Man and woman participate in an English training for employees.

Technical English and Specialized

Find here the necessary resources to handle the English of your area or industry in a short time and in a personalized way.

You Need to Handle Technical English, We Tell You How.

Communicating in the specialized English of your industry will give you or your company the opportunity to grow and establish international relationships that will lead to success.

learn Technical and Specialized English
in 3 simple steps.

We understand, studying English while you work or start a business can be quite a challenge. He needs to improve his English but at the same time he feels that the hours of the day are not enough, he finds it difficult to be constant and stay motivated, there is so much to do and so little time. 

Step 1

A guide to get started

Clarify your doubts about how to start and what type of specialized or technical English to study. Below you have at your disposal a selection of free Articles and Resources that will be very useful to organize your study, assimilate new vocabulary and improve in the shortest possible time.

Step 2

With the methodology that works

Find the advice and information you need to develop your own study plan following a personalized methodology that prioritizes practice over theory and focuses on your professional goals and those of your company.

Step 3

Practice, practice and practice 

Save this page in your favorites or bookmarks. You'll want to use it when you need to put your curriculum into practice, read dialogues, discover study tools, and gain new specialized vocabulary.

Broaden your horizons
cross borders.

Technical English opens the doors to the world.

What is Technical English and Why Should You Study It?

Find your Course Specialized English

Business English

have effective business conversations with partners and potential clients around the world. This course is structured to teach you the essential vocabulary and idiomatic expressions for having successful meetings.

You will learn the language of Business Communication in social situations, calls, business writing, presentations and corporate meetings of all kinds.

Financial English

Become an executive world class finance. This training covers all aspects of the finance area, from Accounting, Loans, Central Banking, Venture Capital and more; including financial idioms and metaphors.

It contains a wide variety of technical language to give the student the confidence and ability they require to function in a financial environment.

Human Resources English

Learn all the necessary technical English vocabulary to lead international departments, carry out recruitment processes with English-speaking candidates and hold specialized conversations in any type of meetings, presentations and business events.

Legal English

Legal terminology in English to practice your professional career, such as lawyers or litigators; legal interns or researchers; court clerks or trainee lawyers. You will learn how didactic, at your own pace and according to your specific professional needs.

English for Marketing

Stand out and expand your career opportunities speaking technical marketing English with confidence. 

With the help of a native teacher with experience in this area, you will learn the lexicon and expressions inherent to this modality, as well as related topics.

The course is designed to boost workers in this career who need to use English to streamline their functions or grow professionally.

English for Engineers

Access better job opportunities, international education programs and information of a scientific nature that you will hardly find in Spanish. 

In this course, we offer technical and practical reference vocabulary for Engineering students or professionals who need the English language at work.

The teaching material we offer covers a wide range of fields such as civil, mechanical and electronic engineering.

English for Doctors and Nurses

This course is specially designed for doctors, nurses or medical students who need to communicate with their patients or colleagues in English.

Understand a wide variety of medical vocabulary, from basic to advanced level. Topics include diseases and symptoms, investigations, treatments, tests, and prevention. 

English as needed (Courses tailored to your needs)

For business or academic reasons, specific events or professional challenges, you may need an English course that meets your specific needs. 

Our specialized tutors will adjust to your schedules, preferred dynamics and topics of relevance to you. You will have access to the learning platform and advance levels supported by a unique study plan designed by experts.

Do you need to develop skills
of Business Communication?

Learn about our courses

of Soft Skills in English.

If you already have an intermediate to upper-intermediate level, we prepare you or your collaborators to communicate in English, with fluency and confidence, in corporate environments.

Writing for impact

Writing well is a necessary art for success in business and professional life. Learn how to write strong, inspiring speeches, emails, meeting minutes, and pitches.

Regardless of your role or area of work, with a progressive study plan you will learn to communicate in English in writing with assertiveness, clarity and argumentation.

You will receive grammatical and linguistic tools to turn your ideas into words that generate impact. 

International Negotiations

Close successful deals with clients and partners around the world negotiating in English like a native. 

Acquire the vocabulary, skills and techniques necessary for successful negotiations, such as relationship building, questioning techniques, body language, argumentation and the power of persuasion.

Communicating Across Cultures

Perfect for managers and top executives They must maintain communication with clients, prospects and stakeholders belonging to different cultures and nations. 

We cover all types of oral and written communication, specializing in meetings and negotiations, including phone calls, emails, international team management and conflict resolution. 

Dynamic Presentations

Deliver well-designed, engaging English presentations at speech level.

This course focuses on making your presentations a success, with a motivating, well-pronounced and well-argued presentation.

Plus, it gives you an insight into the essential skills and techniques you'll need to ensure your presentations are both inspiring and memorable.

Technical writing

You or your collaborators will learn to master the technical writing of your area and industry, regardless of what it is.

Correctly write guides, emails, reports, process documentation, minutes, whitepapers and more with specific terms and vocabularies. 

You will have the instruction and feedback of certified native teachers, will carry out practices and simulations related to their field of work and you can write documents of interest to your company about the brand.

In general, the approach that we have given to the lessons has made the class dynamic and fun. The first is that it forces you to avoid that process of thinking in Spanish and translating into English, this also stimulates that naturalness when conversing. It is a highly recommended option to explore learning from another perspective.

Guido Garita

Commercial Excellence Sr Manager at VIATRIS