Are you interested in having trained staff to be able to meet new and better goals? Well, for this, it is key that you can apply different work incentives of quality and prestige. If you don't know how to do it, in this article we will tell you what are some ideas to obtain improvements in your company. 

The importance of having motivated employees

Before I explain to you which are the 5 best work incentives you should use, it is key that you understand why you have to keep your employees motivated. Think of it this way: when a worker joins a company, he or she does not do so solely for a salary. Actually, he also has a goal of personal growth.

For example, according to a study published in ConnectAmericas, happy and motivated employees are up to 88% more productive (ConnectAmericas, 2019). Therefore, they will always want to feel valued and with the ability to "grow" internally. And it should guarantee those conditions!

5 Work Incentives You Can Incorporate

At this point, you already know the importance of motivating employees. If you want to have trained personnel, here we tell you which are the best 5 work incentives to incorporate your company:

1. Commission per sale

Sales commission is a good option for the sales team. Basically, it consists of offering a salary, but also a bonus in case of making an agreement with a client. This can increase the productivity, since the collaborator knows that, if he achieves different objectives, his pay may increase.

2. Ascent

This is something that many collaborators look for. Although it will be impossible to guarantee that everyone will move up in the company, it is necessary to guarantee the conditions so that everyone can grow. Employees must have the incentive of knowing that if they achieve good results, the company will value them even more.

3. Days off or reduced hours

This is a perfect incentive for some workers who do not prioritize the economic part. Instead, they prefer to increase their number of days off or achieve a reduction in the working day on a specific day. Consequently, it can be a good resource to incorporate into the company.

4. Home-office mode

Similarly, another of the work incentives newer. It consists of some collaborators being able to carry out their tasks from home. For example, the marketing team, sales team or programmers could benefit from this system. So, feel free to incorporate it as a benefit.

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5. Trainings

Finally, it is also possible to encourage employees with new training. For example, it is possible to hire a course in English, with the aim of improving their skills in this language. In this way, they will not only strive to work, but also to improve their professional profiles.

In short, we have presented you which are the best work incentives for your collaborators and why incorporate them into your company. Remember: it is key that the entire team is motivated, as this will have a positive influence on the company's results. We hope this information has been helpful to you!

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