Check list: How to Choose the Best English Training for my Company

Get the eBook Checklist How to Choose the Best English Training for Your Company and make an informed decision that will lead your team to success, without wasting time and money.

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We know your situation. We know how important and complex it is to successfully train employees. As the person in charge of this task, you need to consider multiple factors before choosing a supplier and deploying actions in the company that reinforce what has been learned in class. If you don't have a clear path, you may be wasting too much time and money trying to find the options that meet your team's needs.

From the type of English to how to invest in the project, here we will help you make a well-informed decision, without wasting time and answering your main questions. Print this guide and keep it nearby, make marginal notes when you see fit, and check the appropriate box after completing any requirements.

Checklist: How to Choose the Best English Training for my Company

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With this downloadable material you will be able to:

Correctly define and understand the true needs of your team and company.

Draw a roadmap that will make your training plan a success.

Identify step by step the level of English of your collaborators.

Know the selection criteria of suitable suppliers for your company.

Discover essential aspects such as time, budget, tutor profile, methodology and goals.

There is more! In This Checklist You Will Also Find...

The necessary help to make your job EASIER without losing money or getting stuck in processes with inadequate suppliers. This kind of guide will take you from point A to point B in your training plan.  

Tips and recommendations... enhance the knowledge of your collaborators while they work.

Step by Step

List of concrete "step by step" tasks that will guide your training mission without encountering obstacles. 

Motivate your Team

Tips to maintain motivation for success during the training period.

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How to Choose the Best English Training for my Company