Having a bilingual work team gives the company a great advantage in business. Now, have you ever wondered what is the best way to teach him a new language? In this article we will talk about the benefits of learn English at work and at home.

To get a better idea of the type of training your team needs, you should consider the different types of English classes that exist. For example, consider online classes if you're looking for flexibility, personalization, and cultural immersion.

For this reason, before defining whether it is convenient for your collaborators to learn English at work or at home, you must be able to identify the dynamics of their itineraries. In this way you will find a method that ensures sustainable growth in the language.

Remember that with the use of new technologies for information and communication, to reinvent study and academic training. One of the main platforms on the rise that is supplied by this medium is learning a new language, mainly English.

There are different ways to proceed if it is about starting to speak English. From group classes to personalized classes, you can hire the services of a tutor or enroll in an institute. What motivates, then, people to opt for this new path?

Maybe you want to learn this language for the first time, maybe you are thinking of taking classes again or improving the skill you already have. In any case, when considering the options, you are probably wondering what is the best strategy for your employees to learn English.

Why learn English at work?

learn english at work businessman

Learning English at work will let your employees know that you trust them and invest in their education. So they will feel more motivated and committed to the company they work for.  

If you are looking for a good option to learn English at work, it is a great idea to consider online courses. Especially because of the health context that exists around the world. Even if your business hasn't fully incorporated into your offices, this is a good strategy.

In general, we all have various daily occupations that take up a large part of our time, leaving us with little adaptable space for new goals, just as important and necessary. Many times we have thought of putting them aside, so they do not materialize.

Taking the above into account, you can establish a schedule so that your collaborators can learn English at work. In this way you will be sure that all efforts are aimed at your goal: to master the language to use it in your work tasks.

The online alternatives They open the way to a new world of possibilities. Mainly because we realize that the schedule is not a limitation for this type of course, so that our future expectations do not have to be thrown in the trash.

In addition, if the plans for the company's personnel have English proficiency, an environment must be created that promotes this knowledge. Incorporating a language course within the workplace will encourage your employees to further strengthen their knowledge of the new language.

Why learn English at home?

Regarding online solutions, the extraordinary historical moment in which we find ourselves due to the 2020 pandemic shows us that new technologies play a very important role in our lives. Especially if you want to learn English at home.

 By logic we know that at this time, due to the quarantine, online courses and classes, as well as teleworking, are the best options to protect ourselves. But we also know that the effort we make right now will be rewarded when everything returns to normal and physical contact no longer involves a risk.

So outside of this eventual scenario, could learning English online suit our needs? According to the OBS Bussines School web portal, in an article from 2017, "the e-learning market trend is in full growth (...) This represents an estimated annual growth of 7.6% until 2020".

He even mentions that this figure could rise to 9.5% in some cases. This means that the online learning market has a key dynamic in adapting to the needs of users. Which means a great advantage for those looking to learn English at home.

Let's keep in mind the priorities for the various cases. Depending on our occupations, the way we organize ourselves varies, however, personal training will always be an area of the utmost importance.

Professionals, in general, tend to focus on their jobs, so their activities are adapted to this, taking into account the time they dedicate to their working life. Surely, the space that they can have to learn a language does not fit easily into a convenient schedule.

In these cases, it is worth learning English at home to use the little time available to study the language. Without having to waste time in the transfer or generate extra expenses. This alternative is very good for those who have a limited agenda or have some kind of limitations.

Benefits of learning English at work.

english to grow

vHere are some of the benefits that you and your work team can find when learning English at work online:

Personalized classes

The first great benefit is that the English courses can be personalized. Therefore, according to their level of knowledge and performance in the language, it will be possible to establish which points should be strengthened.

Based on these data, a totally personalized structure will be made that responds to the needs you have. This will allow you to progress much faster than other types of English courses.

Just for you

The complexity of your schedule will no longer be an inconvenience for you or your work team. If you opt for online courses, you can adapt them to your time –not the other way around, great!–, without having to juggle to open space in your schedule.

Thus, you will be able to organize your classes in the way that suits you best, either within working hours or allowing your workers to can prepare in the language with your support.

avoid the traffic

By learning English at work online, you do not have to worry about being late for classes, or interrupting your moments or obligations an hour before to cross the city and arrive on time.

You can also forget about traffic, as you can access your online classes from anywhere, as long as you have one of your mobile devices with you. Comfort within reach of the place where you are. A great relief, right?

Although it is worth noting that the recommendation will always be that you take the time and locate yourself in a place without distractions, so that you can get the most out of learning the language.

in your space

Just as online English courses allow you to easily adapt your schedule, it also makes it easy for you to do it from the space you have available for it.

Whether you work from an office or telecommute, you'll be very comfortable. This point is extremely important. because you will be able to learn English from the space you have.

Step by Step

We have all experienced that tension of not wanting to be the last in the class, we fear that the moment of evaluation will come and we will not be able to reach the goal, many times, we even memorize content only to advance to the next level.

With the online classes, you will be able to forget about that fear, because the dynamics allow you to advance in level according to your rhythm and step by step, so that you will feel safe at all times and you will be guaranteed a complete learning.

A teacher just for you

Online courses will allow you to learn English on the job with a teacher who will dedicate himself entirely to you. 

Remember that this type of training is tailored to your needs, so you can supplement your knowledge with interesting and informative material. You can participate in forums, webinars, or download ebooks and PDF guides. Everything within reach of a click.

Less expenses

Finally, learning English at work online allows both you and your collaborators to have less expenses. Which are linked to the transfer of people to the institutions, as well as the materials to be used.

But besides this, there are courses that are aimed at entire groups of workers, so that companies can get the training for a very competent and beneficial price.

How to learn English at work?

There are different varieties of online English courses, adapted to the study methods that learning companies have decided to opt for, but at the same time adjusted to user preferences for greater comfort. Especially if it is a work environment.

This is a sample of the dynamism that feeds this teaching channel, since, more than a tool, online classes are a new scenario on which the true tools are deployed for the reach of the entire public.

Here are 4 types of online English courses to learn English at work:


This type of course usually divides the topics in a very specific way, the videos are brief with the intention of not boring the student, because there is no interaction beyond observation. The contents are precise and well exemplified, to bring the user closer to the practice.

Once the topic is finished, it is usually accompanied by a short test to check that the knowledge has been fixed.

For those who have very little time per day, this method is very practical, however, progress will be slower. It is also ideal for people who already dominate the language but want to expand their vocabulary or better grammar.


This method is divided into longer sessions, taking into account the hour of study. In general, those who teach the classes are native teachers, so that people can become familiar with phonetics and common expressions, increasing the professionalism of the results.

In addition, the live courses allow you to interact with the professors, so that it is possible to clarify doubts at the moment and the class is much more reciprocal and dynamic.

In these cases, some classes may be available at times that you can't even imagine, so that the day's activities will not be inconvenient for you to take advantage of this service. In general, these types of courses are divided into group and individual.


Group services receive a small number of people per session, this to guarantee better results, since if the groups were too large, the teachers would not have time to dedicate to everyone's doubts, reducing the quality of learning.

These courses allow interaction not only with the person who directs the teaching, but also with other students, strengthening the dynamics through the community. Sessions are usually a bit longer but in less quantity per week.


If you are an introvert, or feel that you need deeper learning, individual classes are designed to pay special attention to your needs.

Content is personalized around your progress and based on your pace. The time of these sessions is usually one academic hour, while the number per week increases in relation to group courses.

Now that you know the different online English courses, you can define which one best suits your itinerary, tastes and needs. And remember that you are not forced to stick with just one method, but you can vary them according to changes in your schedule or, simply, to enjoy the benefits of all of them.

How to learn English at home?

This question may be very common among users who want to learn English at home, however, the starting point of this question is quite interesting.

Traditional teaching methods have accustomed the public to think that if a class is not rigid and demanding, it is not capable of offering greater results. So it is very common to associate fun or certain facilities with counterproductive aspects of learning.

If you have also fallen into this trap, we bring you reasons that will transform your opinion. Learning at home has truly never been more flexible!

The grid and static teaching has fostered in us the idea that learning is (and should be) difficult, otherwise we find that the subject should not be important, since it did not present us with a high degree of complexity. Thus, we underestimate ourselves, believing that we are not capable of dealing with a new subject skillfully.

And not only that, but we extend our learning time, time that we could take advantage of in a more practical way. In fact, this is a reason why many people give up on the march.

 It is important to know that studying at home, the more fun, dynamic, flexible and simplified it is, the more accurate and profitable it will be, contrary to what is believed. Making teaching more complex, on the other hand, will lead to generating stress in people, which slows down the process.

Online English course platforms offer various methodologies to ensure effective home learning when completing all levels.

The offer of native teachers, the preparation of programs adapted to your specific needs, the diversity of activities and practices to improve pronunciation and extra content to complement knowledge, are some of the tools of great value that are usually provided.

If you want to learn English at home, consider the following:

They exist since English courses basic to business and professional accessible from home. In them, nothing escapes into the world of possibilities.i what you want is to speak the language fluently.

Evaluations are also carried out to measure the strengths and weaknesses of your performance, and thus develop the best study plan for you, strengthening those areas in which you have the greatest difficulty.

You can choose the most convenient time for your schedule, and you can even reschedule in the event of an unforeseen event.

For pronunciation, an aspect of great importance, by having an online English course from home you will have access to English-speaking tutors, from whom you will be able to learn more clearly, and who will be able to correct during live classes. You can also count on additional tools to help you with this.

learn english at home or at work

How to choose a good online English course?

 Surely you already have a clearer idea of which English course is best suited to your time and needs. However, you may want to know the best tips to make the right decision.

 We understand! That is why we have some tips for you to keep in mind when choosing the best online English course.

  •  must be certified: A good English course must have certificates that meet international criteria.
  • Personalization: The content must be adapted to their requirements and difficulties. Choose to study with a company that evaluates your initial capacity, in order to place you at the correct level.
  • live classes: For a more outstanding learning, we recommend taking live classes, either individually or in groups. And in the case of the latter, the ideal would be to participate in small groups.
  • native speaking teachers: When it comes to improving phonetic or grammatical skills, an English-speaking instructor will always be the best option.
  • Specialization: Don't stick with a basic level. Bring your foreign language skills on par with your professional performance. We know you aspire to more. Develop your English vocabulary to the fullest

Get the most out of your online classes

We believe that your effort should be rewarded. And we want to encourage you to achieve your best. That is why we mention the following guidelines so that you can advance quickly in your learning.

1.       Take time for your training. It is important that you maintain continuity in your routine, discipline is the key.

2. Give yourself small daily challenges. If you want to learn a particular vocabulary, or have specific difficulties, propose daily dynamics that help you fix your knowledge or correct mistakes. Such as: rehearsing 5 daily words, learning to say a couple of commonly used phrases in English, or achieving the correct pronunciation of a difficult word.

3. Complement the way you like. You can start by reading short stories in English by your favorite authors, translating song lyrics, watching videos that integrate teaching, practicing speaking with other people, and even risk watching a movie without subtitles.

4. Do a review before the next class. This will help you refresh your knowledge.

5. think in english. A good way to practice the language is to integrate it into everyday life, but remember! Others may not be able to understand you.

6. Set goals and stick to them. Set monthly and/or weekly goals, doing so will give you a purpose to persevere. At the end of the stipulated time, you will have achieved a new skill!

We know that to complement your career and your experience, breaking down the barriers of English is essential. Every day business advances and develops in a globalized world. We agree with you that you should not be left behind, and in the face of tight schedules and complicated agendas, we bring you specific solutions for your limitations.

 Online resources have proven their importance by presenting themselves as an answer in times of great adversity. And after these they will continue to be there as a key element of society.


Online courses are a way to make the most of your time to gain new skills. Whether you want to learn English at work or from home. If it is about mastering English, the online mode offers you facilities adaptable to your lifestyle, so you do not miss a thing, after all, the intention is to reduce your worries.

In English2Go We have fully personalized online English courses. Available for both individual and group sessions. So you will have the teaching model you are looking for for you and your team. Contact us and your next step in this language.

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