A business meeting in english You must ensure that you convey what you really want to share and achieve your goals.

In the same way, it must be efficient and make the most of the resource time and resources. Work spaces.

Putting this method into practice you will achieve success and obtain excellent results in a healthy work environment It will reflect a high level of professionalism.

The introduction and initial greeting

To begin with, a greeting should be directed to the attendees, a good morning or good afternoon, depending on the time. Then, introduce yourself and state the topic of the meeting.

Example: Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Mary and I'm here to talk about our new project.

The what and the how (objective and method of the meeting)

Subsequently, it is necessary to explain the objective of the meeting, the agenda and the time available.

Example: The purpose of this meeting is to discuss our progress and to plan our next steps. We have five items on the agenda and we have one hour for this meeting.

The coordination, direction or leadership

During the business meeting in english it is also essential to make it clear who will be the person in charge to lead the meeting, and therefore should introduce the topics, give the floor and make the summary.

Example: I will be chairing this meeting. Let's start with the first item on the agenda: our sales report. Cindy, can you please give us an update on that?

During the business meeting in english

Other important aspects to take into account:

The way to express yourself

Keep in mind that clear and precise language is adequate to express opinions, ideas and recommendations. Therefore, avoid using jargon or idioms that can cause confusion.

Example: I think we should focus on improving our customer service. We have received some negative feedback and we need to address that situation.

The empathy

listen carefully to others. Do not interrupt them, or contradict them, unnecessarily. Using a cordial and polite tone is appropriate when asking questions or making comments.

Constructive criticism should be received and solutions should be offered instead of problems.

Example: Thank you for your input, Derek. I agree with some of your opinions, but I disagree with others. Can we talk about that later?

the closure

to close the business meeting in english summarize what was agreed. Don't forget to assign tasks and responsibilities, as well as thank everyone for their attendance and participation.

Example: To sum up, we have discussed our progress and challenges, and we have agreed on our next steps. Karl will be in charge of contacting our customers and Jane will be in charge of updating our web page. Thank you all for your time.

Our final comments

Running meetings is part of the digital skills for professionals nowadays. This is a simple, but excellent method to develop your business meeting in english or in any other language. It works the same when they develop lectures in english and meshes with the set of methods that the organization has adopted to realize its business plans.

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