Before choosing the best english course, it is important that you define your needs to learn the language. It is also key to consider what type of classes they offer and if the company that will teach the classes has native teachers.

Once you are very clear about your requirements, interests and initial level, it is time to start looking for the best option. To find the best English course you must take into account a series of factors; We tell you what they are.

Choosing the best English course according to your needs

There are different types of English classes, so it is important to be clear about what you want to achieve with your course.

  • reading capacity

If what is intended is to understand written English, the activity towards which this need will be directed must also be specified.

For example, the study of English for those who want to do tourism will focus on reading advertisements, menus or travel guides. To get to this level, The best English course will focus on beginning classes in reading comprehension and basic conversation skills. 

To choose the best English course, it is key that you define your needs and interests in the language. So you can choose the most appropriate and adjusted to your objectives.

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Instead, an executive will need to be familiar with the terms of his industry to read reports, documents, etc.

And if it is to study a postgraduate degree, the need to master grammar will be essential, so several courses of progressive complexity must be taken.

  • Auditive comprehension

This will be necessary in all cases where you are exposed to people who speak English. Likewise, you must develop listening comprehension if you need to understand recorded lectures, movies, news, and television, Internet, or radio programs. 

Definitely, This task is one of those that requires more dedication and practice, and should preferably be done daily in the training plan.

  • write capacity

If what you are looking for is, for example, responding in writing to letters or drafting orders, an intermediate level will suffice. In the case of the study of careers or specialties, the elaboration of complex texts will require a much higher level of study and practice.

  • conversation skills

Best conversational English course

The ability to converse can be simple or basic if it is about sightseeing; intermediate, for the attention of clients with elaborated orders; or of a high level to perform in a field of work exclusively in English on complex topics. 

The best English course must contemplate several types of conversation in this language.

The type of study you choose should favor the use of time. In this sense, online classes are highly recommended; In addition, in times of pandemic they have turned out to be a trend.

With online classes you will be able to advance in the contents according to your achievements. In this way you can efficiently achieve the initially established objectives.

Types of English courses

To define which is the best English course, it is convenient to know the different types that are offered in the market:

  • Private classes, in office or at home

Private classes allow you to learn English quickly and effectively. A teacher will be in charge of teaching personalized classes, according to the needs of each student. 

Together they will define the schedule and the number of weekly lessons to be taken.

  • English classes online

Under an organized and sequential method, online English classes are perfect for learning a new language. Depending on the chosen modality, the student will be able to receive live classes, with another group of people or individually.

The great advantage of this course is that it can be taken from anywhere in the world and at the time that suits you best.

  • Group English classes

Meeting with a group of people online or in person to take English classes will help speed up the learning process. It is a good option for those who have goals and objectives in common. The interaction in the groups is more fluid, allowing the teaching of English to be a complete success.

  • self-taught learning

The high demand for English has motivated thousands of people to be part of self-study. With the help of valuable resources you will be able to progress on your own and at your own pace, even though you will not have a tutor to guide or correct you.

The choice of the best English course will be based on your needs. To determine from which point to start the course, it is advisable to take a test that assesses the level where you are.

Having a clear starting point, It will only be necessary to define the schedule, method and type of learning for the new language.

Learning English could become the best tool to achieve personal goals, have professional growth and expand opportunities.

What should a good English course have?

In addition to the training modality, you must take into account some other elements that will be key during your learning process. The best English course will be the one that allows you to develop the 4 fundamental language skills.

The best English course will be the one that allows you to practice and develop the 4 linguistic skills of a language: listening, reading, speaking and writing.

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Each of these skills plays a key role in the correct command of the language. The set of them will be what allows you to communicate effectively in different contexts.

On the other hand, the personnel in charge of training plays the role of promoter of learning, so their knowledge is equally important.

Take note of the key elements that the best English course must have:

1. listening

When talking about listening, reference is made to listening comprehension ability. That is, the ability to understand the language orally; It applies in conversations, songs, conferences or telephone calls, among others.

This ability is developed through the constant practice of listening exercises. That is, listening to your teacher in class, listening to audios intended for learning and interacting with other people in English.

Ideally, you should be exposed to a variety of accents that allow you to hear different ways of speaking. However, andhe level of your listening exercises should be commensurate with your learning level.

2. Reading 

Reading comprehension is another of the key skills that you can develop in a good English course. For many students this is usually one of the easiest to acquire and develop as you can have some time to process the information.

It is important to note that the reading comprehension skill includes some specific micro-skills. These are the ones that allow you to develop reading skills in greater depth.

The 3 key skills you must develop in reading are:

  • interpretive competence

  • argumentative competence

  • propositional competence

3. Native teachers

You may be wondering why it is necessary to have native teachers in your learning process. The answer is that they are professional staff who are experts in different areas of interest. 

In addition, the pronunciation of a native teacher It is the ideal and expected in a trainingn. Finally, the interaction with native teachers will bring you closer to the culture of English.


This ability is possibly the primary goal of those who wish to learn English. Have the ability to speak efficiently in the language without having to stop to mentally translate what they say or what you want to express. 

Although many people are afraid of speaking in English, the only way to overcome it is to put it into practice. The best English course will offer you multiple opportunities to communicate orally with your teacher and classmates.

Your speaking skills must always go hand in hand with your listening skills. The practice of both is what will allow you to have an effective conversation in the language.

5. Writing

the best english course today

Finally, writing is another production skill that will allow you to have a complete command of the language. You will put this skill into practice in your classes by doing written exercises, drafting texts or even writing practice emails.

In this sense, it is important that you know the grammar and that you can also identify the appropriate words according to the context.

Certifications you can get after an English course

The best English course not only prepares you to communicate effectively in the language but also prepares you to take certifications at your level. These certifications are the endorsement of their knowledge at an international level.

There is a wide variety of international certifications that support your level of English.

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Some of the most recognized certifications are:

  • Cambridge English Qualifications
  • Linguaskill
  • Oxford English Test


Before choosing your next English course it is important that you take the time to analyze what it can offer you. It is about deciding one that provides a learning process tailored to your needs and interests.

In addition, it must allow you to develop all the skills necessary for a good command of the language. In English2Go We offer you all the tools you need to learn English quickly and effectively. ¡Contact Us today!

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