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Recurring questions and answers about our courses and learning English.

What is the duration of the English2Go English courses?

Between 4 to 6 months, but it all depends on each case, because our study plans are personalized.

The duration of the courses is established in relation to the objectives to be achieved: fluency, grammar, deepening in terms of their profession or career; Later, the level of knowledge of English that they possess is determined with the placement test, the level to be reached and the number of hours dedicated to learning the language are defined. The establishment of these aspects is totally customized to your conditions so that you reach the desired goal.

How long will it take me to become fluent in English?

There is no defined time, it varies according to the time you have for your classes and the frequency established during the week, considering the level you have.

As a first step, we always prepare a placement test, which will allow us to know your command of English and define, based on your objective, an average time for you to achieve the desired result and speak English according to your expectations.

How many people study per course?

We have two types of services:

Private courses: the service is totally personalized, where the practice and the level of demand in the study is totally related and established between the teacher and you as a student. 

Courses for companies: This service continues to be personalized, the private course can be offered to one of its executives, or based on the results of the initial evaluations, to form the groups, working with 2 group sizes, 3 people, and the other size is of a maximum of 5 people, so that each member achieves knowledge of grammar, writing, pronunciation and others.

It should be noted that we have course options for private professionals Y Business.

What is the experience of English2Go teachers?

All our teachers have English as their native language, so the classes are developed 100% in this language and with references to the North American culture, so that at all times you can learn or increase your vocabulary and become familiar with phrases and other contents of everyday way.

Our professors have different experiences, so we will assign one adapted to your objectives: retired professionals who reside in Costa Rica with experience in various areas such as business, accounting and others, students who visit Costa Rica, who are pursuing a university career or young professionals who want to teach the English language and share their culture as well as become familiar with the Spanish language.

In all cases, our teachers have experience or international training in teaching English as a second language.

Does the placement test have a cost?

We have several placement test options, we offer one of them free of charge and there are others that can be purchased, you can see more in the English Level Test session, if you are interested.  Contact Us  to perform the test.

Do the English courses have an additional cost for registration?

Our courses do not have an additional amount for registration, the value of the course is for the hours of service granted according to the programming carried out.

What happens if I can't continue with the course?

All the information that English2Go has collected about your placement test, your current English level and more is recorded, so you can return to your classes whenever you want.

Is there a promotion I can apply for?

Our promotions are variable over time, although we can guarantee that we always have one available. Write us to the chat on this website or to Contact Form to get the details.

How to practice English at home and reinforce my lessons?

In order for you to make rapid progress in English, it is important that you make this language an important part of your everyday life. Whether you're at home or in the office, we encourage you to stay in touch with the language through movies, dialogue, music, and articles that are relevant to you. "Think in English" (in your head or out loud), interact on social media in your second language, and start using technical terms from your area in English more often.

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How long will it take me to reach a new level of English?

Learning a language is like climbing a mountain: the climb becomes more difficult the higher you climb. Don't take the same amount of time to get to each level.

It takes more time to get to B2 from B1 than it does to get to A2 from A1.

As language progresses, the person needs to acquire a wider range of language knowledge and skills. Furthermore, when going beyond the B1 level, most students reach a linguistic plateau and acquisition declines.

The Association of Language Testers of Europe (ALTE) offers guidance on the number of guided teaching hours required to meet the objectives of each CEF level:

  • A1 Approximately 90 - 100 hours
  • A2 Approximately 180 - 200 hours
  • B1 Approximately 350 - 400 hours
  • B2 Approximately 500 - 600 hours
  • C1 Approximately 700 - 800 hours
  • C2 Approximately 1,000 - 1,200 hours

What is the best age to learn English?

The truth is, it's never too late to learn new skills. While children and teenagers find it easier to absorb new knowledge, middle-aged adults can also become fluent in English, they just need the right learning approach and a personalized study plan.

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