, networking or personal and professional aspirations.

The techniques and methods used today provide an effective way of displaying knowledge; this helps you absorb faster, even from home. You will be able to achieve this by simply immersing yourself in the Anglo-Saxon culture and reality through the Internet, in your spare time.

In the field of work you can acquire it by listening, reading, interacting and searching for material exclusively in English. This may seem difficult at first, but you'll quickly get used to it and your brain will stop translating everything into Spanish.

Constancy, and not age, is the key to success when learning English as an adult.

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An adult must take into account that before reaching fluency, he must lose the fear of others hearing him speak English, and have the firm commitment to fulfill the objective. Once your mental barriers are broken down, your brain learns like a sponge.

Choosing a good English course for adults

When you decide to take an English course for adults you should consider two factors: your time and your goals. Once both points are clear, it will be much easier to identify which academy or tutor you should stay with.

The best English course is the one that understands your learning needs as an adult.

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We are aware of the challenges of learning English as an adult. That is why our courses are adjusted to the level of the student. So you can start exactly where you need to, but they're also flexible about your time and purpose.

We provide solutions and help you achieve your personal goals. This methodology is ideal when it comes to learning English as an adult. So we put at your disposal personalized classes, with adaptable schedules.

Because of our experience and trajectory we know what you need so that your language learning meets your requirements; That is why we also have advice and experts who make the best recommendation for you to achieve your goals.

How to learn English as an adult?

Learning English for adults can seem like an extremely difficult task; however, it can be a pleasant trip. To achieve your goal of acquiring the language, you can follow the recommendations that we have learned over 17 years.

We specialize in training executives and professionals in learning English. This experience empowers us to share what we consider to be the best practices for you to become bilingual.

Make the first move

In any activity that is started, it is essential to be determined. Put aside the prejudices about age and the fear that others will see you wrong. Speaking in another language is possible and will allow you to achieve other goals that you have set for yourself. 

Unlike children who jump into activities without much thought, adults tend to seek information and evaluate each step. Avoid analysis paralysis and take the first step to learning English.

It is important not to fill yourself with information, anxiety and tasks right away. Break the task down into small steps, one at a time, with the hardest usually going first. So focus on it and work your way up from there.

It is useful to do the work gradually and, above all, to plan in a feasible way to achieve your goals. Setting a goal that exceeds you will only discourage you. It is essential that you have patience and adapt the study to your lifestyle.

And don't forget to always believe in yourself. Sometimes venturing into new things can be difficult, but this is normal. Don't push yourself too hard to avoid frustration. If it is a bit difficult for you, remember that with each step forward it gets easier.

Set clear goals

As Stephen Covey, author of the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, says, start with the end in mind. Therefore, the first thing you should do is consider what level of English you want to achieve with your learning.

For this, you need to know your current level of command of the language. In the section of diagnosis On our page you can find an evaluation that will help you know where you are in the management of the language.

Once you are clear on this you can decide on your ultimate goal in learning. And, what is convenient as a next step is to divide it into smaller results. These function as stations on the road and let you know how you are doing.

It also helps to be clear about why you want to learn English. Some do it to go on a trip or to communicate with some people. However, doing it to advance your work will require more dedication and a date to reach your goal.

observe and analyze

Matthew Youlden is a multilingual language and linguistics expert. He has studied learning English and recommends observing others, especially native speakers of different countries or regions, as part of the English acquisition method for adults.

The author points out that pronunciation is a technique unconsciously learned through immersion. Therefore, looking at everyday experience is important, as different languages make different demands on your tongue, lips, and throat. 

That also applies to variety of accents. For this reason, it is convenient for him to observe how the sounds emitted by his teacher, the actors in the movies or his foreign friends are articulated. Analyze the movements they make.

Then repeat the vocal movements, pay attention to words or sounds that are difficult for you to pronounce, and try to include them in your vocabulary whenever you can. This includes speaking out loud in full sentences and dialogues.

And above all, don't be discouraged; according to Youlden, "we are capable of pronouncing everything, we are just not used to doing it." And conventional wisdom provides us with the resource: “Practice makes perfect”, so do it whenever you can.

How to learn English for adults

seek advice

If you don't know where to find adult English training, you can seek advice. There are experts dedicated to helping people like you reach your goal of becoming bilingual and access better job opportunities.

Keep in mind what you require from your English course, how much time you can spend, and set your expectations. With these things clear, you are ready to choose from among the options a training that suits your requirements.

 Certainly, unlike children or adolescents, you require a study method that is compatible with your needs and interests. In addition, you need it to be flexible and fit into your personal time, 

All this can be found at English2Go where we have 17 years of experience accompanying professionals to achieve their goal of being bilingual. We advise you and help you create a tailor-made plan, with native teachers.

leave fears behind

Fear is not your ally, as intimidating as English for adults may seem; actually, noo there are limitations when it comes to learning the language in middle ageIt is a goal that can be achieved. At any age you can start a new activity.

Learning English for adults also stimulates the brain and helps keep its neurons young. These types of activities are increasingly recommended to strengthen cognitive skills and create new bridges between neurons.

The truth is that if you are just starting out and comparing your level of performance with native English speakers it can seem like a very challenging goal. Starting and maintaining a study habit will bring you steadily closer to your goal.

In addition, adults learn differently from children, in fact there is a line called andragogy. This is different from youth-oriented pedagogy. The experience and knowledge you have now They will help you in acquiring the language.

Fear is overcome by acting, and this is the moment. Contact English2Go and request an appointment. And you can start with a personalized program tailored to your needs so that fear is a thing of the past.


An English course for adults must fit your time requirements and goals. In addition, it is very important that you are convinced that it is possible to learn. 

In English2Go experience shows us yes. Age, if anything, is an advantage. What it requires is motivation and perseverance. Request a quote on our website and achieve your goal. 

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