English level tests for your work team.

Demonstrate your language skills and get that dream promotion. Know the level of English proficiency of the applicants to select the best.

Evaluate your work team
up to 25 people, free of charge.

With this evaluation you will be able to measure the level of knowledge of English of your collaborators,

as well as the skills of:

Level of Grammatical Knowledge

Auditive comprehension

Reading comprehension


Verbal Assessment

The results of the exams will help you recognize the strengths and skills that each professional

of your team needs to reinforce to develop a personalized study plan.

Also get to know our high-level tests at a low cost.

We have different evaluation methods for your entire team. Tell us your interest and we will advise you in this regard.

We have packages from 10 evaluations onwards.

Level by Oxford online assessment

The Oxford Placement Test is the online evaluation most used by companies to find out the level of English of their current employees or that of their potential candidates.

With this test available at American English, British English, or both, you will be able to know how well your team communicates and understands messages of varying complexity in real time.

easy to apply
and distribute

It is applied online and only contact information is required. If you wish, you can deliver the access yourself and distribute the test to those interested


The technology with which this exam is designed allows accurate and bias-free results to be given, without having to wait for a teacher's assessment. You will obtain the CEFR level (Pre A1 to C2), a score of 120 and the time it took to complete the activity.


After the evaluation is done, you will have the result immediately to share with the interested party.

Verbal English tests

Are you ready to communicate?
with foreign clients and partners?

Feel confident knowing your team has the necessary skills.

Identify opportunities for improvement by knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your workers.

Assess your vocabulary and fluency in real-time conversations related to your work area.

Receive advice to ensure the success of your team when doing business, resolving conflicts and serving customers.

live conversational ability
for executives

Are your collaborators ready to have calls, meetings and negotiations in English?

These live assessments take place through a 10-minute online meeting with an experienced English language teaching professional who will ask questions and assess people's abilities to answer and talk about topics related to their roles and activities. Inside the company.

Results are available 1-5 days after the online meeting, depending on the number of tests applied.

Carnegie Speech Assessment™
for global companies

Evaluate and measure the general English of your workers and candidates with artificial intelligence.

Optimize hiring decisions and quality standards with a fast, efficient and profitable solution that allows international companies to obtain detailed and precise knowledge about the English proficiency of both employees and applicants in each of their locations and departments of interest.

Why choose the Carnegie Speech Assessment for your company
  • It uses speech recognition and location technology licensed from Carnegie Mellon University to assess the individual's speech. Artificial Intelligence identifies what is correct and incorrect in the speaker's pronunciation, grammar and fluency based on language handling statistics in native English speakers, ensuring accurate and objective assessments. 
  • Reduce costs, administrative requirements, and deployment times with self-paced tutorials.
  • Your Human Resources department will be able to customize the grading scale and other aspects of the test to meet your organization's educational and operational standards.
  • Generate immediate results in easy-to-read, visual reports. You will also be able to perform knowledge benchmarking, by comparing evaluations between candidates and companies. This way, it will be easier to make training and hiring decisions.

TrueNorth Multilingual Oral Exams

Save time in your recruitment process and get reliable results.

With TrueNorth's oral exams you will be able to assess your conversational level in different languages such as English, French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian without having to spend time in individual test meetings. The results, which are ready in minutes, show the competency scales according to the CEFR, TOEFL and ACTFL standards.

You will have the results immediately, a great benefit for your decision-making regarding hiring. 

Why choose True North?
  • Work with top talent by outperforming the competition through our immediate, credible, and contextualized results.
  • Do not waste time. Grow your pool of collaborators while streamlining the global recruiting process without having to deal with technical or implementation disruptions.
  • Offer a professional and intuitive experience for your potential members and a better work experience for your current workers.
  • Ask questions specially designed to identify the English skills of salespeople, call centers and BPOs.

Written English Test

Improve and strengthen your written communication, in the context of your profession and market niche.

Or get started with a free evaluation.

Ensure correct use of formal and specialized English in your organization's written communications.

Writing work emails

How well do your collaborators master the art of business mailing?

This 30-minute evaluation consists of an email exchange where the student develops a topic of interest or about their area of work. Each participant must demonstrate their command of English at different levels such as complexity of ideas, clarity, vocabulary and tone. 

The results will be available from 2 to 7 days after the presentation of the test, depending on the number of tests applied.

Technical writing test

Assess your team's skills to work in bilingual settings.

Carry out fully customized technical English writing evaluations according to the requirements of the company, the position, format and any other criteria necessary to make the best recruitment or training decision. 

The results will be available from 2 to 7 days after the presentation of the test, depending on the number of tests applied.

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