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We help your employees and senior executives communicate successfully and confidently in the language of business.

Imagine the impact to your business,
if your staff spoke fluent English.

More Opportunities

Your business will be able to confidently pursue international opportunities and capitalize on the language skills of your team.

better relationships

Speaking English in the business context improves relationships on multiple levels. A fluid conversation is essential for strategic communications.

Increased Sales

Sales, both as a team and individually, are easier to consolidate when you can handle various language tools.

Companies that trust
in our methodology.

Get to know the Private Courses for your Executives and Group Courses

open markets and improve relationships
with its strategic partners.


With native teachers and specialists in technical vocabularies.

get ready

Correctly for interviews, events and meetings in English.


With a personalized, achievement-oriented study plan.

dive in

In the Anglo-Saxon business and work culture.


To live classes where and when you want, as long as you have Internet.


Relevant and useful knowledge for your life and work area.

schedule now his date
with an advisor.

and its collaborators
will be able

Train in the comfort of your office or workspace.

Perfect your pronunciation and reinforce your knowledge.

Study at the time that best suits the students or company, without affecting their work obligations.

Adapt the study plan according to the needs of the language required by your job or market.

Train with native English language teachers, simulating work scenarios such as negotiations, conflict management with international clients and more.

Know your real level of English, as well as understand your vulnerabilities and strengths.

Speak English Safely
in any corporate context.

Our teachers specialize in business English and technical vocabularies, so they will design unique study plans for your type of business and industry.

better understanding

Increased listening ability to easily understand different English accents.

Better comunication

Fluent communication, better pronunciation with technical and business vocabulary.

Greater projection

Specific preparation for conferences, sales meetings and presentations.

Boost your business with bilingual senior talent

Do you need to open a new office in an English-speaking country or do you simply need to do business in the foreign market?

  1. 1
    Save cost and time recruitment of bilingual personnel improving the English of its leaders and senior executives.
  2. 2
    Classes structured to be compatible with robust work schedules, dynamic workweeks, and personal responsibilities.
  3. 3
    No pressure but intensive, your collaborators will achieve an optimal command of English to overcome the challenges of international expansion.

perfect your english 24/7

Each student has a private profile and study content specifically designed to improve their English according to the objectives of your company and personal needs.


Develop your listening comprehension of English by listening to highly complex conversations and questions.


Read and analyze texts of multiple topics and depth. Find out your progress after each lesson.


Access lessons and challenges according to your job role and your business sector.


Have fluid conversations with teachers to put what you have learned into practice.

Personalized Learning Platform

Get progress and engagement reports with the help of our support tool. We generate continuous reports on students.

know the Step by Step
of the English for Business Course

Stage 1

Preparing for success.

Duration: 1 to 5 days.

  1. Orientation.
  2. Take an "English4You Gap Analysis" assessment.
  3. Fill out the needs survey to learn English.
  4. Definition of class schedules.
  5. Review of the class rescheduling process.

Stage 2

Starting your course.

Duration: 1 to 3 weeks.

  1. Introduction to the student: how to use the online tools.
  2. Presentation of the assigned teacher.
  3. Analysis of the study plan according to your needs.

From this stage, once the induction process has been completed, their classes begin. However, throughout the process you will continue to have personalized advice to guide you with any questions.

Stage 3

Customizing your course.

Duration: 1 to 2 weeks.

  1. Additional units are defined that are included in the course and of specific interest to the student such as Business, Technical English, Travel English, etc.
  2. The course is customized to suit the student.
  3. Activities or events that require prior preparation for the student are identified (participation in a seminar, interviews, etc.)

Stage 4

Navigating the path to success.

  1. Review of the specific units requested.
  2. The student can request to add some other specific unit to his course that has come up during the first weeks of classes.
  3. Although the study plan is defined at the beginning of your course, during your classes it can be further personalized based on the observations of your teacher and the particular circumstances of your case.

Stage 5

Celebrating your breakthrough.

  1. The student takes an evaluation at the end of the course.
  2. The student takes an exit survey from class.
  3. It is determined if the student will continue with another course or if he has reached all the objectives that he wants.
  4. Delivery of a report from your teacher, detailing your strengths and weaknesses, as well as some recommendation for you to continue improving.
  5. Delivery of the certificate.

For more than 17 years we have been helping companies and professionals to expand their limits through the English language.

We have American and English teachers specialized in technical vocabularies, corporate communication and business. 

We stand out for our personalized courses according to your objectives and interests.

Executive English Courses

Private and semi-private courses
2 people can study together when the levels and needs are similar, without any additional cost.

CEO - Economic Course


239 USD x month

  • 2 hours per week, Live Classes
  • Native English Teacher
  • English4You Platform License 
  • Personalized study plan

Manager - Regular Course


349 USD x month

  • 3 hours per week, Live Classes
  • All of the Executive plus
  • Technical English eBooks 
  • "Happy Hour" Conversation Club


CEO - Intensive course


499 usd x month 

  • 4.5 hours per week, Live Classes
  • Everything from the Manager plus
  • Access to all Business English2Go self-study courses (coming soon)

CEO - Economic Course


859 USD

  • 32 hours of Live Classes
  • Native English Teacher
  • English4You Platform License 
  • Personalized study plan

Manager - Regular Course


1,249 USD

  • 48 hours of Live Classes
  • All of the Executive plus
  • Technical English eBooks 
  • "Happy Hour" Conversation Club


CEO - Intensive course


1,799 USD

  • 72 hours of Live Classes
  • Everything from the Manager plus
  • Access to all Business English2Go self-study courses (coming soon)

Group Courses

Courses for Groups 3 to 6 people.
Select the course of your interest and we will help you to solve all your doubts before you make the purchase.
Ask us for larger groups and we can make a better price for quantity.


regular course

  • 3 hours x week of Live Classes
  • Native English Teacher
  • License English4You x each Person
  • Technical English eBooks
  • Tailored study plan



*quantity discounts

The Boardroom

Intensive course

  • 6 hours x week of Live Classes
  • All of the Back Office plus
  • Access to all Business English2Go self-study courses (coming soon)



*quantity discounts

Your business will join our
happy and successful customers.

Grettel Abarca Rojas 


We had been working with the same supplier for a few years. Many people felt dissatisfied. We sought to achieve a comprehensive and objective evaluation of the level of English, in addition to a program with good methodology, order and structure.

Priscilla Quintero

Talent Development 

We were looking to improve the writing level of technical English. Being focused and personalized progress is greater. They are great. Definitely recommended.

Geraldine Mora Avila 

SR Generalst HR

We had a low level of English in key positions. One of the benefits was the flexibility of attending classes. Our experience has been very good. I would recommend him without hesitation, very professional in every way.

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